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Update 2/26: Adjusted End Times quest unlock dates to fit with the new release scheduled for Future’s End.

Update 2/11: Champions & Founder’s Packs will be available on linked platforms in 2.02, and all other DLC purchased on Xbox will become cross-platform in 2.03. Also added Dredge’s mid-patch release date (February 27th) and additional information on Deal of the Day purchases.

Update 2/1: Nintendo Switch linking will go live in the 2.02 Update, meaning that Switch players will have cross-progression and can earn Mixer Points when the patch goes live! Read below for more info.

Update 1/29: Added bug fixes for Ash and Grover’s Golden skins.


With the help of Jenos and Imani, Valera and the Paladins have tracked the Magistrate to ancient ruins. Join the fray and battle within the shadows of Shattered Desert, a brand new Siege map. Attempt to control mysterious tears in reality for your faction and earn Chrono-Shards to unlock content in the End Times game mode and event.

We’re improving quality throughout Season 2 with The Hunt: an initiative focused on process and quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and polish. Along with extended PTS, we’ve also expanded our programming team and devoted 20-40% of each development cycle to polish. The Hunt’s mission is simple: We want to end 2019 with Paladins in a better state than it’s ever been before.

Cross-play and cross-progression have arrived! Champions on numerous platforms across the globe will now be able to group up and play like never before. Join your friends and follow the Paladins to the Shattered Desert, and perhaps together, you’ll be able to stop the End Times before they begin…

The Hunt

ai improvements

Made significant improvements to AI bot pathing in regards to attacking, defending, and pushing objectives.

Champion Bug Fixes


Fixed an issue where Xeno-Buster Ash’s Shoulder Bash was attenuated globally

Fixed an issue where Golden Ash used the Default Skin when selected/equipped


Fixed an issue where Furia would erroneously say the line, “Vengeance rises!”


Fixed an issue where Golden Grover used the Default Skin when selected/equipped


Fixed a case where Imani would get locked out of firing her in-hand attacks

Fixed a case where Imani’s dragon could become unkillable and persist infinitely

Fixed a case where, upon death, Imani’s Avatar would fail to animate and slowly sink into the ground

Fixed a case where Imani’s Ice “board” would get stuck on her person

Fixed an issue where Wrecker / Cauterize / Bulldozer affected Frost Bomb and Inferno Cannon

Fixed a case where Imani’s dragon’s Frost Fire Breath would persist after death

Imani’s Emotes & MVP Poses now display the correct icons

Imani no longer retains Moji’s Magic Marks

Seris’ Soul Orbs no longer persist if Imani’s dragon dies with active stacks

Fixed an issue where Imani could appear on the ground to opponents if Inferno Cannon was cast mid-air


Fixed an issue where healing an ally as Jenos with the Remix Freestyler equipped would cause him to leave a healing loop sound on the stage that persisted


Fixed an issue where Merrymaker Maeve’s footsteps seemed to “move” for the player playing as Maeve


Fixed an issue where Skye’s jump sound effect was audible to everyone


Flare XL no longers reveals enemies with Unauthorized Use


Fixed an issue where Terminus would teleport back to Khan if he died to Overpower

Fixed an issue where Terminus could revive underground after his Ultimate if he was hit by Gold and Shatter weapons


Fixed an issue that would allow players to gain the benefits of Hearthwarder and Lifegiver cards without successfully using Protection

General Bug Fixes

Ranked “Win 100/200 Games” quests are now “Play 100/200 Games”, respectively.

Battle Pass experience quests now correctly progress

Introduced various description and text cleanups on the following mounts, talents, and abilities:

Mecha Prowler

Crimson Serpent

Net Shot




Pyre Ball


Restore Soul

Infiltrator Strix

Life Exchange


Fixed an issue where the refund banner on DLC panels was placed incorrectly when the player scrolled

Remix and Redux Equalizer now have the correct exclusivity tags

Music Packs now show their name and item type descriptions in the purchase window

Battle Pass Boosters obtained from Gifts now show the correct amount number received

Fixed an issue where Champions sometimes persisted on screen or played a walking animation after being eliminated by a Golden Weapon

Fixed an issue where the Battle Pass icon appeared on every line when a player sent a chat message that was multiple lines long

Card images no longer disappear on the scoreboard screen when selecting Social

Fixed an issue where reconnecting after a disconnect would show a Loading Screen with garbage text (“%Missing map info mcts for Map Game ID”)

Fixed an issue where the Announcer for the Battle Suit Battle Pass was too quiet

Hotfix Notes

The following issues were addressed in hotfixes:

Fixed an issue where Zhin’s weapon shots clipped on map collision

Fixed an issue where Khan could Ult players who were CC immune

Fixed an issue where the Battle Suit Battle Pass read “0 Days Remaining”

Fixed an issue where Season 2 was listed as Season 3 in-game

Bulldozer description adjusted to include “deployables, pets, and illusions”

Fixed an issue where acquiring a real money purchase item from the store closed the client

Fixed an issue where swapping to the Mixer Store from any menu would leave leftover artifacts on the screen

Fixed an issue where players could crash the first time they viewed Imani’s loadout

Fixed an issue that prevented some PS4 players from logging in

Fixed a crash condition in the Shooting Range on Switch and Xbox

Fixed an issue where values over 1000 were displayed incorrectly in Russian

Fixed several other potential crash conditions

Disabled 30-second video playback on Switch to increase performance and decrease crash conditions

Fixed a case where the client could crash if the player was sent a number of specific strings with the profanity filter enabled

Under Investigation

Below are some of our highest priority gameplay issues that we are putting effort and resources into fixing. Many of them are rare cases that require specific and particular repro steps. If you have any information or perspective that could aid in solving the below issues, please let us know through our dedicated Bug Reporting Forum.

Kill Cam sometimes causes looping sounds to continue indefinitely without stopping

Imani is locked out of using Frost Bolt in rare cases

Androxus can rarely get locked out of his Ultimate until death if he uses it right after a dash

Jenos’ Stellar Wind SFX loop sometimes persists for the remainder of the game

Bomb King’s Ultimate music can sometimes get stuck on him in matches

Using Nine Lives sometimes does not reset Maeve’s cooldowns

Terminus’ Ultimate sometimes cannot be used upon “death”

Terminus’ Power Siphon can remain active when respawning and mounted

Some players’ settings are regularly reset

When players respawn, they can sometimes see static enemy health bars on their screen

UI displaying timer and scores can disappear randomly during an Onslaught match

Grumpy Bomb can appear to explode, but the VFX will stay on screen until the actual explosion

Some players report not receiving “The Dedicated” and “The Insane” Titles

Dredge’s in-hand weapon fire, reload, and explosions are sometimes not heard in PS4 matches

“Damage Dealt” UI sometimes shows Champions who are not in the match

Cassie’s Ultimate is occasionally not revealing enemies to Cassie and her teammates

Terminus occasionally does not swing his axe while holding LMB

Ash’s shoulder bash is sometimes globally hearable

Skye sometimes cannot hear her own footsteps

Koga and Evie are reportedly too quiet to players when they are flanking



We are excited to be among the first games of the modern cross-play era! Champions on numerous platforms across the globe will now be able to group up and play like never before.

Players from PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch will be part of the same matchmaking pool in Quickplay

Players may opt-out of cross-play, however, you will find higher quality matches more quickly with cross-play matchmaking enabled

Ranked will match-make players based upon their input method

You can set your input method and preferences in Settings

Players will now have a fully functionally cross-platform friends list

We are technically ready to support cross-play on other platforms as the opportunity arises


Note: Due to work done across all platforms for cross-play and cross-progression, all players’ keybinds will be set to default with the release of 2.02. Champions and Founder’s Packs will be available on all linked platforms in 2.02, and all other DLC purchased on Xbox will become cross-platform in 2.03.


PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch players will be able to progress their linked account and keep their owned items across all platforms

We are technically ready to support cross-progression on other platforms as the opportunity arises


Added keyboard/mouse support for Xbox

Console players can now view text chat in matches with keyboard/mouse users

Nintendo Switch players can now link their account and earn Mixer Points on

discord rich presence

Added Discord Rich Presence functionality, which allows your Discord friends to see your current activity in Paladins

deal of the day

Starting in 2.02, the Deal of the Day will be a real-money purchase at a greater overall value.

New Siege Map: Shattered Desert

It was here that shards of the broken moon fell, destroying all that they touched. With the help of Jenos and Imani, the Paladins have followed the Magistrate to the Shattered Desert and now battle in the shadows of ancient ruins. Mysterious portals radiate otherworldly power. Could these portals be the source of the ancient evil known as the Darkness?

New Event: End Times

A large tear in reality has appeared among the ruins of the Shattered Desert, distorting the region in strange ways. Drawn to this anomaly, both the Paladins and Magistrate have sent their forces to claim its unknown power.

Join the fray as both factions battle in the all-new End Times game mode. Players will choose from a selection of either Paladins or Magistrate Champions, as well as several neutral characters; ownership of Champions will not matter for this mode. Do your best to maintain control of the strange tear, but be aware that its unstable nature distorts the world in a new way wherever it relocates.

Points Collection

Complete limited-time quests or purchase the new Omega skins to earn Chrono-Shards. Collect these Shards to unlock over 20 new cosmetic rewards in End Times, including two Epic skins.

Every two weeks, new Champions will be available in End Times, new skins will be added, and quests will rotate out, giving you the chance to earn more Chrono-Shards.

Rewards/Unlock Track

5 Chrono-Shards: Omega Crusher, Rare Spray

10 Chrono-Shards: 15,000 Gold

15 Chrono-Shards: Loose, Sha Lin MVP Pose

20 Chrono-Shards: Gold Chest

25 Chrono-Shards: Fist Bump, Ruckus Emote

30 Chrono-Shards: 30,000 Gold

35 Chrono-Shards: Future’s Protector, Avatar

40 Chrono-Shards: Headsman, Terminus MVP Pose

45 Chrono-Shards: 45,000 Gold

50 Chrono-Shards: Windup, Makoa MVP Pose

60 Chrono-Shards: Squidly, Animated Avatar

70 Chrono-Shards: Swig, Dredge Emote

80 Chrono-Shards: Gold Chest

90 Chrono-Shards: Omega Wind, Animated Spray

100 Chrono-Shards: Omega Loading Frame

110 Chrono-Shards: Shimmy, Skye Emote

120 Chrono-Shards: Omega Makoa

130 Chrono-Shards: Omega Tear, 3D Spray

140 Chrono-Shards: Kamae, Zhin MVP Pose

150 Chrono-Shards: Hunter’s Cry, Tyra Emote

160 Chrono-Shards: Lunar Altar, Death Stamp

170 Chrono-Shards: Audacity, Vivian MVP Pose

180 Chrono-Shards: Forlorn Future, Avatar

190 Chrono-Shards: Koga Laugh, Koga Emote

200 Chrono-Shards: Coming Soon

220 Chrono-Shards: Chuckle, Imani Emote

240 Chrono-Shards: Epic Skin Coming Soon

Quest Details

Every two weeks, players will be tasked with three limited-time quests that reward Chrono-Shards.

Quests Rotation


Objective: Play 5 Matches of End Times

Reward: 5 Chrono-Shards

Stand Your Ground

Objective: Earn 900 Objective Time

Reward: 10 Chrono-Shards

Unleash the Beast

Objective: Deal 1,000,000 Damage

Reward: 10 Chrono-Shards

3 New Quests on February 27th, 2019, 1:00am EDST

3 New Quests on March 27th, 2019, 1:00am EDST

3 New Quests on April 10th, 2019, 1:00am EDST

Event Skins

All Omega Skin purchased during End Times come with 40 Chrono-Shards.

Omega Sha Lin

Price: 400 Crystals

Includes 40 Chrono-Shards

Omega Terminus

Price: 400 Crystals

Includes 40 Chrono-Shards

Omega Dredge

Price: 400 Crystals

Includes 40 Chrono-Shards

Releases mid-patch – February 27th, 1:00am EDST

Omega Makoa

Earn 120 Chrono-Shards to unlock Omega Makoa!

Releases mid-patch – February 27th, 1:00am EDST



Senpai Chest

Price: 100 Crystals

Releases mid-patch – February 27th, 1:00am EDST


Gentleman Jenos – NEW!

Academic Skye

Ronin Ash

FN-01 Helios

DZ-03 Draco Drogoz

Demon Slayer Zhin

Dragoncaller Cassie

Title – was a mistake (NEW!)

Voice Packs – Drogoz, Jenos, Skye, Zhin

6 Epic and Rare emotes



Pyre Ball

Reduced charge time 1.6s ➡️ 1.2s

Reduced damage 1100 ➡️ 1000

Reduced mana regeneration rate

The below balance changes were made with 2.01 Hotfix #2.

Dragons Call

Ultimate charge rate reduced

Using Frostfire Breath now slows the avatar’s movespeed

Duration reduced 25s ➡️ 20

Frostfire Glide

Removed the functionality where flying into an obstacle and coming to a complete stop would cancel the ability