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Last August, we introduced Ranked 2.0, a wide-sweeping update of Paladins’ Competitive mode. Complete with a more welcoming introduction for new players, a tiered challenge for veterans, and plenty of Epic rewards along the way, Season 1 completely revamped the competitive experience and invited everyone to join in the fun!

We’re excited to announce that Season 2 will kick off later this Spring! The next Season of competitive play will be better than ever – you can expect extensive balance updates, Season Splits, adjustments to placement matches and banning, and much more.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the upcoming features in Season 2:

  • Soft Competitive reset. Player’s rankings, borders, and MMR will be lowered just slightly, creating a more even-level playing field for the start of the new Season
  • Two additional bans at the beginning of the drafting phase, creating further strategic diversity and allowing for additional viable team compositions.
  • 10 placement matches, reduced from 15, allowing players to jump into the competitive action faster.
  • A massive set of balance changes and tweaks.
  • Season Splits that include special chest and cosmetics rewards.

True competitors deserve great rewards, and we’ve got you covered. We’re revved up for special Season 2 spoils, including:

  • A new Limited skin awarded for reaching Gold V
  • A new Limited title awarded for winning 100 games in Ranked
  • A second Limited skin reward at the end of the Season

We’ll have more info to share about the new rewards as we get closer to Season 2, but trust us – it’ll be a wild ride!

Season 1 will be extended through early March so we can make Season 2 the best-ever Competitive experience! That means players will have extra time to score

Limited Season 1 rewards, like the Terrormorph Drogoz collection and “Forged in Battle” title. This is your last chance ever to get those rewards, so don’t miss out!

We’ll be releasing more detailed information regarding all of the Season 2 changes and rewards in the coming months. Get ready to experience Competitive Paladins like never before!