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Greetings, Champions!

Today, we announced the results of the inaugural Assembly of Champions elections. The community-voted delegates are:


For anyone not familiar, the Assembly of Champions is a player advocacy group consisting of members democratically elected by the community to assist Evil Mojo in the continuous development of Paladins. The Assembly brings focused, structured feedback from the community to Evil Mojo, representing all players’ interests across multiple demographics and serving as a branch of the development team. Most importantly, they represent the player base at a very early stage in the development cycle and thus can help shape Paladins’ development.

All the vote numbers can be found here. In total, 10,030 votes were cast for the candidates in the 2019 election. These are great community stats for our first-ever election, and we’d like to improve awareness and increase engagement in next year’s elections to see even greater voter turnout!

For all you fellow data-lovers out there, here is some analysis of the candidate demographics.

Firstly, below is the breakdown of candidates by platform. The Assembly has four platform-specific positions to ensure equal representation across consoles.

PC: 81%
Xbox: 9%
PS4: 7%
Switch: 3%

Below is the breakdown for candidates by top countries. The United States had a strong showing with candidates from LATAM and SEA close behind.

US: 30 candidates
IN: 9 candidates
BR: 8 candidates
ID: 7 candidates
MX: 6 candidates

Next year, we’d like to gather voter demographics so we can share that data with you all as well.

We’re looking forward to working with Assembly of Champions over the course of 2019 to help make Paladin a better game for everyone! Following our first meeting in mid-February, you can expect regular updates about the Assembly of Champion’s activities, conference calls, and Summit. Check out to see how you can contact your elected representatives. A big thank you to everyone who did their Realm duty and voted in the inaugural Assembly of Champions!