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If you haven’t heard the good news, we’re removing Cards Unbound (the Card system introduced in Open Beta Patch 64)!

In an effort to repeal OB64, our community banded together on social media and barraged us with a never ending stream of deliberately “bad” Paladins fan art. Some was cute, some was funny…some was so awful that it remains scorched into our psyches and will haunt us for years to come.

When we decided to remove Cards Unbound, we joked about turning some of your intentionally crappy fan art into in-game Sprays. Now, we aim to make that horrifying nightmare a reality.

Ready to show off your artistic finesse?

Submit your very worst Paladins fan art within the next 24 hours.
We’ll pick our 10 favorites, then turn over final judging to the community.
Three winners will receive 8000 Crystals each, be featured on the OB67 Update Showcase, and have their monstrosity immortalized in Paladins forever!

Click HERE to view the Official Rules for submission.