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Over the next week, we’ll be rolling out an updated launcher to all Paladins PC players. This “mini” launcher will remove HiRez Authentication Service, which could sometimes cause issues when logging in, and ensure a more seamless login experience. Now, launching Paladins will immediately lead you into the game client for login.

Where do I login at now?

Login will be through the game client itself.

Can I still login through Google and Facebook?

Yes, Google and Facebook logins are available in the game client.

Can I stop the launcher from auto-opening the game if I play through Steam?

Yes, you can stop the game from opening if you click anywhere on the launcher when it pops up. There is a 5 second window to do this.

Do I need to link my Steam account?

Yes, this will allow you to launch Paladins from Steam and instantly get into the game without having to add any additional login credentials.

I use multiple accounts to play. How do I get into those accounts?

Provided that you are not playing through Steam, you will be able to use multiple accounts under the Hi-Rez login.

I’ve linked the wrong Paladins account to my Steam account. What can I do?

Please contact customer support to assist in fixing your account.

Where do I set my language?

There is an option on the new launcher.

What happened to the Hirez Authentication Service?

The new launcher does not need this service and it will be uninstalled automatically.

Can I still have my patches downloaded in the background?

Since there is no service running all the time on your machine, in order to do background loading, you’ll need to leave the new Hi-Rez launcher running as a tray icon.