Play Free

Champions! Just in case you missed the update show, we have information for you!

We heard the community loud and clear so we’ve added direct-purchase skins to all the Champions who didn’t previously have one.  After working with our Assembly of Champions we decided on these 20 available just for you!

For only 800 crystals each you can now directly get these skins you desire and love without having to roll a chest for them.

  • Legionnaire Atlas
  • Exarch Jenos
  • Renegade Lex
  • Omega Dredge
  • Knightmare Fernando
  • Aurora Furia
  • Gr0b0t
  • Iron Madam Inara
  • Overlord Khan
  • Battlesuit Eagle Eye Kinessa
  • Omega Koga
  • High Elf Lian
  • Cuddly Makoa
  • Shadow Lord Mal’Damba
  • Cuddly Moji
  • Mercenary Strix
  • Trick or Treat Talus
  • Omega Terminus
  • Dark Lord Torvald
  • Archangel Tyra
  • Omega Vivian
  • Omega Zhin