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Edit: Congrats to Team Twitch, the winners of the Streamer Showdown!  Be sure to commend Team Mixer for their admirable effort too, it was amazing to watch both teams compete in this friendly showdown!

Our first limited time Event Siege of Ascension Peak is out with OB68! This conflict sees the forces of the Magistrate clashing with the Paladins on Ascension Peak. In the spirit of this struggle, we have recruited teams from Twitch and Mixer to go to war for their respective platforms as well!

As part of this friendly competition between platforms, 5 Twitch streamers and 5 Mixer streamers will do battle on Ascension Peak in an effort to secure codes for their respective streaming platform.

Each team will play 5 matches of the limited time Siege of Ascension Peak mode.  The team who wins the most matches will be crowned the victors of the Streamer Showdown!


  • Each streamer on the winning team will receive two multi-use, all platform codes to share with their viewers.
  • Each code grants a Gold Chest and can be used by up to 75 viewers!

    Who, When, and Where?

Team Twitch | March 29th at 2pm EDT / 8pm CEST

Team Mixer | March 29th at 5pm EDT / 11pm CEST


To watch, simply pick a channel above and tune in at the designated time!  Come by and cheer your team on, show some support and maybe even win a code or two!