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Players on SMITE and Paladins North America servers have been experiencing unusually high ping rates.

We have tracked this issue down to an internet backbone routing issue that affects some internet service providers. Packets are going around the world before reaching their appropriate destination.

For example, we have traced one player’s packets as originating in Ashburn, Va., then traveling to Los Angeles, then Singapore, then Spain, then San Jose, Calif., then Dallas, Tex., then New York.

A possible theory is that this problem is due to Internet Service Providers updating their internet backbone routes due to a major incident which occurred earlier this week where Google data was rerouted to China.

Hi-Rez Studios is currently adding servers in different data centers and in different regions of North America to try to find improvements. We are also working with our data center provider INAP to ensure certain backbone routes are prioritized.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have this issue resolved soon.