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HRX is just around the corner, and we are excited to spend the weekend with all of you! Partnering with DreamHack Atlanta allows Hi-Rez Expo the exciting opportunity to include a full range of fan panels and meet-ups. In these panels, we will focus on communicating our vision of our games for our community to engage with us about. So come join us, as we fill you in on some exclusive insights!

Here’s a complete list of all of the panels and talks going on at HRX this year:

SMITE’s 100th God!

The Battleground of the Gods has explored Gods from around the world. From the iconic Thor and Loki to the obscure King Kappa Kuzenbo, SMITE has delivered a diverse world of characters and creatures for players to explore. Soon we will be launching our 100th God! Learn more about how we brought this legendary hero into SMITE.

Design-a-God Workshop

Ever wanted to be a game designer? Join the SMITE dev team and fans in this interactive workshop. From art to game design, you’ll learn about how Gods are created in SMITE. And you’ll get to collaborate with us to propose your own God! Go Ahead. Play Game Designer.

The Past, Present, and Future of SMITE

SMITE has brought millions of players into the Battleground of the Gods. And as one of the biggest esports, SMITE has evolved the world of competitive gaming.

But we’re not done yet. We can’t stop; won’t stop. And unlike our memes, we’re looking to the future. Join us as we celebrate SMITE’s history and present what’s in store for 2019.

The Art of SMITE

Titan Forge artists pour their passion and talent into every God and skin we make. Check out the wide and whimsical world of making art in games.

Road to Pro

Every competitive player dreams of someday going pro, but it takes a lot more than talent to run a team. Our pros will discuss what it takes to make it to the top.

Skillshot Media Esports

Come talk to the league ops team at Skillshot Media about Hi-Rez Studios esports. The past, present, and future of esports at Skillshot!

Lessons from Content Creators: How to Make Awesome Content?

Want to make better Youtube videos? Need help growing your Twitch audience? Professional streamers and full time content creators give you their best tips.

How do I get your job? How to Break into the Gaming Industry

Want to work in the video game industry, but don’t think you have the “right” kind of experience or education? Hear from a variety of industry pros about the unconventional ways they got their unique jobs.

Guns + Magic = Paladins

Paladins developers talk about their experiences combining shooting and abilities to create one of the world’s most-played games, and how they plan to further define Paladins as a premier First Person Shooter in 2019.

Let’s Change Some Lore! Ret-con LIVE!

Learn more about Paladins’ lore and plans for the future of the Realm. Then join in as we rework the lore for a Champion LIVE with our audience’s help!

Building Paladins With Our Community

Evil Mojo believes the best games are made hand-in-hand with a strong community, even if it’s not always easy. Learn about how the Paladins community impacts the game’s development, and how Evil Mojo plans to expand the community’s involvement even further.

Worst. Bug. Ever.

Hear from Paladins programmers and QA about about some of the worst bugs they’ve faced, how they identified them, and how they fixed them. Then learn how Evil Mojo is taking major steps to improve quality in 2019.

What’s Next in Paladins Strike

Learn about exciting new content from members of the Paladins Strike development team.

Realm Royale: Meet the Devs

Meet the devs and discuss Realm Royale!