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Happy Monday, Champions!

  • Our Public Test Server is still live! You can play our brand new Champion, Io, The Shattered Goddess, now with the rest of the Sun & Moon content over on the PTS. Learn how to join PTS and report issues here! 
  • Looking forward, we are expecting to release the Sun & Moon Update around the 17th of July!



  • 11:30 AM ET | Trivia Tuesday on our Twitter! Answer our question right and be entered in to win some in-game goodies.



  • 4AM ET | Free Champion Rotation: Ash, Tyra, Skye, Grover


Weekend Event: 

This weekend, enjoy an extended Double Battle Pass XP Weekend Event! This will be the last 2X XP Weekend  for the Steel Forged Battle Pass, beginning Thursday and running through Sunday.

Weekly Wisdom with the Design Team: Think about how you’re using abilities as Furia. If enemies are flanking you often, try and save Pyre Strike to turn the fight around!