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Happy Monday, Champions. It’s time for another edition of This Week in the Realm.

  • Next week is the best kind of week, Update week! We expect Sun & Moon to go live on all platforms on the 17th. Check out all the new content coming to the Realm in the Update Notes.  
  • Next week is also the first annual summit for the Assembly of Champions! AOC reps you elected will be flying in to Atlanta from all over the world to visit our studio and meet with the team to discuss the most pressing issues and help with 2020 planning.



  • Afternoon | Sun & Moon PTS will be coming down and we will be submitting our final build to certification!
  • Last chance to take advantage of the Steam Summer Sales on PC!
    • ⭐️50% Off | Champions Pack
    • ⭐️33% Off | Season Pass 2019
    • ⭐️35% Off | Digital Deluxe Edition 2019



  • 4 AM ET | Free Champion Rotation: Barik, Lian, Skye, Grover

Weekly Wisdom with the Design Team: Dredge is great at using his explosions to control wide areas, but can run into trouble if he is flanked. If you’re struggling to stay alive with Dredge, try investing int cards like Hangman’s Ire and Dreadnought!