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Heya, Champions! We’re so excited to kick off our 2019 Community Skin Competition. This year, we’re dedicating an entire Update to skins chosen and designed exclusively by you. That means you’re not choosing one skin, you’re choosing FOUR!

We have blocked out time in October for these skins, but because it takes a long time for our art team to create these skins, we’re kicking off voting today. Here’s how it’s going to work:

Stage 1: Champion Selection


It’s March, and with all this skin madness why not do this bracket style?! We have four classes, and we’ll be making a skin for each.

Brackets have been made for each class, and almost* every Champion has been included, ready to duke it out to see which will be receiving a skin designed and voted for by you!

*Champions slotted to receive a skin in the updates surrounding the Community Skin update and Champions released in 2019 have been removed from contention.  

Stage 2: Concepting

Fan artists, this is where you come in! Once the four Champions who will be receiving a skin have been selected, we’ll open up submissions for concepts for those four champions. Put your pen to paper (or tablet pen to tablet) and come up with the most creative, amazing concepts that you want to see in game.

We’ll narrow it down to five of the best concepts we receive for each Champion, and open that up to another round of voting.

More information and rules for the submission process will be provided after the bracket phase.

Stage 3: Creation

After the final concepts are chosen, you will follow that skin through the development process, getting updates from the Evil Mojo team along the way. Keep an eye out for posts from:

  • Concept (we’ll be polishing the skin internally and making sure the concept fits perfectly on our model!)
  • Character Modeling
  • Rigging & Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • 2D Art
  • Audio

If we get stuck along the way, or limitations force us to make any changes, we’ll reach out to you all to help us decide how to proceed!