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We’re pleased to announce our newest Twitch initiative: The Paladins Stream Team!

The Paladins Stream Team is a hand-selected group of brand ambassadors who embody all of the positive attributes we see in our community.  You can find the Paladins Stream Team every day on Be sure to drop by and get to know these awesome broadcasters!

Additionally, the Stream Team will represent Paladins and the Paladins community at various events, both online and in person.

The Paladins Stream Team is:

Twitch_StreamTeam_FeyRazzle_320x180_JT Twitch_StreamTeam_Onylight_320x180_JT Twitch_StreamTeam_Supabounce_320x180_JT Twitch_StreamTeam_Supabounce_320x180_JT

We’re so excited to work with these streamers to bring our community great Twitch content on a regular basis. Drop by their broadcasts every day to be entertained, get some gameplay tips, and win prizes!