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Hello, loyal subjects! Bomb King here, owner and operator of Bomb King’s Cash4Crystals, where Crystals are our business and business is BOOMING!

From August 21st through August 30th, save up to 35% on Crystals across all platforms. The only ruler you’ll need to measure up these savings is Bomb King – ha ha!

400 Crystals 15% OFF
800 Crystals 20% OFF
1500 Crystals 20% OFF
2500 Crystals 25% OFF
3500 Crystals 30% OFF
8000 Crystals 35% OFF

Crystals aren’t the only savings!  Save up to 25% on select chests throughout the week.

So folks, visit us in the Realm from August 21st – 30th to save big and get the BOMB rolling on the best deals around!