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Welcome back Champions!

This past week was filled with a lot of excitement. We were able to get you all into the PTS to try out Raum and our new content. We also had some fun over the weekend with our Halloween themed crystal storm celebrating the return of our Little Box of Horrors chest!

To give a rundown on what to expect this week:

  • Lore Trivia
    • Think you know all the secrets of the Realm?
  • Obsidian Pack back on sale
  • Last week of PPL for the season
    • See who comes out on top!


11AM ET | Lore Trivia Tuesday


4AM ET | Obsidian Pack sale goes live!


11AM ET | NiP Gaming vs. Spacestation Gaming – Watch on Mixer

1PM ET | Team Envy vs. Pittsburgh Knights – Watch on Mixer


11AM ET | vs Kanga Esports – Watch on Mixer

1PM ET | Natus Vincere vs. NiP Gaming – Watch on Mixer