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With November quickly approaching and Hi-Rez Expo just over the horizon, we couldn’t be more excited to announce that Hi-Rez fans can earn in-game rewards for both SMITE & Paladins by tuning in to watch each day of the event!

This year, in-game rewards will be available across Twitch, Mixer, and Steam for both games — and it’s easier than ever to get involved! Simply make sure your Hi-Rez account is linked on Twitch, Mixer, or Steam before the broadcast starts. 

In order to check your accounts are linked properly, please visit our linked accounts page on Console players must also link their console (Xbox, PS4, or Nintendo Switch) accounts to their Hi-Rez account in order to be eligible for rewards

Once you’re all set for the show, tune in and watch us on Twitch, Mixer, or Steam for two hours each day to unlock the following rewards on your account for both titles: 

Friday, November 15: 

  • SMITE: 2019 Odyssey Chest Roll
  • Paladins: DreamHack Maeve Skin 

Saturday, November 16: 

  • SMITE: Hi-Rez Expo Loki Skin
  • Paladins: Quicksilver Ying Skin

Sunday, November 17: 

  • SWC 2019 Jump Stamp + Avatar Bundle & Keymaster Janus Skin
  • Paladins: Coldsnap Furia Skin 

Please note that it may take up to three weeks following the end of Hi-Rez Expo for rewards to be delivered in-game. If you’re attending the event in-person and have purchased the HRX bundle with your DreamHack Atlanta ticket, you’ll also receive the in-game rewards listed above!

We’re looking forward to seeing you for our biggest event of the year, Champions! If you haven’t already, be sure to visit to purchase your tickets or view the broadcast schedule so you’re all set when everything kicks off in just a few short weeks!