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New Champion

Khan – Primus of House Aico

Health: 4000


  • [Primary] Heavy Repeater
    • Fire one 180 damage shot every 0.26s.
  • [Secondary] Bulwark
    • Activate your gauntlet’s Bulwark with 6000 Health. Regenerates while Inactive.
  • [Ability 1] Battle Shout
    • Let out a fearsome Shout, briefly granting Damage immunity to yourself. Additionally, heal yourself and nearby allies for 800 health.
  • [Ability 2] Commander’s grab
    • Surge forward! Grabbing, stunning, and throwing the first enemy you contact. Deals 400 damage.
  • [Ultimate] Overpower
    • Target an enemy and drag them to you. You may move your powerless victim as you see fit or send them flying with a mighty blast.


  • [Default] Lian’s Shield
    • Your shield recharges at 60% effectiveness while it is raised.
  • [Level 2] Storm of Bullets
    • Your weapon fires 40% faster and has 10 more rounds, but deals 25% less damage per shot.
  • [Level 8] Firing Line
    • Champions affected by Battle Shout now also deal 20% increased damage and gain CC immunity for 4s.
  • [Level 12] Vortex Grip
    • Victims of Commander’s Grab are stunned for an additional 2s.


  • Bloodthirst
    • Gain {scale=4|4}% Lifesteal.
  • Excessive Force
    • Increase your clip size by {scale=2|2}.
  • Lifetaker
    • Eliminations reduce your active Cooldowns by {scale=8|8}%.
  • Platemail
    • Gain {scale=150|150} Health.
  • Hopeguard
    • Receive {scale=6|6}% increased healing while your Bulwark is up.
  • Ready for War
    • Increase the recharge rate of your Bulwark by {scale=4|4}%
  • Shield Wall
    • Increase the health of your Bulwark by {scale=2|2}%
  • Vigorous Defense
    • Heal {scale=10|10} health per second while your Bulwark is up.
  • Chokehold
    • Activating Commander’s Grab heals you for {scale=80|80}.
  • Close and Personal
    • Gain {scale=6|6}% damage reduction for 3s when hitting an enemy with Commander’s Grab.
  • Hulking Strength
    • Reduce the Cooldown of Commander’s Grab by {scale=0.5|0.5}s.
  • Martial Law
    • Activating Commander’s Grab generates {scale=4|4} ammo.
  • Hold the Line
    • Heal yourself for an additional {scale=60|60} when activating Battle Shout.
  • Into the Breach
    • Activating Battle Shout grants {scale=8|8}% movement speed for 3s.
  • Never Surrender!
    • Reduce the cooldown of Battle Shout by {scale=1|1}s.
  • Open Fire!
    • Activating Battle Shout generates {scale=4|4} ammo.


The Valentine Chest is returning in OB69! The Valentine Chest features the new Love Machine Skin for Bomb King, Carnival Skin for Ying, and the Love Burn Emote for Ying. Skins that were previously only accessories have been rotated out of the chest!

Valentine Chest

    • Bomb King – Love Machine Skin
    • Ying – Carnival Skin
    • Ying Emote – Love Burn
    • Removed Pip Love Specs
    • Removed Grover Rosebud Canopy
    • Removed Viktor Lone Heart Patch


  • Khan
    • Royal Guard Skin


Avatars have come to Paladins! Players will have a default Paladins Crystal Avatar during OB69, but this content will be expanded upon in future updates!


Console Specific

  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t view abilities during Champion selection
  • Improved stability and addressed some crash conditions


  • Player Shadow rendering has been updated to reduce the frequency of shadows appearing through walls.

Champions Customization Page

  • With the removal of Parts and Pieces, the Champions Customization Page has received an overhaul! Players will now be able to see all skins available for a Champion upon opening the customization screen.

Updated Ability Icons

  • Cassie
  • Fernando

NEW Loading Screen Art

  • Ash – Hellion
  • Grohk – Beast
  • Inara – Sunstone
  • Jenos – Resplendent, Millenium
  • Khan – Default, Royal Guard
  • Lian – Dusk
  • Maeve – Dreamhack
  • Mal’Damba – Cursed
  • Seris – Expo 2018
  • Sha Lin – Bravado
  • Skye – Pilot Suit
  • Strix – Phoenix
  • Talus – Geist
  • Terminus – Monolith
  • Torvald – Arcanist
  • Tyra – Alluvial
  • Willo – Bluebell, Viceroy


VIP Program

As we approach launch, the development team is taking a close look at all of Paladins’ core systems. We’ve made great progress in recent patches, cleaning up our UI, launching our first event, and fixing long standing bugs. With that in mind, we are removing the VIP Program at the end of OB69, and introducing a new system – the Battle Pass – to replace it in a future update.

The VIP program had a number of issues, and this is another big step towards Paladins’ future. Be sure to read up on the full details surrounding the removal of VIP HERE.

We’re introducing all past VIP skins into the store rotation in OB69, so players who missed out on the previous great deals will now have a chance to spend their VIP Points on them!

  • New skins added to VIP rotation for 30,000 VIP Points
    • Oni (Talus)
    • Steam Demon (Androxus)
    • Plushy (Makoa)
    • Ice Walker (Inara)
    • Swashbuckler (Barik)
    • Genie (Ying)
    • Dire Wolf (Tyra)
    • Code Green Bandolier (Viktor)
    • Code Green Comms (Viktor)
    • Code Green Grenadier (Viktor)
    • Code Green Trooper (Viktor)
    • Chancellor (Mal’Damba)
    • Night Bane (Cassie)
    • Hemlock (Willo)
    • Troublemaker (Evie)
    • Cutthroat (Kinessa)
    • Snapdragon (Ying)
    • Ronin (Ash)
    • Dutchman (Makoa)
    • Kunoichi (Skye)
    • Triggerman (Buck)

Players with VIP time and points remaining in the update after OB69 will be compensated as follows:

  • VIP Membership Time Remaining
    • 4 Crystals per day of VIP remaining
  • VIP Tier
    • Players at Tiers 3, 4, 5 with receive an exclusive Avatar
    • Players at Tier 5 will receive the first Battle Pass (Includes a Legendary Mount) free
  • VIP Points in inventory
    • 1 Gold Chest for every 10,000 VIP Points up to 100,000
    • 1 Diamond Chest for every 50,000 VIP Points after 100,000
  • VIP Team Boosters
    • Converts 1:1 with a Battle Pass Team Booster
  • Boosts
    • Booster Weapons have been made unavailable to purchase
    • Account Boosts will be removed at the end of OB69
    • Players with an active Booster Weapon or Account Boost will keep their boost until it runs out
  • Esports Picks
    • Will be merged into our Battle Pass system once released!

Sprays & Global Equips

After OB69, Paladins will be moving to a global spray equip system. That means you will no longer have sprays locked to specific champions, and instead will be able to use all sprays no matter which Champion you want to play. We will be removing Champion-specific Mastery Sprays once OB69 goes live, and players will be refunded with the currency they purchased the spray with.

After OB69, players will no longer be able to unlock skin and card art sprays. We will be focusing on making higher quality and more desirable sprays as we get closer to Paladins’ launch. Players will still be able to unlock skin and card art sprays in OB69, and will retain any sprays unlocked in the new global spray equip system!

  • Sprays are becoming Global equips after OB69
    • Mastery Sprays will be removed in OB69. Players will be compensated with the currency purchased with.
    • Skin and Card Art sprays will only be obtainable until the end of OB69.

PPL Picks

The PPL Picks system is now active on PC and console! Choose the team you think will win each match, then tune in and see if you picked correctly!

Since the system was inactive for the first three weeks of PPL, all players who log in during OB69 will be awarded with 3,000 VIP points.



  • Frozen Guard:

    • Improved collision around doors in the bases.
    • Fixed an area where hitscan characters’ weapon hit FX did not match actual bullet locations.
  • Foreman’s Rise:

    • Added collision around door frame edges so that players won’t get caught against them.
  • Magistrate’s Archive:

    • The planter outside of spawn no longer slides players off.
  • Ascension Peak:

    • Fixed collision on a hazard edge where players could avoid falling to their deaths.
  • Stone Keep:

    • In the bend between bases and the gatehouse, there are no longer spots where hitscan weapon impact visuals are incorrect.


Bug Fixes

  • Grover
    • Ferocity
      • Updated description to accurately communicate bonus damage.
  • Inara
    • Stone Bulwark
      • Fixed an issue where this card was healing for more than intended.
  • Drogoz
    • Fire Spit
      • Fixed a bug where this ability was applying anti-healing FX when no anti-healing Cards or Items were equipped.
  • Terminus
    • Crush
      • No longer applies Slow in addition to the stun.


  • Cards
    • Follow the Scent
      • Now only works on Fire Spit Explosion

  • Blossom
    • No longer requires Line of Sight
  • Warders Field
    • Reduced Deployable Health from 2000 ➡️ 1500

  • Reposition
    • No longer reduces the Cooldown of Transporter by 2s

  • Field Study
    • Reduced Damage Bonus from 40% ➡️ 30%

  • Assault Rifle
    • Reduced strength of damage Fall-Off

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with players stuck in excessively long queue times
  • Fixed Free Champion rotation not working
  • Fixed Ascension Peak not appearing in the Casual Siege rotation
  • Fixed Event and Casual queues missing from match history
  • Fixed AI getting stuck on top barriers in new Timber Mill
  • Fixed AI going through teleporter in Ascension Peak spawn room and getting stuck
  • Addressed Jade Priestess Seris weapon fire orbs being difficult to see
  • Fixed non party leaders being able to cancel party queue