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Ready those glue guns and sharpen your scissors, because it’s time for the 5th Annual Cosplay Contest at Hi-Rez Expo!

With so many members of the community dedicated to bringing our characters to life, we’re always excited to add a little friendly competition to the mix. Whether you’re transforming into Koga, The Lost Hand, or Neith, Weaver of Fate, get ready to take center stage and compete for a prize pool of $15,000!

All HRX Cosplay Contest contestants are also eligible to compete in the DreamHack Cosplay Championship. We look forward to seeing you in costume at HRX!


First Place $5,000
Second Place $4,000
Third Place $3,000
Fourth Place $2,000
Most Creative $500
Most Humorous $500
TOTAL $15,000

Schedule – Saturday, November 17

10:30am – Registration Ends
10:30am – Contestants and Judges Meet for Pre-Judging
12:15pm – Winners Announced and Contacted
Between 1:00-3:00pm* – Winners Arrive at Green Room and Walk on SMITE Stage, Followed by Video Interviews

*Note that exact times depend on esports games. Winners will be notified via text when they should be ready for the stage walk and interviews.

#CosplaytoHRX Video Contest

Cosplayers from around the world submitted videos detailing why they wanted to go to HRX. After much deliberation, we’re excited to announce that three lucky winners, Aishi, Gloozi, and VrykolaKosplay have won all-expenses paid trips to HRX this November! Thank you to all cosplayers who entered – your costumes and stories were incredible!

Click HERE to view the Official Cosplay Contest Rules.

Click HERE to view the Official #CosplaytoHRX Contest Rules.