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*Fixes with the tag [Live] note that the issue was seen in the current live Street Style Update.

Steel Forged Public Test Server Update 3 | May 10, 2019

  • [Battle Pass][Acquisitions] Fixed an issue where purchasing through the Battle Pass would results in incorrect Level Up screen.
  • [Live][Seris] Fixed an issue where Seris faced the wrong way riding the Speeder mount. (She’s still not the safest driver with the blindfold and all, but at least now she’s looking in the right direction.)
  • [Battle Pass] Fixed an issue where no icon would display as a preview when Jester Announcer is selected in the Battle Pass.
  • [Challenges] Updated a  challenge to read “Kill 10 players with Daggers (Maeve).”
  • [Live]Fixed a localization issue with Drogoz’s skill description for Thrust.
  • [Challenges] Updated Chrono Cannon challenge text to read 5 instead of 10.

Steel Forged Public Test Server Update 2 | May 9, 2019

  • [Avatar] Fixed an issue where the Ranked Vanguard Avatar did not display on Ranked UI Page.
  • [Live][Atlas][Inara] Fixed an issue where Atlas could get shunted out of bounds when he rewinds into an Inara Wall in a tight corridor or doorway.
  • [Barik] Fixed an issue where Steel Forged Barik’s cape would clip through his model when he dies.



Steel Forged Public Test Server Update 1 | May 8, 2019 

  • [Live][Bomb King] Fixed an issue where Chain Reaction did not function properly in the Shooting Range.
  • [Live][Terminus] Fixed an issue where Terminus could contest the payload while in Ultimate state.
  • [Live][Crossplay] Fixed an issue where setting Crossplay setting to “Gamepad Only” and relogging gave players queues with “Allow All” Crossplay settings.
  • [Live][Strix] Fixed missing flashbang textures on Redux & Remix skin.
  • [Live][Mal’Damba] Added missing head textures for Cosmic/Obsidian Mal’Damba.
  • [Grover] Fixed extraneous VFX circles for Grover’s passive healing that would appear on teammates that are affected by Grover.
  • Fixed an issue where “@@player_name@@” would appear instead of player names in EOML when players leave the channel.
  • [Battle Pass][Acquisitions] Fixed an issue where players would receive incorrect pop-up acquisitions when acquiring skins while purchasing levels in the Battle Pass.
  • [Koga] Fixed an issue where Cyclone Strike’s post-hit no longer works or plays the associated animation.
  • [Mal’Damba] Fixed missing gourd textures with Steel Forged Mal’Damba while the skin had a different weapon equipped.
  • [Equip] Fixed an issue where equipping an “Accessory Only” skin did not keep the skin visually equipped when navigating to Emotes or MVP Poses.
  • [Challenges] Adjusted Plus Tier 5 Challenge values: Damage, Heal, and Shield in one match reduced from 200,000 -> 150,000. Reduced damage with Mending spirits 500,000 -> 250,000.
  • [Challenges] Adjusted “Kill 15 players with Heavy Repeater” challenge.
  • [Challenges] Adjusted “Hit 5 players with Convergence” challenge.
  • [Challenges] Adjusted “Kill 15 players with Sticky after Poppy Bomb” challenge.
  • [Challenges] Adjusted “Heal 20,000 Health with Smolder” challenge.
  • [Challenges] Updated Makoa Ancient Rage challenge in Plus Tier 4 to include (Makoa) at the end.
  • [Androxus] Fixed an issue where Golden Androxus uses Battlesuit Godslayer’s Voice Pack.
  • [Bazaar][History] Custom Bazaar matches were not displaying Match History in client.
  • Updated “Steel Forged Maldamba” skin to “Steel Forged Mal’damba.” Respect the apostrophe.