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OB68 is one of our largest updates ever and there’s a TON of new content coming with it.  Not only does it contain our first ever limited time Event “Siege of Ascension Peak”, it also introduces the all new Ranked Season 2!

Ranked Season 2 is a total overhaul of the Ranked Queue and brings a plethora of new content and improvements.  Here’s what you need to know:

Season 2 Rewards

  • Reach Gold 5 in Season 2
    • Limited Skin: Full Throttle Vivian
  • Win 100 games
    • Title: Warbound
  • Win 200 Games
    • Loading Frame:  At the end of Season 2, players who won 200+ games will receive a Loading Frame that displays their highest Ranked Division achieved in Season 2 (Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Etc).


Season 2 Splits & Split Rewards

Season 2 will be divided into 3 sections, or “Splits”.  Each Split will introduce new rewards for players to earn.  There will be a soft reset of Matchmaking Ratings (MMR) at the start of each Split.  Split 3 will conclude around the start of 2019.

Split 1

  • Play 25 Ranked Matches
    • Announcer Pack: Town Crier
  • Complete Ranked Placement Matches
    • Chest: Gold Chest

Split 2 & 3

  • Rewards will be announced when the Splits begin

The New Season 2 Ranked Experience

In preparation for Season 2, the Design team evaluated every single Champion, Loadout Card and Talent.  Lead Designer HiRezMartini detailed the team’s balance philosophy in his Developer Diaries for Support, Flank, Front Line and Damage Champions.  You can read the expansive list of balance changes in the OB68 Update Notes as well.

Season 2 also features a number of improvements:

  • Each team can now ban 2 Champions at the start of the pick/ban phase
  • The Ranked Draft has been extended by an additional 30 seconds
  • Players must now own 14 Champions to participate in Ranked
  • There are now 10 Placement Matches instead of 15
  • Matchmaker Ratings (MMR) have undergone a soft reset
  • There will be Matchmaking improvements introduced over the course of Season 2


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a hard reset and a soft reset?

With a hard reset, all matchmaking data associated with a player is discarded and the system starts from scratch.  It can take longer to sort players with a hard reset and players may experience more volatile swings up and down as the system narrows in on their proper placement.

Soft resets maintain some of the previous Ranked matchmaking data.  This aids the Matchmaker in placing players appropriately at the start of the Split.  Players are placed in a position with headroom to climb or descend the divisions based on their performance.

Does Casual Queue affect Ranked Queue?

Casual Queue and Ranked Queue are entirely separate.  A player’s performance in one queue has no bearing on the other and they each use their own matchmaking data.

Casual Queue will not receive any resets with Season 2.  All performance metrics and matchmaker data will be retained for Casual Queue.

What were the Season 1 Leaderboard Rewards and when will we get them?

The following Season 1 Leaderboard rewards will be distributed automatically to the winners soon after the launch of Season 2:

  • Individual Champion Leaderboards
    • 1st Place
      • Crystals: 800
    • 2nd Place
      • Crystals: 400
    • 3rd Place
      • Crystals: 200
  • Overall Grandmasters Leaderboard
    • 1st-5th:
      • Crystals: 3500
    • 6th – 25th:
      • Crystals: 2500
    • 26th – 50th:
      • Crystals: 1500
    • 51st – 100th
      • Crystals: 800

Will my Season 1 Ranked Border carry over?

We have reworked where and how borders are displayed.  Players who win 200 Ranked Matches will be rewarded a Loading Frame at the end of Season 2.  The Loading Frame will be displayed during the new Loading Screen and it will show off your highest division achieved during Season 2.

Best of luck to everyone climbing Divisions in Ranked Season 2!  Whether you’re a lone wolf like Viktor or prefer to bring a battle buddy along, Ranked Season 2 awaits you!  We’ll see you out in the Realm!