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Waiting for more skins in the Mixer Store? Your wait is over: Starting with our new patch, The Damned Frontier, you’ll see more skins coming to the store!

We’re pleased to be adding the following skins to the Paladins Mixer Store:

Crime Fighter Sha Lin

DZ-03 DRACO Drogoz

Dire Wolf Tyra

Oni Talus

It’s a great time to link your accounts and watch Paladins on Mixer to unlock these skins, free. The Paladins World Championship placement rounds are live now at, and Hi-Rez Expo kicks off with our annual Hi-Rez Presents keynote at 11 a.m. Nov. 15!

As new items enter the store, the following items have rotated out:

  • Deadhunter Drogoz
  • Genie Ying
  • Huntsman Androxus
  • Malice Spray
  • Moxie Spray
  • Dark Whisper Spray
  • Kings Court Spray