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We wanted you all to have a much better format for when reporting your issues. Since we all seem to use discord a bunch we figured this would be the best way to continue to improve our bug reporting.

We will be introducing two forms, one for crash dump reporting, and one for general bugs.  You can reference our YouTube video for the bugs in this post as well as instructions on how to find your crash dumps on your computer.

You will be required to fill out specific fields in these forms but it will be providing us with all of the information possible for our QA team needs to investigate your issues.

Our first form we’ll go over here is the crash dump form.

The steps to find your crash dump are as follows:

  1. Go to your Windows File Explorer -> My Documents
  2. My Documents -> My Games -> Paladins -> ChaosGame -> Logs
  3. Copy and paste your Crash Dump you received (usually titled UE3AutoReportDump) and AutoReportLog files from this folder to your desktop.  This creates a copy of what you have so you don’t mess with the original files.
  4. Go to and fill out the form as best as you can and upload the files you received here and click submit!

You should be able to get a copy of your report sent to your email as well.

As far as our bug reporting form it is self explanatory.  We want you to provide us with as much information as possible.

The form can be found at and a preview can be seen below which you will need to fill every field possible out to help us reproduce these issues.