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Update 3/13: Purchasing a Battle Pass level now awards an entire level’s worth of XP, rather than just bumping you up to the next level.
Update 3/12: Added a number of general and Champion-specific bug fixes and added the release date for the Omega Skins (April 3).
Update 3/6: Added a number of Champion and map-specific items to The Hunt section.
Update 3/5: Added a number of general and Champion-specific bug fixes to The Hunt section.
Update 3/4: Added a bug fix to The Hunt section and added support for chat with the gamepad in the main menu (i.e. not in game).
Update 2/28: Added a number of bug fixes to The Hunt, including an entirely new Audio section. Adjusted Atlas’ Unstable Fissure, Steady Arm, and Beyond the Veil. Added an indicator for the quantity of a chest players have in their inventory (“X Chests Remaining”).
Update 2/27: Removed the “Incarnate” Imani MVP from the Battle Byte rewards; it was in the Battle Suit Battle Pass.
Update 2/26: Added a number of bug fixes to The Hunt section and edited the Battle Pass Plus section with the correct Battle Byte rewards.
Update 2/25: Added a number of bug fixes to The Hunt section.
Update 2/22: Added a number of bug fixes to The Hunt section.

New Champion: Atlas, The Man Out of Time

There is no light in the future, only an all-consuming Darkness. The Realm is lost.

Atlas was born into this dark future as the son of a legendary Judge. Each day he fought to survive, and each night he found solace in stories of the Realm that was. These stories gave Realmkind hope, but their final stand against the Darkness failed tragically. All hope was lost… but one.

Atlas studied old books of Crystal magic and mastered the control of time. He researched old tales of what started all this, of how the world had fallen. And then Atlas stepped into the past, determined to save the Realm — and stop the Darkness — by changing the course of history.


Role — Front Line

Health — 3500

[Weapon] Chrono-Cannon
A gun arm from a distant future that can be charged for 1.5s. It deals 900 damage and fires more accurately with fewer shots depending on charge time. It will fire automatically at full charge.
[Alt-Fire] Setback
Fire a concentration of chronon energy that blasts its victim back to where they were 4s ago. Their health is reverted to its lowest point in that period.
[Ability 1] Second Chance
Fling yourself back to where you were 5s ago. Your health is restored to the highest value it was in that period.
[Ability 2] Stasis Field
Erect a temporal barrier in front of you that nullifies all ranged attacks for 5s.
[Ultimate] Exile
Supercharge your chronon accelerator. While in this state your weapon shots will Banish enemies for 4s. Banished targets can not be interacted with by enemies or allies.

[Default] Unstable Fissure

Activating Second Chance leaves behind an unstable fissure that after 3s explodes dealing 900 damage. Adds damage falloff to Explosion

[Level 2] Temporal Divide

Greatly increases the size of Stasis Field, but its cooldown is increased by 50%.

[Level 8] Deja Vu

Setback becomes a lobbed explosion that can rewind multiple enemies.



Distant Memory

While below 50% health receive {scale=5|5}% increased healing from other players.

Ravages of Time

Eliminations grant {scale=1|1}% Ultimate charge.

Hell Hunter

Hitting fully charged weapon shots restores {scale=1|1} ammo.

Old Wounds

Increase your Maximum Health by {scale=150|150}.


Lessons of the Past

Hitting an enemy with Setback grants yourself a {scale=75|75} health shield for 3s

Phantom Pain

Gain {scale=10|10}% lifesteal against enemies hit by Setback for 5s.

No One Escapes

Setback sends enemies {scale=0.3|0.3}s further into the past.

Steady Arm

Hitting an enemy with Setback restores {scale=1|1} ammo.

Second Chance

Continuum Shift

Second Chance sends you {scale=0.4|0.4}s further into the past.

Life Unlived

Second Chance heals you an additional {scale=150|150} Health.


Reduce the Cooldown of Second Chance by {scale=0.5|0.5}s.

Rewritten History

Second Chance generates {scale=1|1} ammo.

Stasis Field

Beyond the Veil

You and allies gain {scale=10|10}% increased movement speed for 5s after passing through Stasis Field.

Safe Haven

Receive {scale=6|6}% increased healing while Stasis Field is active.

Infinity Engine

Activating Stasis Field causes you to no longer consume ammo for {scale=1|1}s.

Lost Legacy

Activating Stasis Field heals you {scale=80|80} health per second for 3s.

The Hunt

General improvements

Pre-game match lobby has been rewritten:

The match lobby code was written early in the Paladins development life cycle when the game was constantly changing.  As the requirements for it changed and new features were added, it started accumulating a number of issues. Now that Paladins has stabilized, combined with our new focus, we decided it was a good time to address this part of the game as a whole.

This ground-up rewrite allowed us to fix many long-standing bugs:  Inability to select characters, UI animations freezing, players being pushed to the custom game screen, Champions not being displayed as owned after buying them, bots not displaying correctly, and etcetera. It also allows us to more easily integrate new match lobby features in the future.

Part of this rewrite also allowed cleaning up the match lobby flow.  Now, whether playing with mouse or gamepad, Ranked or quick play, the flow is consistent.  When selecting a character, it stays in the character select screen so you can quickly change your mind based on what your team selects.  Once you’re happy with your selection, you can click the “Lock In” button, which now exists in Quick Play, and select your skin. If all players lock in early, any remaining selection time will be skipped and the match will start early.

Additionally, when banning, you can select what character you intend to ban before actually locking in the ban. This gives other players on your team the ability to give feedback before locking in.

With the magnitude of this rewrite, it is impossible to say exactly how many small or rare bugs this has fixed, but it’s safe to say that number should be significant. This also means that new issues could arise, but should be much quicker to fix. So please share any feedback and bug reports during the PTS cycle!

Added an indicator for the quantity of a chest players have in their inventory (“X Chests Remaining”).

Added support for chat with the gamepad in the main menu (i.e. not in game)


Fixed an issue where riding on a vehicle mount as either Vivian or Viktor would cause Viktor’s gun loop to play until an internal limit was reached or Viktor/Vivian died.

Fixed an issue where Imani’s Inferno Cannon start and sustain sounds were too quiet, while the ending sound played at their intended volume instead.

Fixed an issue where enemies could not hear Koga switch into claw stance.

Fixed an issue where a distinct ringing sound from Koga’s claw attacks would not play for his enemies.

Increased the volume of Koga’s claw attacks.

Increased the volume of Evie’s weapon fire, projectile sound, and projectile impact.

Added icy sounds to Evie’s weapon fire and impact to better communicate to her enemies where she is firing from in the middle of frantic team fights.

Fixed an issue where charging Omega Sha Lin’s basic attack was treated by audio as sniper rifle fire. Omega Sha Lin should no longer give his position away to enemies by charging an arrow, but he will sound the same to the player playing as Sha Lin.

Fixed an issue where Heartbreaker Tyra’s ultimate voice line did not get the loud reverb treatment that other ultimates get.

Added audio queues to Imani’s Mana Rift.

Fixed an issue where Bomb King’s bomb idle chatter/beeps were being played for enemies who were too far away from the relevant bombs.

Fixed an issue where default Imani’s Pyreball sound effect did not accurately reflect the time it takes to charge her Pyreball.

Changed attenuation on Imani’s frost bomb to address concerns that it was too hearable while far away, and players could not hear the volume increase as it approached them.

Champion Bug Fixes and improvements


Fixed an issue where Barik’s turret would improperly reveal stealthed enemies in specific edge cases


Fixed an issue where Buck could get his Ult canceled and reactivate it for a ridiculous amount of attack speed


Fixed an issue where booster would stick on if you activated the ability while the scoreboard was up


Fixed Ranked Grohk skin missing voice line for “Okay” VGS


Frost Bolt / Pyre Ball now Properly affected by Haven

Frost Bomb cooldown now properly affected by Chronos

Fixed an issue where Imani’s “surfboard” would get stuck on her model in the next round if she used Frostfire Glide as the round ended

Fixed an issue where the Burning debuff icon would persist on screen if Imani’s dragon died while it was burning

Fixed an issue where Imani would not have a silhouette or a health bar while she was channeling her Ultimate

Fixed an issue where Imani’s health was not being displayed on her dynamic HUD portrait during her Ultimate

Fixed Snowdrift Imani skin missing a number of sound effects


Fixed Gentleman Jenos Ultimate lacking reverb

Fixed Gentleman Jenos missing a number of VGS voice lines

Fixed Gentleman Jenos playing two voice lines when Ulting


Fixed an issue where Khan would pull the victim but not perform the remaining steps in the Ultimate

Fixed Khan getting stuck in place when his Ult was attached to a player that was killed

Fixed Khan, Furia, and Koga 3rd person camera “freaking out” when grabbed with Khan’s Ult


Fixed Omega Makoa skin missing voice line for “Woohoo” VGS


Fixed an issue where Ritual Magic would not work with Wekono’s Curse

Fixed an issue where the first of two active Gourds could stop working


Fixed an issue where Renegade Phasers’ bullet decals were rendering a default texture

Fixed Lex’s Retribution target not having aim assist


Fixed an issue where Healing Potion would sometimes incur no cooldown and not heal anyone

Sha Lin

Fixed Sha Lin audio getting stuck on when using Impaler Arrow


Fixed cooldown reduction for Emergency Exit card not scaling with level increase

Fixed an issue where Skye’s poison bolts would fire all at the same time

Fixed an issue where Skye’s Poison Bolt animation would reset with each Poison Bolt fired

Skye’s “Shimmy” emote has been re-animated


Fixed an issue where Terminus could sometimes lock out his other abilities for a long duration after firing Calamity Blast

Fixed an issue where Power Siphon charge would not be gained from killing blows with Calamity Blast

Fixed an issue where Power Siphon charge would not be gained from killing blows with Massacre Axe

Fixed an issue where Terminus would not die to the enemy spawn door if his Ultimate was available

Fixed an issue where Omega Terminus would not display health bar/nameplate/outline when far away or partially concealed

Fixed an issue where Omega Terminus could not be headshot

Fixed an issue where Terminus would automatically Ult if he was Ulted by a Drogoz while mounted

Fixed an issue where Terminus could get into a state where he couldn’t fire any abilities

Terminus will be seeing a reduction in the size of his Power Siphon Field in Update 3. The hit detection area and the visual effects are now far more in-line.


Update illusion text to accurately reflect her healing values.



Fixed issues with the map floor that would sometimes allow projectiles to pass through and disappear

Dragon Arena

Fixed an issue where flying players could get out of bounds

Raised the flight ceiling to be less restrictive

Fish Market

Fixed an issue that allowed players to blink or teleport through the floor

Frog Isle

Fixed a collection of issues with cliff side collision

Ice Mines

Fixed an issue that allowed Imani’s Dragon to travel through the central tunnel while the gates were up

Jaguar Falls

Fixed issues will the cliffs that would cause players to clip in and out

Magistrates Archives

Fixed collision issue with the tops of the terrace pillars

Fixed collision issue with the upper walls and ceiling of the gatehouse

Fixed an issue where Kinessa could teleport on top of the map

Marauder’s Port

Fixed some collision issues that allowed players to go out of bounds

Blocked off an area in the spawn room that allowed Inara players to push players through the roof and get them stuck

Fixed issues with ground collision that allowed projectiles to get trapped or eaten

Fixed issues with ground collision that allowed players to blink/teleport through areas

Fixed an issue where the Point would sometimes fail to recognize players

Shattered Desert

Fixed a collision issue where players were able to stand on a rock near the spawn rooms and appear as if there was nothing underneath them

Fixed some collision in Shattered Desert that did not block line of sight of Kinessa’s Ultimate UI icon, when the icons on her Ultimate should only be visible when Kinessa has line of sight on an enemy

Updated lighting for increased gameplay clarity

Stone Keep

Attempted to fix an issue with players getting stuck on pillars in the Gate room near the point

Warders Gate

Fixed an issue that allowed players to stand on trees near the center point

Updated lighting and environmental art

General Bug Fixes

Fixed a crash on all platforms that could strike at any time: launching, browsing Champions, during match lobby, or even in the middle of a match

Optimized Shooting Range loading, reducing wait time

Fixed an issue preventing players from jumping while their scoreboard is open

Fixed an issue where completing a Battle Pass challenge would cause the Battle Pass level-up pop-up to always appear

Fixed a messaging issue where the Heirloom Crest skin stated it was acquirable in the Lunar Chest

Fixed a visual issue where purchased champions appeared grayed out for selection

Fixed an issue with the Battle Pass Chests where players couldn’t roll Battle Pass Boosters once all other items were owned

Fixed an issue where Default Skins would not show as equipped in other Customize menus immediately

Fixed an issue where certain resolutions would force some weapon targeters to be off-center

Fixed an issue where the Champion Select menu would not always show properly on certain resolutions

Fixed an issue where a player who was not banning would not see picks and bans, could not pick, and would get deserter if they used a Battle Pass Booster and Skin Booster

Fixed an issue where Battle Pass Role Chests could not roll Battle Pass Boosters once all items were owned

Fixed End of Match Lobby showing the wrong map name

Fixed Champion filter not always filtering for the selected Champion

Fixed item details in End of Match Lobby scoreboard showing values for the wrong level of item

Fixed an Xbox crash caused by players signing out of their Xbox profile in the middle of a match

Fixed Match Invite using up/down to Accept/Decline even though the visual button layout is left/right

Fixed player settings getting reset every time they log out

Fixed auto-purchase not properly saving when changed in Match Lobby or while in a match

Fixed purchasing of a Champion in the Match Lobby not allowing you to select that Champion

Fixed per Champion keybinds not saving/applying correctly

Fixed players not being able to back out of the Loadout menu if they already equipped a Talent

Fixed various situations where accolades showed the wrong icon in End of Match Lobby

Fixed shield healthbar displaying the wrong value in killcam

Fixed an issue where a player’s 1p weapons would show up after dying while polymorphed

Fixed players reconnecting after being disconnected and never respawning

Fixed players being unable to customize their champions after playing multiple matches

Fixed players being unable to join parties in certain circumstances

Fixed players sometimes falsely seeing negative TP gain after winning a match

Fixed players returning to game after long hiatus not having access to Talent cards

Fixed Chests screen showing up empty after playing a match

Made chat tabs interactable on console

Fixed players being able to unfocus the chat input by clicking while typing in a match

Fixed players being able to shoot and bots talking during the loading screen

Fixed card cooldown sticking around when skill bar not centered

Fixed mismatches between spray icons and spray displayed in Store screen

Fixed Party chat tab showing up after a match when player not in a party

Fixed player name showing up green when player not in a party

Fixed “Recent Players” list not updating in Xbox dashboard

Fixed mouse cursor not proper tracking on Xbox

Fixed Omega Tear 3D Spray missing audio

Fixed Lady Lore announcer pack not having a “First Blood” voice line

Fixed issue where Ranked Bans would temporarily display in the next Ranked Lobby if a Ranked lobby ended with someone not selecting

Fixed issue where Champion select state (the icon being increased in size and popped out) would persist on the Ranked ban screen

Hotfix Notes

The following issues were addressed in End Times hotfixes:

Fixed an issue where the “gamepad” crossplay setting still allowed players to use keyboard/mouse

Re-enabled Ranked and the option to opt-out of crossplay by choosing to matchmake with only gamepad or keyboard/mouse players. You can find this option under Crossplay in the Settings menu

Fixed an issue where Mac players experienced a crash on client launch

Fixed an issue where the “Play 5 Games in the End Times event” quest was not incrementing progress

Fixed an issue where Xbox users were not receiving their Champions or Founder’s Pack on merged accounts

Fixed an issue where players would sometimes get stuck on the “Loading Profile” screen

Under Investigation

Below are some of our highest priority gameplay issues that we are putting effort and resources into fixing. Many of them are rare cases that require specific and particular repro steps. If you have any information or perspective that could aid in solving the below issues, please let us know.

We are on a mission to remove all instances of stuck audio loops from the game. As part of this, we encourage any focused feedback regarding which sounds are still getting stuck on or playing for longer than intended. We ask the community to take note as to the circumstances for their stuck sounds

Kill Cam sometimes causes looping sounds to continue indefinitely without stopping

Players can sometimes get loss progress for Ranked games if they win

Imani is locked out of using Frost Bolt in rare cases

Androxus can rarely get locked out of his Ultimate until death if he uses it right after a dash

Bomb King’s Ultimate music can sometimes get stuck on him in matches

Using Nine Lives sometimes does not reset Maeve’s cooldowns

Terminus’ Ultimate sometimes cannot be used upon “death”

Terminus’ Power Siphon can remain active when respawning and mounted

When players respawn, they can sometimes see static enemy health bars on their screen

UI displaying timer and scores can disappear randomly during an Onslaught match

Grumpy Bomb can appear to explode, but the VFX will stay on screen until the actual explosion

Some players report not receiving “The Dedicated” and “The Insane” Titles

Dredge in hand weapon fire, reload, and all explosions are sometimes not heard in PS4 matches

“Damage Dealt” UI sometimes shows Champions who are not in the match

Mako’s hook sometimes does not hit players when it should

Cassie’s Ultimate is occasionally not revealing enemies to Cassie and her teammates

Weapon/SFX sometimes persists between rounds or after killcam

First ability after dismount rarely does not work

End Times: Continued

Atlas has appeared, but the tear in reality still remains. Join new Paladin and Magistrate champions as both sides fight to control this unknown power.

New Rewards

Rewind, Atlas MVP – unlocked at 200 Chrono-Shards

Omega Imani – Available April 3, 2019

New Champions available in the End Times event mode:

Androxus – Neutral

Atlas – Paladins

Vivian – Magistrate

Three new Omega Skin Bundles

Omega Vivian

Omega Zhin

Omega Koga – Available April 3, 2019

Omega Zhin

Price: 400 Crystals

Includes 40 Chrono-Shards

Available April 3, 2019

Omega Vivian

Price: 400 Crystals

Includes 40 Chrono-Shards

Available April 3, 2019

Omega Koga

Price: 400 Crystals

Includes 40 Chrono-Shards

Available April 3, 2019

Omega Imani

Unlocked at 240 Chrono-Shards

Available April 3, 2019

Season Pass 2019 – $39.99 USD

The Season Pass is your ticket to Exclusive content for every new Champion, all-year long.

You’ll instantly score three cosmetics only available in the Season Pass: The Limited Legionnaire Viktor skin, Legionnaire Warhorse Mount, and an Avatar.

Plus, you’ll get 1500 Crystals to unlock the newest Battle Pass, a favorite Skin, or an Event bundle — the choice is yours!

Best of all: You’ll get the following incredible content for every new Champion, including Atlas, as they are released in 2019.

Voice Pack
Season Pass Limited Rare Skin
All Talents Instantly Unlocked
Additional Uncommon Skin
MVP Pose

Battle Byte Battle Pass

We’re launching an all-new Battle Pass in Future’s End: An 8-bit, retro gaming-themed Battle Byte Battle Pass! The pixelated effects on these skins are absolutely stunning, and capture the nostalgia of our shared gaming history.

Battle Suit Battle Pass will become unpurchasable with the release of Future’s End

Battle Byte Battle Pass will be available for purchase with the release of Future’s End and is scheduled to end early May

Purchasing a Battle Pass level now awards an entire level’s worth of XP, rather than just bumping you up to the next level.

Receive instant rewards for purchasing, and unlock over 100 more goodies just by playing and leveling up your Battle Pass. All players start earning Battle Byte Battle Pass experience as soon as Future’s End is released, leveling up from 1 to 50. Battle Pass members unlock a reward every level, and also unlock the rewards along the free track as well.

The Battle Byte Battle Pass costs 600 Crystals, and rewards you just for playing. You can unlock up to 150 Crystals through the Battle Pass, reducing the cost to 450 Crystals for a Mount, 3D Spray, three Epic Skins and dozens more great rewards!

Get a jump start on this awesome Battle Pass with the Battle Passport, a quick purchase that not only unlocks the new Battle Pass itself but the next 30 Battle Pass Levels so you can start playing with the new content right away — including Battle Byte Inara and Bomb King!

The Battle Passport costs 1500 Crystals, saving you over 1000 Crystals!

Instant Unlocks (Exclusive to Battle Pass Purchasers)

Limited 8-bit Speeder Mount

Limited Retrocade Animated Loading Frame

Exclusive “Winner Winner” 3D Spray

50% Boost for the duration of Battle Pass

Battle Pass Experience

Account Experience

Champion Experience

Gold Earned

Level 10 – Battle Byte Inara

“Are you the one who summoned me to this world?”

Level 30 – Battle Byte Bomb King

“I need someone to tighten up the graphics in level 3.”

Level 50 – Battle Byte Fernando

“Next champion release is going to be a robot dinosaur–I can feel it.”

Other Battle Pass Exclusive Unlocks

Instant Unlock – Winner Winner 3D Spray

Level 2 – K.O. Deathstamp

Team Skin Boosters

Team Skin Boosters have returned, and can now be found on the free track. Use a booster to temporarily unlock all non-Limited skins for your team!

Static Sprays

Animated Sprays



Roaming Emotes

Mal’Damba: Snake Charmer


Lex: Take Aim

Koga: Shadow Boxing

Moji: Sleight of Foot

Dredge: Cut Throat

Talus: Hiya

Jenos: Curtain Call

Role Chests

The Role Chests make their return featuring Voice Packs, Common and Uncommon Skins


Complete Battle Pass Challenges for experience to help speed your way through the rewards track. Completing all 5 Tiers of Battle Pass Challenges unlocks the limited title “Byte Me”.

Battle Pass Plus!

Level 50 isn’t the end of the story! Battle Pass Plus gives players who complete the Battle Pass at light speed even MORE rewards to earn. Players who purchase the Battle Byte Battle Pass and reach level 50 can unlock the Plus track: Another 50 levels of rewards including emotes, an avatar, and the Legendary Game Over 3D Spray.

Battle Pass Plus is only available for Battle Pass Purchasers

Players who have purchased the Battle Pass will automatically begin progressing through Plus after reaching the max level of 50

The Battle Pass Plus Rewards Track features the same total experience as the original level 1-50

Completing all 5 Tiers of Plus Challenges unlocks the limited title “The Final Boss”


Golden Bomb King

Unlocked by reaching Mastery Level 50 as Bomb King

Chronomancer Atlas

Unlocked with 200 Crystals or 60,000 Gold

Golden Atlas

Unlocked by reaching Atlas’ Mastery level 50

Ranked: Split 2

Future’s End will feature a Ranked split with new rewards. We have also reduced the number of qualifying games for new splits to five.

Split 2 Rewards

Win 5 Games: Gold Chest
Win 25 Games: Blue Warrior Avatar




Allies can no longer use Dredge’s shortcut

Heave Away

 NEW: Broadside hits reduce the cooldown of Harpoon by {0.2|0.2}s

Developer Commentary: Dredge has been a hot community topic, and we wanted to adjust his playstyle in a healthy manner. While the old Heave Away and Scuttle combination was not overly powerful, it was too effective for its ease of use and was a source of high frustration. This change to Heave Away aims to reduce the effectiveness of the “scuttle spam” playstyle.

Hot Pursuit

 NEW: Hitting an enemy with Fireball grants {8|8}% movement speed for 3s. 10s Internal Cooldown.

Developer Commentary: We are bringing back the old Hot Pursuit at a slightly lower movement speed, longer duration, and with an internal cooldown. We encourage unique playstyles for our Champions, but the old Hot Pursuit allowed over 60% uptime on a 50% movement speed buff. The frequency of this effect combined with Fernando’s natural tankiness caused a number of imbalances, as Fernando was able to effectively chase down and 1v1 almost any Champion. The introduction of an internal cooldown will reduce the uptime of the effect while still allowing players to have controlled bursts of speed.

Rampant Blooming

Healing allies with Blossom will heal them for an additional 160 ➡️ 150 Health per second for 4s ➡️ 3s


Hitting an enemy with Crippling Throw heals you for {50|50} ➡️ {100|100}

Gentle Breeze

Allies gain {8|8}% ➡️ {5|5}% Movement Speed for 4s after being healed by Blossom

Developer Commentary: Grover’s Season 2 changes have solidified him as a powerful Support at all levels of play, but he is currently overperforming (aka Grover #1 OP Champion). Rampant Blooming provided too much extra healing for just a Talent and has been brought down to put Grover more in line with other supports.

Astral Mark

Now Heals a flat 300 health instead of 5% on initial application

Developer Commentary: Jenos is currently struggling to compete with other Supports at all levels of play. He has a versatile kit that provides guaranteed lockdown, a lethal Ultimate, and a heal that is applied through walls, but his raw healing values fall about 30% short from top of the pack. With the versatility that Jenos’ kit provides, we do not want him to directly compete with more healing focused supports, but we do believe his healing values are too low in comparison.

Sub Machine Guns

Reverted Submachine Clip Size decrease 60 ➡️ 70

Dragon Fangs

150 ➡️ 200 Health per second

Hellkite Claws

Reduced Projectile Size

Developer Commentary: Following the Fire and Ice adjustments, Koga’s claws have become a very lethal and easy-to-use tool without significant cost, especially when running Dragon Fangs. We still want the claw stance to feel deadly but vulnerable, so we’ve reverted the heal drain cost to Dragon Fangs and decreased their projectile size–making their window of use and effective range smaller. His SMGs, on the other hand, have become much harder to use with the smaller ammo clip nearly requiring you hit every shot to kill an enemy, so we’ve reverted them to their original clip.


 Reduced health bonus 1200 ➡️ 600

Developer Commentary: The permanent health buff provided by Leviathan allows Makoa to reach upwards 2,000 more health than other Frontlines. This extra trankiness has allowed Makoa to shine as one of the most dominant Frontlines in Paladins for quite some time. We are reducing the health total to bring him more in line with the others in his role.

Familiar Spit

This ability now fires faster

Damage Reduced from 250 ➡️ 100

Detonated Magic Marks will only deal bonus damage at 8/9/10 stacks

Detonated Magic Marks will deal increased damage 775➡️1000 at max stacks

Familiar Spray

Fires 20% Faster 0.1➡️0.08

Developer Commentary: We have made these new adjustments in hopes of creating a more engaging play experience. Players will be rewarded more for detonating their Magic Marks at maximum stacks and will find it harder to win engagements if you are not detonating your Marks properly. Recently we discussed moving Moji to the Support role, but will not be doing so in the foreseeable future as we are allocating our resources towards the Hunt.