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Koga – The Lost Hand



Welcome to 1.3!

Koga’s Revenge introduces our latest thrill seeking Champion – Koga. Run up walls, dash between platforms, and throw claws of flame at your enemies. Zhin’s former student has reappeared in the Realm, seeking revenge against the Thousand Hands Guild.

Honestly, this patch is so packed there was no way we could fit all the awesome content in our normal overview. So here are some bullet points:

  • NEW Champion – Koga, the Lost Hand
  • NEW Team Deathmatch Map – Abyss
  • Throne from Abyssal Spire is now a Custom Team Deathmatch Map
  • Multi-Queue is back!
  • Yes, that means that Team Deathmatch and Onslaught Queues have been separated 🙂
  • Battle Pass #2!
    • 25% Faster
    • 100% more unlocks (100+ in total)
    • 1 month longer to complete
    • Cooler Challenges (and maybe a secret?)
    • 3 Epic Skins
  • Cosmetic Wheel, so you have more ways to show off after eliminating your opponents
  • New Ranked Split
  • You know that thing where you’re making a Loadout, the queue pops, then you get sad because you can’t finish the loadout before the match? Now you can – until all the other players have accepted!
  • Rise of Furia is ending with 1.3, this is your last chance to unlock Abyssal Lord Drogoz forever!

Have fun in 1.3, Champions.

New Champion: Koga, The Lost Hand

Once, a nameless street rat challenged the tyrant Zhin. For the boy’s remarkable skills, Zhin granted him a new life in the Thousands Hands Guild, and a new name: Koga. The Guild was Koga’s family and he became their finest ninja. But not all families get along. Jealous lies spread, false evidence was planted, and Zhin’s fury forced Koga to flee. Now the exiled ninja fights for his new family — The Paladins — as he searches for the one who betrayed him.


  • Role: Flank
  • Health: 1900
  • Koga is our first champion with no cooldowns on his abilities. Instead his abilities cost Energy, a resource that regenerates over time. Energy fills 3 bars on Koga’s screen, each bar representing a single unit of Energy.
  • Passive: Holding Jump while running into a wall will cause Koga to start climbing it.


[Weapon] Submachine Guns
Fires two rounds each dealing 40 damage every 0.06s
[Weapon] Hellkite Claws
Hurl a fiery slash dealing 600 damage every 0.55s. Only usable while in Dragon Stance.
[Alt-Fire] Shadow Step
Quickly dart forward becoming untargetable for the duration. Consumes 1 unit of energy. Becomes unusable while in Dragon Stance.
[Alt-Fire] Skewer
Dash forward slicing anything in your path for 600 damage. Consumes all energy. Only usable while in Dragon Stance.
[Ability 1] Agility
Move 50% faster for 4s. Consumes 1 unit of energy.
[Ability 2] Dragon Stance
Unleash your Hellkite Claws. While in this stance you are constantly consuming energy.
[Ultimate] Cyclone Strike
Melt into the shadows becoming untargetable and striking anyone within 25 feet of you for 1500 damage per second over 2s. Goes through shields.


[Default] Adrenaline Junkie: Dealing damage with your Submachine Guns restore energy.

[Level 2] Blood Reaper: Skewer deals up to 400 bonus damage based on the amount of energy it consumed.

[Level 8] Master of Arms: Hits with your Submachine Guns cost no ammo.

[Level 12] Dragon Fangs: Hellkite Claws no longer consume energy, and instead consume 200 health per second.


  • Weapon/Armor
    • Trigger Happy
      • While firing your SMGs gain increased healing received by 10/20/30/40/50%
    • Harsh Training
      • Increase Health by 50/100/150/200/250
    • Memento
      • Gain 14/28/42/56/70% Crowd Control and Slow Reduction
    • Something to Prove
      • Falling below 50% health grants 10/20/30/40/50% energy. Internal cooldown of 10s
  • Shadow Step / Skewer
    • Gale Storm
      • Kills with Skewer recover 10/20/30/40/50% energy
    • Guild Tactics
      • Kills with Skewer heal you for 200/400/600/800/1000 health
    • Surprise!
      • Using Shadow Step restores 8/16/24/32/40 ammo
    • Tenacious
      • Using Shadow Step heals you for 60/120/180/240/300 health
  • Agility
    • Wanted
      • Gain 4/8/12/16/20 ammo per second while Agility is active.
    • Trespasser
      • Gain 10/20/30/40/50% increased jump height while Agility is active.
    • Wind’s Embrace
      • Heal 20/40/60/80/100 health per second while Agility is active.
    • Raw Talent
      • Increase the speed boost of Agility by 4/8/12/16/20%
  • Dragon Stance
    • Criminal Record
      • Claw attacks gain 5/10/15/20/25% lifesteal
    • Trained Killer
      • While in Dragon Stance gain 6/12/18/24/30 ammo per second
    • Swift Hands
      • Reduce time to switch weapons by 10/20/30/40/50%
    • Unyielding
      • Enemies hit by Claw attacks receive 15/30/45/60/75% less healing for 3s


New Map: Abyss

Abyss is our newest Team Deathmatch Map, inspired by the Rise of Furia event! It contains many of the unique game mechanics introduced during the Abyssal Spire Climb, including Jump Pads and Powerups!

  • Abyss Powerups
    • Provides 100% Ultimate Charge to the Champion who picks it up
    • Spawns at 40 seconds
    • Respawns every 60 seconds
    • Two locations on the map

New Map: Throne

  • The Throne found at the top of the Abyssal Spire has been added as a Custom Team Deathmatch Map. Perfect for those players that want to have smaller matches with their friends!

New Map Rotation

The Team Deathmatch and Onslaught queues now have the following maps in rotation:

  • Team Deathmatch
    • Abyss
    • Snowfall Junction
    • Trade District
  • Onslaught
    • Magistrate’s Archive
    • Foremans Rise
    • Primal Court
  • The Team Deathmatch Practice queue no longer has Magistrate’s Archive or Foreman’s Rise, but it now has Snowfall Junction.

Battle Pass #2

Our first Battle Pass of 2018 is coming to an end, and we’re jumping straight into the next one! Battle Pass #2 features more rewards, takes 25% less time to complete, and lasts for an extra month! Check out the new Exclusive content that Koga has brought along with him.

  • Battle Pass #1 will become unpurchasable with the release of Update 1.3
    • Players will not be able to unlock any more Battle Pass #1 rewards after 1.3 is released
  • Battle Pass #2 will be available for purchase with the release of Update 1.3
    • Scheduled to end in November, 2018.

The Battle Pass allows you to experience Paladins like never before!! Receive instant rewards for purchasing, and unlock over 100 goodies more just by playing and leveling up your Battle Pass. All players start earning Battle Pass #2 experience as soon as Update 1.3 is released, leveling up from 1 to 75.

Battle Pass members will unlock a reward every level, and also unlock the rewards along the free track as well!

The Paladins Battle Pass #2 costs 600 Crystals, and rewards you just for playing. You can unlock up to 150 Crystals in Battle Pass #2, reducing the cost to 450 Crystals for a Mount, three Skins, and dozens more great rewards!

For more details, visit the Battle Pass website.

Instant Unlocks (Exclusive to Battle Pass Purchasers)

  • Legendary “Crimson Serpent” Mount
  • Limited “Shogunate” Animated Loading Frame
  • Limited “Oni Mask” Avatar
  • 50% Boost for the duration of Battle Pass
    • Battle Pass Experience
    • Account Experience
    • Champion Experience
    • Gold Earned

These unlocks will never be available after Battle Pass 2

Epic Tiered Rewards (Exclusive to Battle Pass Purchasers)

Players will earn an Epic Tier Completion reward every 10 Battle Pass Levels, including two new cosmetic types exclusive to the Battle Pass – 3D Sprays and Animated MVP Poses.

  • Makoa – Akuma Skin
    • Unlock at Level 10
  • New Cosmetic Type: Crystalize 3D Spray
    • Unlock at Level 20
  • Dragonfire Animated Spray
    • Unlocked at Level 30
  • Cassie – Dragoncaller Skin
    • Unlocked at Level 40
  • Ruby Stinger Deathstamp
    • Unlocked at Level 50
  • Shadowblade, Animated Avatar
    • Unlocked at Level 60
  • Fernando – Surf Roaming Emote
    • Unlocked at Level 70
  • Mal’Damba – Shadow Lord Skin
    • Unlocked at Level 75

Additional Unlocks! (Exclusive to Battle Pass Purchasers)

You unlock content every level you advance in the Battle Pass #2!

  • Switch DLC bundles for Crystals
  • Feudal Chests
    • Unlock multiple Feudal Chests throughout Battle Pass #2
    • Contents
      • Kunoichi, Epic Skye Skin
      • Oni, Epic Talus Skin
      • Ronin, Epic Ash Skin
      • Inferno, Epic Ash Emote
      • Chrome, Rare Skye Skin
      • A Better Tomorrow, Rare Talus MVP Pose
      • Aftermath, Rare Ash MVP Pose
      • Superior, Rare Skye MVP Pose
      • Ash Voice Pack
      • Skye Voice Pack
      • Talus Voice Pack
  • Rare MVP Poses
    • Ash, Battle Hardened
    • Talus, Trickster
  • NEW Cosmetic Type: Animated MVP Pose
    • Koga, Strike Pose
  • Red Assassin Spray
  • Legendary Emote
    • Zhin, Sulk
  • Legendary Dance Emote
    • Kinessa, Clocking
  • 25% Bonus Boost
    • The more you play the faster you unlock. Boost your boost by up to 25%!
  • 150 Crystals
    • Earn back crystals to use on other awesome content.
  • 200,000 Gold
    • Earn additional Gold throughout the Battle Pass.
  • Battle Pass Team Boosters
    • Boost your team so they, and you, earn 20% more Battle Pass Experience at the end of a match.
  • Frontline Battle Chest
    • Unlock Skins and Voice Packs for Frontline Champions.
  • Support Battle Chest
    • Unlock Skins and Voice Packs for Support Champions.
  • Flank Battle Chest
    • Unlock Skins and Voice Packs for Flank Champions.
  • Damage Battle Chest
    • Unlock Skins and Voice Packs for Damage Champions.

Free Unlocks

Players who do not purchase the Battle Pass are still able to collect free rewards such as Gold and Diamond chests while leveling up (Battle Pass members will receive both!) If you decide to purchase the Battle Pass later, you will retroactively receive all the rewards up to your current Battle Pass Level.

  • The Lost Hand Avatar
  • Community Avatars
  • Diamond Chest
  • Gold Chest
  • Blue Assassin Spray
  • 100,000 Gold
  • Legendary Title Challenges
    • Unlock all 7 Tiers to unlock the Legendary Title “The Ninja”
  • FeyRazzle Announcer Pack
    • The Sexiest Voice on Twitch is now available as an Announcer in Paladins!
  • Battle Pass Team Boosters
    • Boost your team so they, and you, earn 20% more Battle Pass Experience at the end of a match.
  • Frontline Battle Chest
    • Unlock Skins and Voice Packs for Frontline Champions.
  • Support Battle Chest
    • Unlock Skins and Voice Packs for Support Champions.
  • Flank Battle Chest
    • Unlock Skins and Voice Packs for Flank Champions.
  • Damage Battle Chest
    • Unlock Skins and Voice Packs for Damage Champions.


Walk Koga’s path and complete 7 Tiers of Challenges. Each tier completed will earn you Battle Pass Experience to help you unlock your Epic Rewards even faster. Complete all 7 Tiers to unlock the Legendary Title, “The Ninja”…and maybe something more!

Challenge Tiers

  • Tier 1: Humble Beginnings
  • Tier 2: A Shinobi’s Code
  • Tier 3: The Art of Ninjutsu
  • Tier 4: The Silent Night
  • Tier 5: Journey of a Thousand Sins
  • Tier 6: Deadly Blade
  • Tier 7: Demon of the Thousand Hands


Rise of Furia Ending

The Rise of Furia Event will be coming to an end in 1.3, which means players have until the release of 1.3 to purchase the limited event bundles!

  • Rise of Furia Event game mode will no longer be playable in 1.3
  • Rise of Furia Event Bundles, and Event Store Items will no longer be available in 1.3
    • Bundles
      • Abyssal Lord Drogoz Bundle (Abyssal Lord Drogoz is Limited and will never available again)
      • Demonette Maeve Bundle
      • Archangel Tyra Bundle
      • Fallen Androxus Bundle
    • Event Store
      • Unimpressed, Khan Roaming Emote
      • Spooky, Seris Roaming Emote
      • Break Dance, Makoa Roaming Emote
      • Corrupter, Animated Avatar
      • Death Stare, Animated Spray
      • Rise of Furia, Music Pack
  • Players who have enough unspent Abyssal Shards and Furia’s Blessing will receive unowned Event Store items at a 1:1 cost.
  • Players that own all Event Store Items and 1,000+ Abyssal Shards will receive a Diamond Chest.

Season Pass

  • Battle Pass Refunds
    • Players who purchased the Season Pass after purchasing Battle Pass #1 will be refunded 500 crystals.
    • All players who purchase the Season Pass after 1.3 will receive Crystals equal to the cost of all Battle Passes owned
      • Battle Pass 1 Refund: 500 Crystals
      • Battle Pass 2 Refund: 600 Crystals
  • Players who purchase the Season Pass after 1.3 releases will still receive the Limited Unlocks from Battle Pass 1. This is now the only way to obtain this content, and once the 2018 Season Pass leaves in early 2019, these items will never be available again.
    • Mecha Prowler Mount
    • Full Metal, Animated Loading Frame
    • Terminating, Animated Avatar


  • Deathmatch and Onslaught Game Modes have been separated into their own Queues.
  • Players now queue for either Ranked, or Quick Play.
    • Quick Play is a Multiple Queue System containing the following Game Modes
      • Siege
      • Team Deathmatch
      • Onslaught
    • Players can enable or disable any of the Game Mode options inside the Quick Play Settings menu.

Main Menu

  • New Login Screen
  • New Landing Page Scenery
  • New Battle Pass Menu

Cosmetic Wheel

1.3 brings a new Cosmetic Wheel feature, so you can can use multiple Sprays and Emotes in game! Players can equip up to 4 total Sprays and 4 total Emotes.

The Cosmetic Wheel can be accessed by Selecting <G> on PC, or <LEFT D-PAD> on Console, replacing Weapon Inspect. Players can still use their binds for Sprays, which will play the last selected on the Cosmetic Wheel.

  • Weapon Inspect
    • Now access from the Cosmetic Wheel.
  • Mount
    • Players can now mount early inside their Spawn Room with the Cosmetic Wheel.
  • Emotes
    • There are 4 Emote Slots. Emote Slots are per Champion. These are set and purchased in each Champion’s customization menu.
  • Sprays
    • There are 4 Spray Slots. Spray Slots are Global and carry across all Champions. These are set and ourchased on the Loadout menu in your Profile

Spray Slots

  • Spray Slot 2: 50,000 Gold
  • Spray Slot 3: 100,000 Gold
  • Spray Slot 4: 150,000 Gold

Emote Slots

  • Emote Slot 2: 50,000 Gold
  • Emote Slot 3: 100,000 Gold
  • Emote Slot 4: 150,000 Gold

NEW Splash Art

  • Cassie
    • Blood Moon
    • Nightbane
    • Northern Watch
  • Evie
    • Trouble Maker
  • Kinessa
    • Cutthroat
  • Makoa
    • Plushy
    • Cuddly
  • Pip
    • Default
    • Sulfur
  • Ying
    • Genie

Champion Prices

  • Inara Champion price reduced from 300 Crystals / 60,000 Gold to 200 Crystals / 30,000 Gold
  • Willo Champion price reduced from 300 Crystals / 60,000 Gold to 200 Crystals / 30,000 Gold
  • Barik Champion price reduced from 200 Crystals / 30,000 Gold to 100 Crystals / 15,000 Gold
  • Grover Champion price reduced from 200 Crystals / 30,000 Gold to 100 Crystals / 15,000 Gold


  • When a Match Queue pops, players can still browse through menus after accepting. Players will not be pulled into Champion select until all players have accepted.
  • Updated Auto Purchase Items list for players and bots to pick more widely used Items.

Ranked Reset: Split 2

Split 1 of Season 2 is coming to an end in 1.3, which means Split 2 is starting up!

  • Soft Matchmaking Rating Reset
  • New Qualifying Matches
  • Leaderboard Wipe
  • New Split Rewards
    • Reward for playing 25 games: Vox Announcer Pack
    • Reward for finishing your placement matches: Gold Chest

Leaderboard Crystals

Players who end Split 1 at the Top of the Individual Champion or Grandmasters Leaderboards will receive Crystals. You still have a little time to reach the top!

Overall Grandmasters Leaderboard

  • 1st
    • Crystals: 2500
  • 2nd
    • Crystals: 1500
  • 3rd
    • Crystals: 800
  • 4th– 10th
    • Crystals: 400
  • 11th-100th
    • Crystals: 200

Individual Champion Leaderboards

  • 1st Place
    • Crystals: 400
  • 2nd Place
    • Crystals: 200
  • 3rd Place
    • Crystals: 100


Battle Pass

  • Battle Pass #2
    • 600 Crystals
  • Battle Pass Experience Bundle
    • 35 Crystals

Announcer Packs

We’ve added new Announcer packs for 25,000 Gold Each:

  • ESLA Announcer
  • German Announcer
  • French Announcer
  • PTBR Announcer
  • Russian Announcer


  • Exile
    • 200 Crystals / 60,000 Gold
  • Golden
    • Unlocked by reaching Mastery Level 50


  • Shotgun
    • Reduced first shell reload time 0.7s ➡️ 0.4s
    • Increased Post Reload Time 0.17 ➡️ 0.47
  • Ensnare
    • Damage bonus on targets hit now last 2s, regardless of slow duration.
  • Cards
    • Rapid Sustain
      • Reduced Increased Healing  {10|10}% ➡️ {5|5}%
    • Deep Breath
      • Reduced Damage Reduction scaling {8|8}% ➡️ {6|6}%
      • Reduced Length 3s ➡️ 2s

  • Talents
    • Fusillade
      • Reduced bonus damage from 35% ➡️ 25%
    • Reign of Terror
      • No longer increases the damage of Salvo
      • Now reduces the Cooldown of Salvo by 5s
      • NEW DESC: “Salvo now activates instantly, always fires 6 shots, and has its cooldown reduced by 5s.”

  • Talents
    • Cherish
      • Reduced bonus healing 50% ➡️ 25%

Bug Fixes


  • Bomb King
    • Grumpy Bomb no longer deals 3x damage to Shields.
  • Drogoz
    • Updated Booster Audio whicher was quieter than intended to enemy players.
  • Furia
    • Fixed an issue where Furia’s Wrings of Wrath Projectiles were sometimes tracking and moving through walls.
    • Fixed an issue where Solar Blessing could sometimes heal shields.
    • Fixed an issue where Pyre Strike would not display on Low Particle Settings.
    • Updated Furia’s German Lore
  • Kinessa
    • Kinessa’s scope overlay now properly shows 6 bullets instead of 5.
  • Khan
    • Fixed an issue where Khans Unimpressed Emote would freeze before it began clapping.
  • Mal’Damba
    • Updated Mending Spirits Hit Registration Audio which was quieter than intended.
  • Skye
    • Updated Surprise Attack description to better convey function.
  • Strix
    • Updated Footsteps Audio which was louder than intended to enemy players.


  • Addressed a problem in Team Deathmatch where on initial spawn, teammates would sometimes not spawn near each other.
  • Ascension Peak
    • Improved collision around center pillars
  • Foreman’s Rise (Custom Team Deathmatch)
    • Improved spawn points to improve gameplay flow and prevent spawn camping.
  • Frog Isle
    • Fixed a collision bug where players could partly clip into a pillar.
    • Improved general Collision around the map.
  • Jaguar Head
    • Improved general Collision around the map.
  • Magistrate’s Archive (Custom Team Deathmatch)
    • Improved spawn points to improve gameplay flow and prevent spawn camping.
  • Shooting Range
    • Fixed collision bugs where players could clip into walls.
  • Snowfall Junction
    • Removed clutter to improve performance and collision.
  • Trade District
    • Modified spawn points to improve gameplay flow.


  • Disabled ‘Ratings’ Tab in profile
  • Fixed multiple animations on various characters not properly scaling camera animation when the associated animation was sped up (for instance, reload animation while Deft Hands is equipped).
  • Fixed gamepad keybind prompts showing up in weird orders.
  • Fixed an issue where some shots on the server were occasionally using different accuracy values on the server, causing some hits to be denied.
  • Turned off Beta Player Achievement.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ranked progress bar was stuck in place.
  • Fixed an issue where enemy mount footstep audio was too quiet compared to other game sounds.
  • Fixed an issue where text for the Report Window did not wrap in the text box.
  • Fixed Master Collector Award to now say ‘Talents’ instead of ‘Cards’.

Console only

  • [Switch] Fixed issue with B button not backing out of Battle Pass purchase window.


Battle Pass 1: Because we wanted to get the 1.3 Update out to players as soon as possible, time to complete the first Battle Pass was cut short. We will be adding 3,381,300 Battle Pass 1 XP to the accounts of all players who purchased the first Battle Pass. This is the equivalent of the XP needed to get from level 48-50 or approximately 10-12 hours of gameplay. Players will unlock any rewards that would have been earned by that additional XP.


  • Addressed players sometimes not getting sent to the end of Match Lobby
  • Fixed Account XP and Champion XP breakdown shown differently even when their total is equal
  • Fixed players being able to pull up the Talent/Loadout selection screen during Killcam
  • Fixed a focus issue with Emote Wheel on Gamepad where the player would be unable to purchase new slots or equip more emotes and sprays
  • [Console Only] Fixed menu music always playing Rise of Furia
  • Fixed Daily Rewards sometimes giving wrong day rewards
  • Fixed TDM Bots grouping up at one point on the map
  • Fixed missing descriptions for some skins
  • Fixed Emote Wheel slots showing temporary art for acquisitions
  • Koga Voice Pack Acquisition image having no 2D art
  • Fixed purchase prompt showing in Match Lobby for items already owned
  • Fixed Emote previews sometimes not playing for Champions with looping Emotes


  • Fixed missing sounds from Viktor (Footsteps, Grenade and Barrage)
  • Fixed Academic Skye not having arms in first person
  • Fixed not being able to equip Hi-Tek Barik skin and it showing as High Elf Lian
  • Fixed Koga Skewer dealing damage through thin walls

Battle Pass

  • Fixed crash at Challenges page when viewing Tier 7 in some languages
  • Fixed an issue with Spray Challenge where players couldn’t complete it if they sprayed in a match before unlocking the Challenge
  • Fixed issue with “Kill 15 players while below 5% Health” Challenge where it procced under 5 health instead of 5% health
  • Fixed Shogunate Frame missing 2D Art in Battle Pass menu