Play Free

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Champions! Whether you’re Magistrate or Paladins, Leipori, Ska’drin, Stagalla, Vulpin, Faerie, or Orc, we can all come together to bring a little joy to the Realm this holiday season.

The Evil Mojo tree* is ready for a creative touch from you, our talented community! If you’d like to help us deck the studio halls, send your digital creations to We’ll use your fan art, ornaments, postcards, notes, and well-wishes to decorate our tree, then reveal the final product during the 2.01 Update Showcase.

Want to add some magic to your own tree this holiday season? Print the below template below and decorate it with your favorite champion to add some Paladins flair to your home. Don’t forget to send us a picture of your creation!

* No Grovers were harmed in the making of this holiday tree.