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Hi-Rez Expo is one of the best times of the year to be a Paladins fan!

From our special announcements, to giveaways, to esports, it’s stacked! Read on for a recap of the biggest highlights of this year’s Hi-Rez Expo.


Talk about some heated matches! The Paladins World Championship had some insanely hype moments all weekend.

Semi-finals were held on Saturday and involved matches between Team Envy and the Pittsburgh Knights, and between Virtus.Pro and Ninjas in Pyjamas. Only two could move onto the finals: the Knights survived a game 7, point 7 classic, while NiP won in 6.

The Pittsburgh Knights almost brought us into another game 7 during the Championship. A strong start put PK was up 2-0 over NiP, but the Ninjas managed to win 3 games in a row to put the set at match point.

In a nail biting game 6, PK captured the first point but were not able to fully thrive off that momentum and NiP ended up taking the game and the Championship! Whether you were rooting for Pittsburgh Knights or Ninjas in Pyjamas, you sure got your dose of high quality Paladins Esports.

You can check out the VODs of the matches here:
Official 2019 Paladins World Championship Playlist


Hi-Rez Expo’s Annual Cosplay Contest attracts some of our best cosplayers in the Realm. With $15,000 in prizes to be won on top of it all, Paladins cosplayers were in full effect this year.

(click to enlarge)

Brown.Suga.Outlaw as Imani

Nikki as Infernal Seris

Plushie as Cottontail Seris

Dyal as Io

Xiurista91 as Battle Byte Inara

Pip (Cosplayer Unknown)

Our talented judges were composed of Hi-Rez’s very own rolycat, Cutiepiesensei, and Myladysprout. But we didn’t stop there and had Cupcake as the host for the contest on the red carpet!

The judges ended up choosing the stunning Imani pictured above for 4th place! You can see all of the amazing winners in our cosplay recap below:


We had quite a few successful panels at Hi-Rez Expo for all of our games, including our in-development action tactical third-person shooter Rogue Company. From panels about the Art of Paladins to our Design-a-Champ Workshop, Champions were not short of entertainment from our devs. We hope with your feedback we can continue to provide even more entertaining and informative panels at future events.

If you missed the panels live, we have some fun art to show you from our Art of Paladins panel: New map improvements! Hopefully you’ll enjoy some of the work-in-progress shots of our visual update to Frozen Guard. Please note that these map updates are still in progress, and will not be released until mid 2020.

(click to enlarge)

We also have a special video for you from our Art of Paladins panel.
You can watch the video below:


From meet-ups to match-ups, the Paladins community was at Hi-Rez Expo this year and ready to mingle. One of the top meeting spots was our all-new couch section in the community area. We also created a mural this year with the help of our community, which will be hung up in our office. The devs had a great time meeting fans of Paladins as well as our content creators and influencers. The love for our games was strong all weekend long.

Everyone in the Realm definitely had a great time this past weekend whether you were there at Hi-Rez Expo, watching from home, or playing Paladins getting all that 2X Battle Pass XP!

See you all next year!