Play Free

As the team at Evil Mojo is preparing to celebrate the beginning of a new year in the Realm, we wanted to take some time to touch base with you about what’s happening in Paladins!

With the launch of A Tigron’s Tale Update right around the corner and 2020 rolling in this Wednesday, there’s a busy week ahead in the Realm. Here’s a quick look at how it all breaks down:

  • 2019’s Champion Celebration
    • Over the weekend we kicked off our end of the year celebration by looking back at our favorite memories from the release of Imani and Atlas earlier this year, which is set to continue with Raum and Io this week. Don’t forget to join us across social media by sharing your favorite moments with our new champions on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Trivia Tuesday Returns
    • We have a special Trivia Tuesday coming at 12:00pm ET sharp this week across social media, so mark your calendars – there are codes to win!
  • Steam & Xbox Sales
    • Come Wednesday, the 50% discount on our Champions Pack, Season Pass, and Digital Deluxe edition will come to an end on Steam and Xbox – don’t miss out!
  • Wild West Battle Pass
    • With A Tigron’s Tale releasing next week, be sure to max out your Wild West Battle Pass before it goes away!

This Week’s Free Champion Rotation

  • Makoa (Front Line)
  • Imani (Damage)
  • Evie (Flank)
  • Grohk (Support)