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2.02 PTS Update Notes | February 1, 2019

Hey Champions! We’ve updated our test server again to fix additional issues we found in this version of PTS.

As usual, if you find an issue while playing PTS, please be sure to report it here!


  • Fixed an issue where Talus’s ultimate was not properly targeting enemies
  • Fixed an issue where Mending Spirits had extra charges on the ability
  • Fixed an audio issue where the End Times announcer lines would overlap repeatedly at the end of matches
  • Fixed an audio issue where the Alpha Speeder mount sound did not end
  • Fixed an audio issue with Omega Terminus
  • Fixed an issue with Omega Makoa’s ultimate song
  • Polished main menu sound effects
  • Updated unlock text for Gentleman Jenos and Gentleman’s Courtesy
  • Updated text in the End Times “coming soon” descriptions.
  • Updated notification text in activity center to read “Chrono-Shards” instead of a development name
  • Disable character intros in End Times event to allow the announcer audio to play.
  • Fixed an issue where death effects were not triggering on death
  • Adjusted Omega Sha Lin’s planted first person to obstruct view less
  • Updated “Futures Protector” Avatar text
  • Added unlock notification images for ‘Omega Terminus’ and ‘Omega Sha Lin’
  • [Frog Isle] Improved collision & ground meet up
  • Fixed issues where Terminus voice lines would not display
  • [Shattered Desert] Adjusted and improved collision
  • Fixed an issue with the Omega Tear 3D Spray
  • [Shattered Desert] Fixed an issue where quicksand would sometimes not properly apply the slowing effect to champions
  • Fixed an issue where the End Times intro would not play
  • Fixed an issue where the announcer would talk over the End Times intro
  • Fixed an issue where objective time would sometimes not being tracked in the End Times game mode


2.02 PTS Update Notes | January 28, 2019

Following weekend testing, we’ve updated our test server to fix issues players were seeing in this version of PTS.  Note that key bindings were also reset with this PTS update.

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to make any purchases using crystals
  • Fixed a purchasing issue where crystals weren’t being deducted from your overall count until you relogged
  • Fixed an issue on where the PTS store did not display numbers on the Crystal purchase page
  • Fixed VGS line-swap issues with Imani & Omega Makoa
  • Fixed an issue where Flair Chest Avatar icons do not display properly in the base description view
  • Fixed an issue where audio would not play on the main menu
  • Fixed a few collision & lighting issues on Shattered Desert
  • Fixed an issue where Mixer Points were displaying as Chrono-Shards in the Mixer Store
  • Added a description to the End Times queue
  • Fixed an issue with Restore Soul’s description