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We just wrapped our annual Hi-Rez Presents keynote, announcing our next Champion, our next Battle Pass, and yes, believe it or not, an Evie skin!

For those who haven’t seen the Hi-Rez Presents yet, you can watch below. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Don’t feel like watching? Read on for the full recap:


Who can stop Raum? None but the legendary weapons master Tiberius, a ferocious Tigron who wields both Chakrams and a massive heavy blade to showcase his superiority in battle. Whatever Tiberius does, this Damage Champion does with style. His wit and sarcasm ring through the battlefield as he effortlessly bounces glaives to slay foes, or magically recalls his sword, slicing enemies in the way.

Tiberius is sure to start a big roar when he launches in January, 2020. Check out his cinematic trailer here.


Paladins launched four incredible, unique new characters in 2019: Imani, Atlas, Io, and Raum. Slowing down let us spend extra time on each Champion, leading to some of our best releases, ever. 2020 will continue this trend with four new Champions, one of each class.


You voted, we delivered. Coming in 2020, you’ll be able to experience Dark Monarch Lian, Monkey King Talus, Soulbriar Grover, and Ska’Drin Ash. All four of these incredible skins were designed by our community members: @Alexis_Pflaum, @arty_SNAPS, and @ilustra_dart. We couldn’t be happier to celebrate our community with this first battle pass of Season 3!


For those awaiting a new Evie skin, we have some delicious news. Sweet Shop Evie will be available in the first update of 2020!

Our art team worked with the Assembly of Champions to develop this new Evie skin in response to community demand. Based on a concept by twitter user @llamapiyo, we developed this sprinkle of joy.


The Assembly of Champions are YOUR community delegates, elected by you to be your voice. This year’s AOC has advocated for AI improvements, shooting range quality of life updates, various balance and bug fixes, and played a major role in the overall improvement of Paladins. We’re happy to announce the AOC will return for 2020, and that we will be holding elections soon. Applications will go live next Wednesday, November 20th, at


Thorough our quality of life initiative, The Hunt, Evil Mojo Games spent the majority of 2019 polishing Paladins and solving some pesky bugs. Even Terminus is now in a good state! If you’re a Paladins player, you know that… wasn’t always the case. We will be continuing the Hunt into 2020 and tackling more issues to improve overall polish and better our game.

So that’s the recap of this year’s Hi-Rez Presents.

Hopefully you’re as excited for the future of Paladins as we are. We can’t wait to see you in the Realm for Season 3, Champions!