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Pirate’s Treasure Battle Pass

Ahoy, Mateys! We’re launching the new Pirate’s Treasure Pass: Get ready to set sail!

  • The Shore Patrol Battle Pass will become unpurchasable with the release of Patch 7 – Pirate’s Treasure
  • The Pirate’s Treasure Battle Pass will be available for purchase with the release of Pirate’s Treasure, and is scheduled to end in early November.

Receive instant rewards for purchasing, and unlock over 100 more goodies just by playing and leveling up your Battle Pass. All players start earning Pirate’s Treasure experience as soon as Pirate’s Treasure is released, leveling up from 1 to 50. Battle Pass purchasers unlock premium rewards every level, along with the free track rewards, and gain exclusive access to Battle Pass Plus!

The Pirate’s Treasure Battle Pass costs 600 Crystals, and rewards you just for playing. You can unlock up to 150 Crystals through the Battle Pass, reducing the cost to 450 Crystals. Level up with faster by completing challenges, and unlock up to 8 Epic Champions skins!

Dive into this awesome Battle Pass with the Battle Passport, a quick purchase that not only unlocks the new Battle Pass itself but the next 30 Battle Pass Levels! You can start playing with the Pirate Io, Pirate Ruckus, and Pirate Maeve skins right away!

The Battle Passport costs 1500 Crystals, saving you over 1000 Crystals!

Instant Unlocks (Exclusive to Battle Pass Purchasers)

  • Pirate’s Treasure Io
  • Deep Sea Animated Loading Frame
  • First Mate Announcer Pack
  • 50% Boost

Level 10 – Pirate’s Treasure Ruckus


Level 30 – Pirate’s Treasure Maeve

Level 50 – Mermaid Ying

Battle Pass Plus Rewards


Level 20 – Eight Oceans Maeve

Level 30 – Eight Oceans Ruckus

Level 40 – Siren Ying

Level 50 – Eight Oceans Io


Other Battle Pass Exclusive Unlocks





New Onslaught Variant: King of the Hill

The Onslaught queue will now feature a new King of the Hill variant, with new maps. Compete to capture a moving objective, while fighting off the opposing team!

  • 15-minute game mode
  • Point moves every 1:30s

Onslaught will now feature the follow King of the Hill map variants:

  • Snowfall Junction
  • Trade District
  • Marauders Port
  • Magistrate’s Archive



Updated User Interface

Patch 7 is the first part part of a multi-patch effort to make improvers to our user interface. In this first pass, you will see the following pages receive a visual update:

  • Play Screen
    • Updated multi-queue play screen
    • Updated Ranked Queue screen and included a leaderboard with your current position on the ladder.
  • Champions Screen
    • New Champion selection screen
    • Updated Champion Pages
    • New short and advanced ability descriptions.
    • New cosmetics screens for skins, weapons, emotes and MVP poses.
  • Battle Pass Screen
    • New Battle Pass Track visuals
    • Better view of Champion skin models



Gyro Controls

  • Players with Gyro controls enabled can now turn off aim assist



  • Golden Maeve
    • Unlocked by reaching Mastery Level 50 as Maeve

  • Golden Ruckus
    • Unlocked by reaching Mastery Level 50 as Ruckus

  • Robotic Chest
    • Available September 18th
    • Price
      • 150 Crystals
    • Contents
      • Emotes
        • Raging Beast (Drogoz)
        • Flex (Fernando)
        • Hallower (Furia)
        • First Bump (Ruckus)
        • Kindle (Zhin)
      • Voice Packs
        • Drogoz
        • Fernando
        • Furia
        • Ruckus
        • Zhin
      • Skins
        • DZ-03 Draco (Drogoz)
        • Battle Byte (Fernando)
        • Battle Suit Angel (Furia)
        • B.E.T.A. (Ruckus)
        • Omega Zhin (Zhin)


  • Electronica Chest
    • Available October 9th
    • Price
      • 400 Crystals


      • Skins
        • Love Machine (Bomb King)
        • Neon Demon (Grohk)
        • Battle Byte (Inara)
        • Raeve (Maeve)
        • Remix (Seris)
        • Firecracker (Willo)


  • Little Box of Horrors
    • Available October 16th
    • Price
      • 150 Crystals
    • Contents
      • Mounts
        • Nightmare
      • Skins
        • Night Bane (Cassie)
        • Trick or Treat (Talus)
        • Pumpking (Bomb King)
        • Bewitching (Evie)
        • Wickerman (Mal’Damba)
        • Blightbark (Grover)
        • Raven (Strix)
      • Roaming Emotes
        • Spooky (Seris)
        • Stealth Mode (Koga)
        • Termenstein (Terminus)
        • Treat (Furia)
      • Weapons
        • Boo Blaster (Pip)
      • Death Stamp
        • Tombstone
      • Voice Packs
        • Bomb King
        • Cassie
        • Evie
        • Mal’Damba
        • Strix
  • Io Splash Art Update

Ranked Split 5

Split 5 Rewards

  • Win 5 Games
    • Gold Chest
  • Win 25 Games
    • Limited Avatar, Reckoning


Ranked Map Rotation

Each split, maps will either be in the active or reserved map pool. Reserved maps will not appear while playing ranked during that split. Each new split will see some maps rotated between the active and reserved pools. For Split 5, Stone Keep will be rotating into the active map pool, and Frozen Guard will be rotating out.


  • Active Maps
    • Bazaar
    • Ascension Peak
    • Warder’s Gate
    • Jaguar Falls
    • Fish Market
    • Shattered Desert
    • Brightmarsh
    • Serpent Beach
    • Splitstone Quarry
    • + Stone Keep*
  • Reserved Maps
    • Frog Isle
    • Ice Mines
    • Timber Mill
    • + Frozen Guard*
  • *Changed map pool



  • Marauder’s Port
    • Cleaned up collision on the ramp near spawn rooms, so players will no longer get stuck.


  • Champion Ultimate Mechanics Update
    • Androxus (Accursed Arm)
      • Now refunds 15% ultimate charge for each shot not consumed.
      • Does not take ultimate charge until pre-fire has been completed.
    • Fernando (Immortal)
      • Players can now cancel this ability early.
    • Grohk (Tempest)
      • Does not take ultimate charge until pre-fire has been completed.
    • Ruckus (Hexa Fire)
      • Does not take ultimate charge until pre-fire has been completed.
    • Vivian (Sentinels)
      • Does not take ultimate charge until pre-fire has been completed.

    Dev commentary: We are working to better standardize how Champions consume energy when using their ultimates. The above champions will no longer have their ultimates “wasted” before providing an effect to enemies or their allies.


  • Cassie
    • Abilities
      • Dodge Roll
        • Increased momentum carry after Dodge Roll ends
  • Dredge
    • Abilities
      • Cursed Howitzer
        • Reduced reload projectile damage 1,000 ➡️ 850 Damage
      • Kraken
        • Removed pre-fire timing (ability now deploys at crosshair on use)
        • Reduced time to deploy 2s ➡️ 1.7s
        • Reduced damage 4000 ➡️ 1400
        • Increased knockback by 10%

    Dev Commentary: Kraken’s strength has always been dependant on near-perfect timing of teammates ultimates, and in most cases ends up as a short-lived zoning tool. This can be frustrating for Dredge players, and so we are power shifting Kraken to allow players to hit this ability more frequently, but with reduced effectiveness. With a more effective ultimate, we are taking some power out of Cursed Howitzer’s reload projectile to compensate.


  • Drogoz
  • Abilities
    • Booster
      • Increased base effectiveness by 25%
  • Talents
    • W.Y.R.M. Jets
      • No longer increases booster regeneration rate
      • Shifted 25% effectiveness into base Booster

Dev Commentary: W.Y.R.M. Jets has allowed Drogoz’ to stay in the air until killed, but with little worry for resource management. W.Y.R.M. Jets players will have the same ability to get and stay in the air, but now have to be more careful with managing their fuel. Increased effectiveness in the base booster, will also allow other talents to directly compete with W.Y.R.M. Jets.



  • Fernando
    • Abilities
      • Shield
        • Reduced Cooldown 15s ➡️ 12s
        • Reduced max active time 10s ➡️ 8s
      • Charge
        • Increased momentum carry after Charge ends
    • Cards
      • Towering Barrier
        • NEW: Reduce the cooldown of Shield by {0.8|0.8}s

    Dev Commentary: Fernando’s ability to have his shield broken from crowd control effects has made it hard for him to compete with other Front Lines. We’re giving him higher frequency at base, and a new card to push it even further.


  • Imani
    • Abilities
      • Pyre Ball
        • Added in-hand offset for charged Pyre Balls. They will now always release to the right of your reticle instead of potentially releasing to the left, and clipping walls.
      • Inferno Cannon
        • Players now move during this ability at base. The movement is equivalent to Swift Sear 3.
    • Cards
      • Swift Sear
        • Reduced effectiveness, but provides exactly 100% increased movement of the new base Inferno Cannon. When maxed, this card will provide 20% more movement speed than the previous iteration.
  • Io
    • Abilities
      • Moonlight will no longer break on immediate loss of sight, but instead has a small window before the link breaks.
  • Khan
    • Abilities
      • Commander’s Grab
        • Increased momentum carry after Commander’s Grab ends.
  • Koga
    • General
      • Slightly increased base movement speed
    • Abilities
      • Shadow Step
        • Increased momentum carry after Shadow Step ends.
      • Cyclone Strike
        • Koga now remains immune until Cyclone Strike has finished.
  • Maeve
    • Abilities
      • Pounce
        • Increased momentum carry after Pounce ends (updated in the previous hotfix).
  • Mal’Damba
    • Abilities
      • Slither
        • Increased momentum carry after Slither ends.
  • Pip
    • Talents
      • Combat Medic
        • Weapon shots now heals allies for 600 ➡️ 750.
    • Cards
      • Pep in the Step
        • Increased duration 1.5s ➡️ 3s.
        • Reduced movement speed gain {10|10}% ➡️ {6%|6%}.
  • Ruckus
    • Abilities
      • Advance
        • Increased momentum carry after Advance ends.
  • Strix
    • Cards
      • Roost
        • NEW: Hits on players with Talon Rifle grant {1|1}% ultimate charge.
      • Dexterous
        • Reduced effectiveness {20|20}% ➡️ {10|10}%
  • Torvald
    • Talents
      • Field Study
        • Reduced damage increase 30% ➡️ 15%
  • Tyra
    • Abilities
      • Hunter’s Mark
        • Reduced Cooldown 15s ➡️ 14s
        • Reduced Duration 6s ➡️ 5s
    • Talents
      • Hunting Party
        • No longer further increased damage amp
        • Removed Cooldown reduction
    • Cards
      • Favored Quarry
        • NEW: Increases the duration of Hunter’s Mark by {0.6|0.6}s

    Dev Commentary: Damage Amplification is healthy, but in correct moderation. Both Field Study and Hunter’s Mark are being decreased to 15% to allow enemy players to more effectively engage them, and we are reducing the frequency that Hunter’s Mark is active. Players that wish to keep track of their enemies can still do so, but they will have to be more attentive to managing their marks.


  • Ying
    • Talents
      • Life Exchange
        • Removed inaccuracy on Shatter
  • Zhin
    • Abilities
      • Whirl
        • Increased momentum carry after Whirl ends.


    Bug Fixes


    • Torvald, Kinessa, Bomb King
      • Fixed an issue where Loading Art would fail to show for certain champions and skins.
    • Androxus
      • Fixed an issue where shots fired without the Cursed Cylinder talent could sometimes not register.
    • Bomb King
      • Fixed an issue where the audio for getting directly hit by a Sticky Bomb would be too loud for the player getting hit.
    • Cassie
      • Fixed an issue with the Exaction Talent where the next Weapon Shot after Dodge Roll would not deal increased damage if Cassie first hit an enemy with Disengage.
    • Dredge
      • Fixed an issue where default textures were missing from the Golden skin’s first-person views.
    • Drogoz
      • Fixed an issue where Drogoz could not be affected by the CC from Imani’s Frost Bomb while using Booster.
      • Fixed an issue where Drogoz could not be affected by Atlas’ Setback while using Booster.
    • Inara
      • Fixed a bug where Sunstone Inara has incorrect hair color.
    • Imani
      • Frost Bomb now correctly detonates when colliding with Inara’s Impasse.
    • Io
      • Fixed an issue where Io could no longer heal allies through Inara’s Impasse.
      • Fixed an issue where Io’s 3P camera did not center properly when camera was rotated above her head.
      • Fixed a text error with Io’s Guardian Spirit ability description.
      • Fixed an issue where players would not see “Create New Loadout” buttons on Io’s Loadouts screen unless they owned her.
      • Fixed an issue where the wing visual effects from Furia’s ultimate display on Io’s back instead of her front.
    • Jenos
      • Fixed an issue where Jenos bots could move while using Through Time and Space.
      • Fixed an issue where Jenos’ reload animation could play twice if he attempts to use Stellar Wind at the start of the reload
      • Fixed an issue where Jenos would be stuck channeling Void Grip for the full duration of the ability if Atlas Banished Jenos’ Void Grip target.
    • Kinessa
      • Fixed various clipping issues with Kinessa’s Smokin and Jokin MVP Pose.
    • Koga
      • Fixed an issue where Koga could not properly use Cyclone Strike while in Dragon Stance.
    • Lex
      • Updated Death Hastens’ description to reflect the maximum ammo reduction.
      • Fixed an issue where Players could temporarily break the speed of their firing animation with Death Hastens.
    • Lian
      • Fixed issues where Lian could take damage while using Enlightenment in certain circumstances.
      • Fixed an issue where the weapon audio for Shore Patrol and Beach Bash Lian skins were slightly quieter than intended.
    • Maeve
      • Fixed an issue where the top half of Maeve’s model would bob back and forth while Banished.
    • Moji
      • Fixed an issue where damage amplification did not affect Familiar Spit properly at damage numbers higher than 100.
      • Fixed an issue where Kill To Heal would not activate properly for Moji if she executed someone who was Polymorphed by her Ultimate.
    • Pip
      • Fixed a bug where Inflame weapon was the wrong color in third person.
    • Terminus
      • Fixed issues with the blades on Omega Terminus’ not always rotating correctly.
      • Further addressed issues that resulted in some situations where Terminus would not be able to fire abilities properly after using Calamity Blast.
    • Zhin
      • Fixed a description error on the Yomi Talent description.


    • Updated 2D Art Icons for Frozen Guard, Ice Mines, and Timber Mill in match lobby and custom matches.
    • [Console] Fixed an issue where button prompts would overlap UI in killcam.
    • [Console] Fixed an issue where sprays would not appear if used on the same surface it was previously placed on.
    • [Console] Fixed an issue where players could not properly complete
    • DLC/Crystal purchases with only Keyboard and Mouse on console.
    • Fixed an issue where volume sliders could sometimes disappear when adjusting volume levels.
    • [Spectator] Fixed an issue where the UI always displays the Blue Team as having captured the objective.
    • Fixed an issue where players could visually float to the sky when jumping on each other’s head in specific circumstances.
    • Fixed an issue with Seris’ Helping Hand emote where the hand would spawn in the incorrect position.
    • Fixed an issue where equipping a Champion’s Skin that had an associated Spray would also equip that Spray in the first Spray slot on the Emote Wheel.
    • Fixed an issue where only damaging a personal shield (Bubble shield) of a Champion who died would not award Kill/Elimination credit.
    • Fixed an issue where having certain in-game names would give that Player some issues with chat functionality.
    • Fixed an issue where the Fierce Flanker 3D Spray would not display some of its visual effects on Low, Medium, and High Particle settings.
    • Fixed an issue where incorrect prices would display on items in the Store if a Player scrolled through the list of items too quickly.
    • Removed the floating flames in the Fish Market spawn rooms.
    • Fixed an issue where the Party Boost messaging regarding extra Gold and Experience earned while in a party was not localized properly in some languages.
    • Updated the chat profanity filter

    Additional Fixes since PTS

    • [Live][Audio] Fixed an issue where music would not play during the Street Style roaming emotes for Skye, Ying, Maeve, and Ash.
    • [Live][Avatars] Fixed an issue where Players could not equip the Unrelenting Avatar.
    • [Live][Avatars] Fixed an issue where the art for the Unrelenting Avatar displayed incorrectly.
    • [Live][Khan] Fixed an issue where if you did not take damage from being thrown by Khan’s Ultimate and then you walked into a wall, you would take the damage and be knocked back as if you were thrown into that wall.
    • [Live][Moji] Fixed an issue where if Moji used her Ultimate on a CC Immune enemy, they would be Damage Immune for 4 seconds.

    Battle Pass

    • Fixed various Challenges that were not updating.
    • Changed some Challenges’ functionality slightly to make them completable.
    • Fixed various text issues with Challenges and updated others to reflect changes in functionality.
    • Cleaned up various UI items on the Battle Pass menu.
    • Fixed an issue where the 5% Personal Booster item had the wrong naming convention.
    • Fixed an issue where Players would get pop-up acquisitions for skins in addition to the full screen pop-up when unlocking those skins in the Battle Pass.
    • Added missing item “Battle Pass Team Booster x10” to the Free Track of the Battle Pass at Level 4.
    • Fixed an issue where acquisitions in the Activity Center for items on the Paid Battle Pass Track were displaying as doubled (Players would still get the correct amounts).
    • Fixed an issue where highlighting an item in the first tier of the Battle Pass with a Gamepad would display the wrong item.
    • Fixed various issues with UI display in 16:10 Aspect Ratio.
    • Updated UI on Quests and Social screens.
    • Updated text alignment on various buttons in the Champions menu.
    • Updated the scroll bar for scrolling through skins, etc in the Champions menu.
    • Updated the icon that displays when you have Friend Requests.
    • Fixed an issue where players could not equip cosmetics in the Champions screen without owning the Champion.
    • Updated the icons on tabs in the End-of-Match Lobby.
    • Fixed an issue on Cosmetics tabs of the Champions menu where the rarity color banner would not display sometimes on items when scrolling.
    • Fixed an issue where some unobtainable items were displaying without lock icons in the Champions screen.


    • Koga
      • Fixed an issue where Koga would play incorrect animations if he used his Ultimate while in Dragon Stance.
    • Ruckus
      • Updated tracer offset for Pirate’s Treasure and Eight Oceans Ruckus.
    • Ying
      • Fixed an issue where Illusions were not textured during Shatter or while dying on non-Mermaid/Siren skins.
    • Additional Character Changes
      • Fixed various issues with several Champion Ability descriptions, and updated other descriptions for clarity.
      • Fixed an issue where a Champion’s Emotes could play in other tabs of the Champions menu.


    • [Announcer] Fixed various issues with the First Mate Announcer Pack.
    • [Avatars] Fixed issues with Time Warp Avatars’ descriptions.
    • [Battle Pass] Fixed some items on the Battle Pass track showing incorrect Crystal or Gold prices next to the Purchase button.
    • [Chests] Fixed an issue where obtaining Omega Zhin from the Robotic Chest did not show him as Owned in the Chest UI.
    • [Customs] Fixed an issue where the text “SettingSpectators” was visible on the Custom Lobby scene.
    • [EOML] Fixed an issue where attempting to access settings in the End-of-Match Lobby would not show all Settings screens.
    • [KOTH] Fixed an issue where Capture Point marker diamond would not accurately display location of Capture Point within 15m when you were at a different elevation than the Capture Point.
    • [KOTH] Fixed an issue where Players would have Damage Immunity in Spawn Areas on Trade District and Snowfall Junction KOTH.
    • [Main Menu] Fixed an issue where the Champion Models on the main menu would occasionally display their animations weirdly and “pop” on screen.
    • [Profile] Fixed an issue where equipping a Title did not display on a Player’s Mini-Profile until they also equipped an Avatar.
    • [Profile] Fixed an issue where Mounts were too close to the camera in the Accessories menu.
    • [Profile] Fixed an issue where the backgrounds of the Mounts and the Death Stamps screens in the Accessories menu were displaying incorrectly.
    • [Profile] Fixed an issue where, while on the Mounts tab of the Accessories menu, a Player could use the Left Arrow on screen and cause the Mount to stay on screen in some scenarios.
    • [Settings] Fixed an issue where Gyro settings would display on platforms that did not have Gyro capabilities when Gamepad was the Input Type.
    • [Social] Fixed an issue where the percentage for Party Boost had too many decimal points visible.
    • [Sprays] Fixed an issue where the Jolly Roger Spray used the Dead Man’s Crest model.

    Under Investigation

    • Occasional delay issues in Ranked/Customs for some regions.
    • Issues with players not loading into matches from the Match Lobby.
    • Ranked data not properly updating immediately on the Ranked UI.
    • VFX stuck on Player’s screen or Champion model after respawning.
    • Issues that cause the Friends List to disappear under various circumstances.