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Yo Ho Ho Ho, ’tis the season for Merry Mayhem, Champions!

Dredge may have some questionable holiday ethics, but he’s hauled in a bag full of new content for Update 1.9! Collect Sweets and exchange them in his shop, participate in daily community events, or gift a friend an epic skin with the new Gift Giving Bundle. There’s something for everyone in this Merry Mayhem.


New siege map: warder’s gate

Do battle at the imposing Warder’s Gate: Paladins’ newest Siege map. Will you side with the Warders or try to siege their fortress from the nearby forest?

Warder’s Gate is Paladins’ first map with asymmetrical art. Each side features a unique visual theme — Defend the Warders’ magnificent architecture, or stand among the roots of a mystical forest. This theming also improves gameplay clarity, making it easier to identify your location are on the map. Plus: Catch some air with magical anti-gravity Crystals!

Since this map is one of our most ambitious to date, we’ll be testing it thoroughly throughout our two week PTS cycle. We expect to ship Warder’s Gate in 1.9, but may extend its development time to ensure the best level of quality for our players.

test map: DEATHGATE
test map: THRONES

New Event: Merry Mayhem

Dredge is in charge of the presents… and this pirate has a sweet tooth! Purchase an event bundle to unlock access to Dredge’s secret Sweets Store, where you can trade in your Sweets for more awesome presents. Log in every day from Dec. 17-30 to see what new special event Dredge has in store!

Sweet Collector Challenges

Each week, Dredge will have a new set of challenges for you. Complete the challenges to unlock Sweets, and a free present: An avatar, Gold Chest, or Festive Chest!

Sweet Collector

Available 1.9 Patch Release

Rewards: 4 Sweets, 15,000 Gold, Rowdy Corsair, Static Avatar

Candy Connoisseur

Available December 19th, 2018 at 4:00am EST

Rewards: 4 Sweets, 30,000 Gold, Gold Chest

Stocking Stuffer

Available December 26th, 2018 at 4:00am EST

Rewards: 5 Sweets, 60,000 Gold, Festive Chest

event store access


Players can only access Dredges Secret Sweet Shop if they own a stocking, which comes with any Merry Mayhem Event Bundle.


Players collect Sweets to spend in the event store by completing Dredge’s weekly challenges and purchasing event bundles

Unspent Sweets will automatically be exchanged for 1,000 Gold each at the end of the event, even if a player did not purchase an Event Bundle

event store content

1 Sweet

Festive Furia, Spray

Cutesy Yeti, Avatar

Unrefined, Vivian Emote

Judgment, Furia Animated MVP Pose

3 Sweets

Cutesy Lian, Animated Avatar

Naughty Yeti, Animated Spray

Gingerdead House, Death Stamp

Lounge, Lian Legendary Emote

Tranquil Breeze, Jenos Legendary Roaming Emote

Mistletoe, Legendary 3D Spray

5 Sweets

Barrier Wreath, Makoa Skin

Tough Cookie, Fernando Skin

merrymaker dredge bundle

Price: 400 Crystals


Merrymaker Dredge Skin

Thar She Blows, Dredge MVP

5 Sweets




Abominable Terminus Skin

Rage, Terminus MVP

5 Sweets


Price: 400 Crystals



Merrymaker Lian Skin

Poise, Lian MVP

5 Sweets


Price: 400 Crystals


Unlock the Merrymaker Maeve Bundle free by purchasing all three Merry Mayhem Event Bundles!


Merrymaker Maeve

Ambush, Maeve MVP

Iced Out, Limited Title

10 Sweets

Ice Palace, Limited Loading Frame

Merrymaker Maeve will be available for direct purchase after the Merry Mayhem event for the cost of the entire event, 1200 Crystals.


Don’t forget to log in every day from December 17-30 to see what special event Dredge has in store. Unlock free holiday sprays, bonus Gold and XP, and amazing sales!

Dec 17th –  100% Bonus Battle Pass Experience
Dec 18th – First Win of the Day Reward – Chibi Grover Spray
Dec 19th – All Supports & Damage Champions Free
Dec 20th – 2X all end of Match Rewards
Dec 21st – First Win of the Day Reward – Chibi Bomb King Spray
Dec 22nd – Bonus Performance Gold
Dec 23rd – 200% Bonus Battle Pass Experience
Dec 24th – First Win of the Day Reward – Chibi Evie Spray
Dec 25th – All Champions Free
Dec 26th – Bonus Performance Gold
Dec 27th – First Win of the Day Reward – Chibi Makoa Spray
Dec 28th – 100% Bonus Battle Pass Experience
Dec 29th – All Flanks & Front Line Champions Free
Dec 30th – First Win of the Day Reward – Chibi Kinessa Spray

Gift Giving Bundle

Take to the skies with Sugar Plum Willo and grace your friends with epic skins this holiday season!


Sugar Plum Willo, Epic Skin – New!

200 Crystals

2 Large Gift Tokens (600 Crystal Value can be used in place of 300 crystals when purchasing a Large Gift for a friend)

Price: $9.99 USD

The Gift Giving Bundle will be available on PS4 on 12/12, Xbox One on 12/17, and Nintendo Switch on 12/19.



Contains voice packs for every Champion

Price: 125 Crystals


Updated Grover Golden weapon textures

Updated Ash Golden weapon textures


Developer Commentary: Update 1.9 is the last update of this Paladins Season! This is a relatively minor balance pass ahead of our next update, which will feature massive new season balance changes. Expect major adjustments to the Item Store, Champion Base Abilities, Champion Talents, and Cards (40+). We’ll be hosting special shows on Mixer to discuss the upcoming season changes. Follow us on social media for more details!

Reduced the Magnitude of the camera shake or “Aim Punch” that players received while taking damage



Kindle Soul cooldown reduced from 5s ➡️ 4s

Developer Commentary: We are reverting the Kindle Soul cooldown nerf from Update 1.6. Furia released as one of the most winning Champions in Paladins, holding a top 3 spot at all player skill levels and queues for multiple patches. We feel she has finally settled into a much healthier spot overall, but still lacks the healing throughput to make her a competitive Support.


Scuttle now has damage fall-off.


Added a unique sound to Life Exchange when successfully healing an ally with Shatter.

Bug Fixes


Fixed an issue where the Damage Dealt recap UI would sometimes display erroneous text.



Fixed an issue that would sometimes allow Cassie’s ultimate to permanently reveal the enemy team.


Fixed an interaction with Jenos that allowed Inara to move freely while channeling her Ultimate.


Fixed an issue where Golden Star Splitter was untextured.


Oppressor Mines properly have two charges again.


Fixed texture clipping on on Raeve Maeve’s Helmet.


Fixed instances of looping sound effects when using Restore Soul with either the Jade Priestess or Remix weapons equipped.


Cleaned up the Whirlibird emote animation.