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Our Public Test Server for A Tigron’s Tale has closed on 12/19/19. Thank you for helping us test the upcoming changes with Season 3, our new Champion Tiberius, and more!

Following our Update Showcase for A Tigron’s Tale, we’re excited to kick off a two week PTS testing period where players can help us test one of the biggest updates we’ve ever shipped to the Realm!

A Tigron’s Tale features our latest Champion as the headliner – Tiberius, The Weapon’s Master – who wields Chakrams forged by his ancestors and a sword created by the heavens themselves. Offering a new take on the Damage archetype in the Realm, Tiberius is designed for players who want to feel like true masters of their kit in battle – bouncing deadly chakrams around corners while throwing and recalling a massive blade to command the field. 

Partnering with this dashing Tigron comes the new Community Battle Pass, which features major format changes for the track alongside the winning community skins YOU voted to join the Realm! Oh, and did we mention the biggest set of sweeping Balance changes we have ever released to prepare us for Ranked Season 3? Because those are coming too!

For the complete outline of everything coming in A Tigron’s Tale, visit our Update Notes blog post here on

After you’ve brushed up on all the details, please read below about our testing goals for this PTS cycle and how you can help us make the latest update the best it can possibly be on launch!

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How to Participate in PTS

To participate in this public test, you must have the Paladins Public Test client installed on your computer through Steam. If you have not already done so, you can find it on the Paladins Steam Store page

  • Step 1: Visit the Steam Store page for Paladins using the Steam client or your internet browser of choice. 
  • Step 2: Scroll down this page until you find the Paladins game installer. Above our regular installer, you should see a “Notice” alert asking if you would like to participate in the Paladins Public Test. Click this to begin the PTS download process. 
  • Step 3: The Steam client should automatically carry you to your Steam Library, where you will be prompted to install the Paladins Public Test Server. 
  • Step 4: Select your preferred download location, and complete the installation. 

Once the Paladins PTS has been installed, login as you normally would. A PTS account will already be created for you using your live account information for the game, with plenty of Gold, Crystals, and more to help you unlock (and test) all the latest features in the Realm. 

Please be aware our PTS is designed for testing purposes only, so be sure to anticipate performance issues, server restarts, and unexpected downtime as we continue to hotfix content, tune various pieces of the update, and more based on your feedback.

Stay tuned to @PaladinsGame on Twitter and keep up with these changes as they occur.

Testing Goals for A Tigron’s Tale PTS 

Whether you’re testing the skins in our latest Battle Pass, working through your favorite Champion’s new balance changes, or throwing chakrams as Tiberius — please leave feedback for our development team in our official Paladins Discord and on our dedicated forums post to help track down and eliminate any bugs uncovered during this PTS cycle. By using these avenues to provide your feedback and bug reports, we’re able to track down and get them hotfixed quicker!

We also maintain a Trello board with currently known PTS issues, so be sure to keep up with anything already known there. We may already have your bugs and issues on file! 

Starting with this testing period, we’re also looking to get extensive feedback on a few key areas of the update while you’re playing PTS! These include the following:

Tiberius, The Weapons Master

Armed with a trusty set of chakrams and a sword forged by the heavens, Tiberius is easily becoming one of our favorite Champions in the Realm here at Evil Mojo Games. But how does he feel to you? We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts about his kit, how he interacts with your favorite team compositions, or anything you feel could be tuned about his Talents and cards while building different Loadouts.

VGS 2.0 

While we have already begun to catalogue your first wave of feedback regarding our upcoming changes to the VGS system coming in A Tigron’s Tale, we want to hear more from you once you’ve logged into the PTS and tried using the system in-game. Which of the three VGS options do you prefer? Are there any improvements we could make to them? 

New Default Loadouts

In this update, we have added new default Loadouts for each Champion, one for each Talent. This means that every Champion will have 3 standard Loadouts (with cards that aren’t locked at level 3), so make sure to give them each a try and let us know what you think about the cards we selected! It’s also worth noting that each of our new default Loadouts can be changed and reset back to their base, so you should never feel like you’re stuck using a certain build or that you’ve lost a custom Loadout slot to this change.

Updated Item Values & Item Store

A Tigron’s Tale is bringing a near-complete overhaul to the Item Store by increasing the starting amount of Credits in-game, reducing the price of various Items across the board, and fine-tuning their respective effects. As you’re purchasing Items throughout your matches in this PTS, we’re curious how you feel about progression from the beginning of each match to the end – do you feel you’re getting a good boost in strength for the price you’re paying per Item? 

Using Items Against Deployables

Now that Cauterize, Wrecker, and Bulldozer have been changed in this update, how do they feel when used against their counters? We’re specifically interested in what you think about the time to kill when using the updated versions of these Items in-game while playing matches. Do they feel too powerful against you or not powerful enough against your opponents? 

Balance Changes

It’s no secret that we’ve completely flipped the Realm on its head by changing every Champion in Paladins going into A Tigron’s Tale. If you haven’t had a chance yet, please read through our Update Notes on to catch up on these changes so you can try them out on our PTS! We’re looking for every piece of feedback you have, good or bad, about your favorite Champions. Do you like how they play with their latest set of balance tuning? Are they too powerful or perhaps not powerful enough? Let us know! 

Front Line Changes

With Front Lines facing many balance changes and the Item Store changing headed into this PTS, we really want to know how you feel about shielding this PTS cycle. Before this update, you likely felt much stronger as a Front Line in the beginning of a match — but as things progressed? We wanted to make you feel stronger through the various changes made across our Front Line Champions, the Item Store, and various Loadout cards. 

To that end, we’re specifically interested in hearing about how your transition between in-game rounds feels this PTS cycle using Loadouts which specifically focus on utilizing shielding Talents & cards vs. using Loadouts without them. 

Support Role Changes 

Like Front Lines, Supports are going to be experiencing a lot of changes in A Tigron’s Tale we want to get your feedback on during this testing period. First and foremost, we’re interested in seeing how our Support players feel about Cauterize with the Item changes coming this update – especially when your opponents are pushing Cauterize’s third tier against you towards the end of a match. We’re also extremely interested in seeing how you feel about the innate healing numbers and flow as you’re progressing through a match while keeping your teammates in the fight.

Thanks for helping us test the latest update over the next few weeks Champions, we look forward to hearing what you think about everything coming in A Tigron’s Tale during PTS!