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We’re excited to introduce a whole new world of options for Paladins players with the Mixer Store, allowing you to earn skins and other cosmetics for free just by watching streams! Check out content creators and broadcasters on Mixer to earn points that you can use towards skins–it’s as easy as that!

Here’s how you can get in on the action:

There’s a special in-game quest to get the Limited Mixer Khan skin. Amass 600 Points to automatically unlock this behemoth.

We’ve prepared an entire weekly schedule of Paladins content and unique streamers for you. In addition to Mixer Points, you’ll earn Sparks for every minute you watch. Use these on individual streamer’s channels to support your favorite content creators and help them reach milestones that give real money payouts.

The Mixer Store is only around for a limited time and the selection will change regularly, so join the fun on Mixer and start earning Points now! 


What are Mixer Points?

  • Mixer Points are a brand new way to earn skins and other cosmetics for free just by watching Paladins streams. Earn Mixer Points by watching and spend them in the in-game Mixer Store.

How do I earn Points?

  • Link your Mixer account at and instantly unlock a free Mixer Spray, then watch while a stream is live to start earning points!

How do I know when I’ve earned Points?

  • You will be notified on Mixer when you’ve earned points, and you can check the Mixer Store in game to watch your Mixer Points stack up. Note: Your Mixer Point total will not update until you log out of Paladins, and back in.

What is the Mixer Store, and what can I buy with Mixer Points?

  • You can find the Mixer Store in the in-game store. You can purchase a rotating selection of awesome skins with your points! At the time we’re writing this, High Elf Lian, Mixer Khan, and FN-01 Erebos Fernando are available for points!

How do I get Mixer Khan?

  • Unlock Mixer Khan instantly as soon as you have earned a total of 600 Mixer Points, regardless of if you have spent them. You can also spend those points on other skins in the Mixer Store.

How fast do I earn them?

  • Twelve minutes of watch time will earn you 1 Mixer Point, for a total of 5 per hour.

Where do I check my total Mixer Points?

  • When you try to purchase something in the Mixer Store, your total points will display in the bottom left of the item purchase window. You can track your total points progress to Mixer Khan on the bottom of his page in the store. Note: You will need to relog in to Paladins to update your point total.

Can I earn Mixer points by watching channels other than

  • You will only earn Mixer Points by watching, but as you watch you will earn Sparks that you can use to support your favorite streamers on Mixer!  

Can I earn Mixer points on all platforms?

  • You can earn Mixer points on all platforms that can be linked to a Hi-Rez Account: Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. Nintendo Switch linking is currently under development; stay tuned for more news.

Can I earn Mixer Points on mobile?

  • Yes! As long as you are logged in to your linked Mixer Account, and your Mixer Account is linked to your Hi-Rez Account, you will earn Mixer Points.

Will skins in the Mixer Store rotate?

  • Yes, skins will rotate through the store regularly. Check back often to see new content!

How long will the Mixer Store be active?

  • Mixer Khan will be available for all of Season 2. Other Mixer Store contents may become unavailable.

Interested in streaming on PaladinsGame? Contact us at and check out the Paladins Partner Program.

Note that console players must also link their console accounts to their Hi-Rez account. Nintendo Switch linking is currently under development; stay tuned for more news.

Virtual rewards received through any official Hi-Rez Mixer channels, including Mixer Points, are subject to our Mixer In-Stream Rewards Program Official Rules.