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With the release of Sun & Moon we would like to take this time to help ensure that things run as smooth as possible for you all.  In order too make sure you are playing Io (and playing against her) at peak performance, you will want to have your Graphics Drive updated.

TLDR: Io’s ultimate visual effects and healing beams are currently not showing for players using outdated graphics drivers.

Here’s how you can find out what version you are using in Paladins:
– Open Paladins – Select “Options”
– On the Video tab, view your D3D11 setting
– If this setting is set to Enabled, you are using DirectX11.
(If it is set to Disabled, you are using DirectX9)

To update to the newest version of DirectX you can do the following here:

-Download the latest version of GeForce Experience
(If you are up to date the screen here should tell you so)

-Select to reinstall driver with custom installation

-Check “Perform Clean Installation”

If you find that the issue persists following the update, please head on over to our official discord for assistance.