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Happy Monday, Champions!

Get hyped, because it’s Update Show week. Get a first look at the new Champion & Battle Pass coming to the Realm this July!


  • 11:30 AM ET | Twitter Trivia Tuesday! Answer our trivia Tuesday question correctly on Twitter and you may be one of the lucky few who receives in-game goodies!


  • 4 AM ET | Champion Rotation: Khan, Strix, Buck, Mal’Damba
  • 12 PM ET | Sun & Moon Update Show. Watch on!


  • Estimated date for the release of Sun & Moon’s PTS!

Weekend Event: Double Battle Pass XP!

Weekly Wisdom with Paladins Designer EvilMojoAdanas: Move Luna after marking an enemy to surprise them in a fight. Watch the Update Show on Wednesday, and you’ll know what I mean 🙂