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PTS Update | 4/10/2019

Heya, Champions. We’ve got a PTS Update for you live now on Steam. The “[PTS]” tag lets you know that the issue was only seen in PTS, and the “[Live]” tag lets you know that this was a bug players were also experiencing in live and will be fixed with the Street Style Update!

Get your bug fixes hot off the presses, and check out all the changes here:

  • [PTS] Fixed an issue where the Street Style Event UI incorrectly showed that players would get 1 Billion Fans for each of the Ash, Skye, and Maeve bundles.
  • [PTS] Fixed an issue where players were not obtaining Battle Pass XP from the Obsidian Pack in PTS.
  • [PTS] [Ash] Fixed an issue with the Street Style skin model, where a gap would appear between her pants and back when in extreme poses.
  • [PTS] [Skye] Made some minor tweaks to her roaming emote, Sashay, to make it look more natural.
  • [PTS]The Street Style event UI page now displays commas on 4+ digit numbers.
  • [Live] [PS4] Fixed an issue where the “Party No Longer Available” error message would frequently pop up.
  • [Live]Fixed an issue where Players would not obtain the Battle Hardened title for playing 100 Ranked games.
  • [Live]Fixed an issue where trading Champions in a match lobby would display incorrect Champion name and customization UI for the Players who traded.
  • [Live]Fixed an issue where the “Play 5 Ranked Games” challenge did not progress when using a Gamepad in Ranked.
  • [Live]Fixed an issue where the Alpha Speeder and 8-Bit Speeder would jitter badly and clip into Champion models in Spectator.
  • [Live]Fixed an issue where weapons in the Store were not centered properly when viewed.
  • [Live][DE Only]Fixed an issue where the “NO SUPPORT” text in Match Lobby was truncated.
  • [Live]Added support to toggle team color silhouettes in Spectator by pressing “O.” This one isn’t really a bug but still wanted to let you know 🙂 
  • [PTS]Fixed an issue where Maeve’s Prowl was not giving Maeve the correct movement speed bonus. 
  • [Live]Fixed various visual issues with Ying’s “Genie’s Winged Prism” weapon.
  • [Live][ES Only]Fixed an issue where Lex’s “Warrants Out” card displayed the incorrect Movement Speed increase.
  • [Live][FR Only]Fixed an issue where Atlas’ Second Chance description stated that Atlas’ Health would rewind to the “lowest value” instead of the “highest value” during this ability.
  • [Live]Fixed an issue where Omega Vivian’s Omega Kill Switch optics would not appear when a Player’s Shader Quality setting was set to Low.
  • [Live]Updated the Ranked Frame description in the Ranked Rewards menu to clarify that it is an “end-of-season” reward. This also isn’t a bug, but we wanted to let you know we changed it 🙂 
  • [Live]Fixed a description error on the “Play 10 team deathmatches” challenge so it no longer reads “Play 10 Deatchmatches.” Our bad.


Fixed in Initial PTS Build | 4/5/2019

  • [Live]Fixed an issue where changing Gamepad Bindings would shift focus to the top visible item when changed.
  • [Live]Fixed an issue where the Mouse Scroll Wheel would stop functioning in menus after a Player’s first match after login.
  • [Live]Fixed an issue where Players would lose focus when attempting to change Bindings after their first match after login.
  • [Live][RU Only]Fixed a translation issue with the Battle Byte Battle Pass.
  • [Live][Viktor] Fixed an issue where the effect of his Compensator card would not be removed when equipped and unequipped.
  • [Live][Viktor] Fixed an issue where swapping from the Burst Fire talent to another Talent before the match starts would cause Viktor’s weapon to have issues.
  • [Live][Ying] Fixed an issue where Ying’s mirror would always display as “open” in 1P instead of playing the appropriate visuals for its state.
  • [Live]Fixed an issue where Champion voice lines would play too early when opening a Champion-specific item in a Chest.
  • [Live]Fixed an issue where Champion voice lines would not play when acquiring Voice Packs.
  • [Live][Match Lobby] Fixed an issue where there were no audio cues for Players locking in their Champions.
  • [Live][Match Lobby] Fixed an issue where Champion models would not display in Match Lobby if Players picked the same Champion two matches in a row.