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The Evil Mojo Games team has been hard at work bringing our Community Skin Contest winners to life, and today we’re giving you an inside look at the process!

Before we get started: What you see here is NOT final work, but a work in progress. We intend to continue polishing everything before release.

But first, if you’re reading this and aren’t quite sure what we’re talking about, here is the backstory:

This March, Evil Mojo Games invited the Paladins community to design the skins they wanted to see, for the Champions they wanted to see skinned. We started this process by getting the community to vote on characters they would like to see skinned. After weeks of voting, we determined that Lian, Grover, Ash, and Talus would be the lucky Champions getting skins!

The next step was the concept submission phase. We had so many amazing entries from our community, but only one could reign victorious for each Champion. Another community vote chose our four winners, which were announced to the Realm in May with this tweet (including the original concept submissions of our winners).

Our winners were as follows:

Next, it was time to bring these community concepts to life!

Development Process:

Once our winners were chosen, we were ready to have the concepts re-drawn by our 2D artists. This is needed to ensure the concepts align with characters’ in-game proportions, and to create orthogonal views from each direction so that our 3D artists can properly model the Champions. Our extremely talented 2D artists, Thunderbrush and Jeff B., worked on the concepts for each character and eventually sent them over to our 3D character modeling team. Below, you can see various work-in-progress shots we have for each character from concept to the 3D stage of development.

Click thumbnails to enlarge full-size images.

Once the models were complete, the work had just begun. Each model had to be rigged, essentially given a virtual skeleton. Then other Evil Mojo Games employees began working on animations, FX, audio, and all the little details that bring these skins to life.

So many of our talented Evil Mojo employees worked on these skins we can’t name them all, but you can see the love our artists like Rollin, our FX artist, put into these community concepts in the work-in-progress shots below:

Don’t worry, we still have more behind the scenes goodies for you! One of our animators, Brett, had some animations he wanted to share. Here you’ll see a few of the in-progress animations for Ash in her new Ska’drin skin before they were finalized.

There is still more work to be done before these skins go live, but we hope you are pleased with this inside look on what we have done so far.

Hopefully you are as excited as we are for these skins to be available in game. All four of these skins will be available in the first Battle Pass of 2020, which celebrates our community we love so very much. Continue to follow along on for future updates!