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Sarah prayed to the Eternal Pyre for the strength to fight the Abyss and avenge her fallen sister. Her prayers were answered. She was saved from the Abyss and transformed into Furia: An avenging Angel of cleansing flame incarnate. Now the former sisters stand opposed, vessels of otherworldly powers far beyond that of mere mortals.


  • Role: Support
  • Health: 2200


[Weapon] Pyre Blade
Deal 330 damage every 0.5s in a medium spread. Healing allies builds your Wrath resource and increases your attack speed. Wrath decays over time.
[Alt-Fire] Kindle Soul
Target an ally near your reticle and cast a spell that heals for 1000 and then 500 over 2s.
[Ability 1] Pyre Strike
Summon a beam of searing light that travels forward. Enemies caught in its path are stunned for 1s and take an instant 400 Damage along with 20 damage every 0.05s they remain inside the beam.
[Ability 2] Wings of Wrath
Propel yourself backwards and fire 3 attacks that seek out enemies, dealing 200 damage each.
[Ultimate] Inflame
Channel the Pyre and become untargetable for 2s. Afterward, you and allies within 150ft of you gain 30% bonus damage and 30% movement speed for 8 seconds.


[Default] Cherish
[Kindle Soul] Kindle Soul heals up to 50% additional Health based on your allies’ missing health.
[Level 2] Celerity
[Wings of Wrath] Wings of Wrath gains an additional charge.
[Level 8] Solar Blessing
[Pyre Strike] Pyre Strike now stops on and heals allies it passes through for 300 health every 0.05s.
[Level 12] Exterminate
[Pyre Strike] When Pyre Strike hits an enemy it stops moving until its duration ends.


  • Weapon/Armor
    • Pyretic Dynamo
      • [Weapon] Increase your Ammo count by {scale=2|2}
    • Devout Dexterity
      • [Weapon] Gain {scale=7|7}% Reload Speed
    • Ruthless
      • [Armor] Wrath decays {scale=10|10}% slower
    • Incandescent Being
      • [Armor] Increase your Maximum Health by {scale=50|50}
  • Kindle Soul
    • Burning Oath
      • [Kindle Soul] Healing an ally with Kindle Soul also heals you for {scale=105|105} health over 3s
    • Light Forge
      • [Kindle Soul] Reduce the Cooldown of Kindle Soul by {scale=0.25|0.25}s
    • Inner Fire
      • [Kindle Soul] Healing an ally with Kindle Soul restores {scale=1|1}s ammo
    • Light of Dawn
      • [Kindle Soul] Allies affected by Kindle Soul gain a {scale=100|100} health shield for 2s
  • Pyre Strike
    • Solar Flare
      • [Pyre Strike] Increase the Radius of Pyre Strike by {scale=10|10}%
    • Conviction
      • [Pyre Strike] Increase the Stun duration of Pyre Strike by {scale=0.1|0.1}s
    • Hallowed Sight
      • [Pyre Strike] Reveals affected enemies for {scale=2|2}s
    • Ignition
      • [Pyre Strike] Successful Pyre Strike hits reduce Wings of Wrath cooldown by {scale=1|1}s
  • Wings of Wrath
    • Righteous Path
      • [Wings of Wrath] Increase Wings of Wrath’s distance by {scale=10|10}%
    • Stoke the Fire
      • [Wings of Wrath] Successful Wings of Wrath attacks reduce the cooldown of Pyre Strike by {scale=0.5|0.5}s
    • Fire Siphon
      • [Wings of Wrath] Successful Wings of Wrath attacks heal you for {scale=50|50}
    • Pyre Walker
      • [Wings of Wrath] Reduce Wings of Wrath cooldown by {scale=0.5|0.5}s

New Event: Rise of Furia

ESCAPE THE ABYSS. Relive the day the city of Seris was destroyed and thousands of souls were cast into the Abyss. You have been trapped in the vile recesses of this ancient hell… but there is still hope. Race against your doom and climb the Abyssal Spire. As you slay the wretched shadows atop, you’ll earn Abyssal Shards which can be exchanged for exclusive Rise of Furia event items. Face off in an epic Team Death Match at the top in front of the Abyssal Lord himself. Remember, child: Even in the blackest night, the Pyre will light your path.

Event Overview

  1. Climb the Spire

Climb out of the Abyss, jumping from platforms, collecting Pyre Blessings, and racing up the Abyssal Spire with your team. Be careful along the way: one wrong step and you might fall into the Abyss itself. Once atop the Spire, face off against your shadows to determine which of you has earned the right to escape in front of the Lord of Abyss himself.

  1. Collect Abyssal Shards

Climb the Spire and collect Abyssal Shards for every kill your team earns at the top, or purchase Bundles to speed up the process.

  1. Unlock New Cosmetics!

There are over 15 new cosmetics this patch, including new Music Themes! Spend your Abyssal Shards and unlock exclusive content only available during the Rise of Furia event. To gain access to the event store, you must purchase one skin bundle.

Event Details

  • The Champions
    • Players are assigned a random Champion to race up the spire.
    • Both teams are comprised of the same Champions.
  • The Climb
    • Players have increased movement speed and jump height to help them traverse the Abyssal Spire.
    • Players are unable to damage or impede their opponents’ progress during the climb.
    • The Abyss will slowly rise during the Climb, forcing players towards the top. Falling into the Abyss will reset you to the lowest current checkpoint.
    • Pyre’s Blessing are placed throughout the climb, providing ultimate charge to the team who can grab them first!
    • Destroying the Crystal near the top will unlock the Abyssal Spire’s Arena, bringing all players to the top of the Spire. The team that unlocks the Arena earns additional ultimate charge.
  • The Fight
    • The fight follows Team Deathmatch Rules – first team to 30 kills wins the match.

Event Quests

  • Call of the Abyss
    • Collect 100 Abyssal Shards
    • Reward: Gold Chest
  • Pyre’s Chosen
    • Acquire 200 Abyssal Shards
    • Reward: Diamond Chest

Event Store

  • Unlocked by purchasing one of the event bundles
  • Available for 100 Abyssal Shards each
    • Unimpressed, Khan Roaming Emote
    • Spooky, Seris Roaming Emote
    • Break Dance, Makoa Roaming Emote
    • Rise of Furia, Music Pack
    • Death Stare, Animated Spray
    • Corrupter, legendary Avatar
  • Available for 1,000 Abyssal Shards
    • Divine Seris
  • Note: You must purchase an event Bundle to gain access to the Event Store.
  • Players who have purchased one of the bundles will receive unowned store content at the end of the event in exchange for any unspent Abyssal Shards.


Abyssal Lord Drogoz Bundle

Unlock the ultimate skin as a free bonus! Abyssal Lord Drogoz is unlocked by purchasing the Demonette Maeve, Fallen Androxus, and Archangel Tyra Bundles. All content in this bundle is limited to 1.1 and only available during the event. It will never be unlockable again after the Rise of Furia concludes. Includes the following Limited content:

  • Abyssal Lord Drogoz Skin
  • Dominator, Drogoz MVP Pose
  • Effigy, Death Stamp
  • Title: The Demon
  • 1,000 Abyssal Shards


Demonette Maeve Bundle

The Demonette Maeve Bundle costs 400 Crystals and includes the following:

  • Demonette Maeve Skin (Epic)
  • Crossed, Maeve MVP Pose  (Epic)
  • 200 Abyssal Shards


Fallen Androxus Bundle

The Fallen Androxus Bundle costs 400 Crystals and includes the following:

  • Fallen Androxus Skin (Epic)
  • Executioner, Androxus MVP Pose (Epic)
  • 200 Abyssal Shards


Archangel Tyra Bundle

The Archangel Tyra Bundle costs 400 Crystals and includes the following:

  • Archangel Tyra Skin  (Epic)
  • Reckoning, Tyra MVP Pose (Epic)
  • 200 Abyssal Shards


Gold Skins

In our continued effort to produce higher quality content, we are making a change to our Mastery Skins. Starting with Furia, new Champions will no longer receive single-texture Obsidian and Cosmic skins, but instead, higher quality custom Golden Skins! Golden Skins will be unlocked at Champion Mastery Level 50, and are paired with the Champions Golden Weapon. We will be working towards making Golden Skins for all champions.

Main Menu

  • New Login Screen
  • New Landing Page Scenery
  • New Event
  • New Metal Music Theme
    • Replaces default Music theme in Lobby
    • Lasts duration of Event, but permanently unlockable through Rise of Furia event
    • Music Themes are now equippable in Account Profile

Daily Login & Featured Page

  • The Featured Store Page has undergone a few cosmetic and system improvements, and now contains daily login rewards. Players will now claim their login bonus in the featured page, and always be able to see their current weekly progress.

NEW Splash Art

  • Barik
    • Default, Foreman
  • Cassie
    • Sunkissed
  • Kinessa
    • Default
  • Lex
    • Longboard


Galactic Chest

  • The Galactic Chest will be rotating out with the release of Update 1.1. Make sure to get your Mercenary Strix and Galactic Scion Lian Skins before they go away!


  • Furia
    • Iron Maiden
    • Golden

Diamond Chest

  • Rotating In:
    • Dark Lord Torvald
    • Dune Crawler Cassie
    • Firecracker Willo
    • Madame Seris
    • Prosperous Makoa
  • Rotating Out:
    • Hemlock Willo
    • Clockwork Torvald
    • Nightbane Cassie
    • Kingpin Buck
    • Genie Ying

Volcanic Makoa

  • The Volcanic Makoa skin for reaching level 30 during Paladins Beta will be going away with Update 1.1. This is your last chance to earn this exclusive skin!


  • Pip
    • Reduced Evil Mojo’s charge rate
  • Sha Lin
    • Reduced Impaler Arrow’s projectile size
  • Strix
    • Increased Scope’s zoom distance

Console only

  • You can now preview Champion skills with D-Pad Down.
  • Fixed Turkish displaying as English on Xbox.
  • Fixed Online IDs not showing in PS4 Leaderboards.
  • Fixed an invisible UI element appearing after opening chests.
  • Fixed an issue with re-receiving acquisitions for previous DLC upon login.

Bug Fixes


  • Ash
    • Improved Assert Dominance’s performance with higher ping to address server correction.
  • Barik
    • Bowling Ball’s shield now refreshes if still active when Rocket Boots is used again.
  • Drogoz
    • Dragon Punch will no longer fail to connect if you are approaching your victim at a steep angle.
  • Khan
    • Now plays different sounds for his regular fire vs. storm of bullets fire.
  • Kinessa
    • Fixed an issue with Calibrate where Sniper Mode shots were also reducing the cooldown of Transporter.
  • Lex
    • Properly aligned your targets UI element when using non-centered skills.
    • Cleaned up animations when jumping after using Combat Slide.
  • Torvald
    • Fixed an issue where the targeting of Protection could become a line trace instead of a cone.
  • Jenos
    • Now plays different sounds for his regular fire vs binary star fire.
    • Fixed an issue where Void Grip would not properly end early when the lifted player would escape the effect or die during it.
    • Improved Void Grip’s technical integrity during high ping situations for the player being lifted.
  • Sha Lin
    • Fixed an issue where Planted appears jerky in spectator.
  • Terminus
    • Eliminated erratic jump trajectory that could occur in various situations when using Shatterfall.
    • Improved Shatterfall’s performance with higher ping.
  • Viktor
    • Your Crosshair will now show while in Iron Sights when using the Reaver’s Firestorm Weapon Skin.
  • Zhin
    • Fixed an issue where Zhin’s weapon attacks would fail to hit against close targets.


  • Addressed a bug where players could clip partway into trees on Fish Market.
  • Smoothed collision for various staircases on the Ascension Peak map.

Battle Pass

  • Battle Chests now properly rolls Team Boosters if the player owns all other items in the chest.
  • Fixed incorrect message for Battle Pass Challenge Tier 3 “Get 15 Double Kills” to properly display “Get 3 Triple Kills”.
  • Fixed an issue where players were not receiving rewards for completing Tier 4 Challenges.
  • Fixed usernames of Battle Pass members in parties not displaying with Golden Font.
  • Updated Description on various Rewards.


  • Fixed a crash when using Alt+Tab while in Fullscreen.
  • Fixed a crash on the Georgia Peach Logo when launching Paladins for players in India.
  • Fixed issue where some players were unable to purchase Dreadhunter Drogoz skin.
  • Fixed incorrect name displaying when party member receives deserter.
  • Fixed an issue where the third person mesh’s aim animations lagged behind.
  • Fixed profanity filter unintentionally not blocking a selection of bad words.
  • Fixed an issue where Ying’s mastery skins were using the incorrect veil.
  • Fixed an issue where currency amounts were incorrect in acquisitions history.
  • Fixed an issue where the loading art for Moji’s Plum skin was improperly formatted.
  • Fixed typo in Ruckus lore.
  • Fixed issue with players sometimes getting stuck in the match post-game.
  • Fixed end of match lobby reward showing correctly at level 29.
  • Fixed Tab Scoreboard menu not functioning in Demos and Replays of Spectated games.
  • Fixed custom Loading Frames to properly display 3 digit Champion Mastery Numbers.
  • Removed temp text “Challenges available soon” still displaying for all Challenge tiers.
  • Fixed a graphical corruption issue with Moji death.
  • Fixed Activity Center Acquisitions for Gold and Battle Pass points displaying multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where the in-queue message on main menu would display the previous queue name after changing game modes.
  • Updated Willo’s Firecracker Collection Icon.
  • Updated text inconsistencies in the following:
    • Buck – Bucking Madness
    • Buck – Bulk Up
    • Grohk – Spirit’s Domain
    • Grohk – Gale
    • Jenos – Sidereal
    • Kinessa – Bob and Weave
    • Moji – Harmonious

Under Investigation

  • Known in-match texture loading error, causing massive graphical distortion. Commonly referred to as the “LSD Bug”, “Hall of Mirrors”, or “Psychedelic Screen Issues.”
    • If you experience this issue immediately type /DumpLevelStatus and press Enter. Then follow the steps found in this forum thread. This is a rare issue, but one that requires more information to identify and fix!
  • Researching issues surrounding deserter being given incorrectly.


Hotfix Notes:  6/7/2018

  • Updated audio and added voicelines for Furia and Drogoz in the Rise of Furia event
  •  Fixed an issue where Players could not change their region after playing a match
  • Fixed an issue where Furia’s Pyre Strike was not displaying for Players with Low Particle settings
  • Fixed an issue where Players were blocked from completing purchases of Rise of Furia bundles when using a Gamepad
  • Fixed issues where certain text characters in various European languages were not displaying correctly
  • Fixed an issue where purchasing Rise of Furia event bundles occasionally displayed acquisitions and animations incorrectly
  • Properly awarded Players who completed Tier 4 of Battle Pass Challenges with the correct amount of Battle Pass Experience
  • Fixed an issue where the Rise of Furia Team Deathmatch music was too loud
  • Fixed an issue where panels in the Featured Tab in the Store occasionally were not filled
  • Fixed an issue where accounts would say they were not linked with Facebook correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Fallen Androxus’ “Fallen Redeemer” Weapon was playing Default Revolver audio
  • Fixed an issue where Demon Lord Drogoz’ “Woohoo” audio was too quiet
  • Fixed an issue where the Abyssal Shard in the Forsaken Loading Frame was always lit
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling a queue in the Friends Tab of Social with Gamepad brings up the “Search Friends” function
  • Fixed a description error with Kinessa’s Calibrate card
  • Fixed an issue where the Store could offer you bundles you have already purchased