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Welcome to a new week Champions!

We hope you have been enjoying your time with our latest update, A Tigron’s Tale, since servers kicked live last week. The team here at Evil Mojo has loved watching your epic plays as Tiberius and seeing you begin the journey into Ranked Season 3!

This week, we’ll be continuing the update celebration while introducing a few new faces: 

  • 2020’s New Community Team Member
    • Starting this week, please join us in welcoming a new face to the Paladins Community Team – Nicholas ‘Avialence’ Bashore! You may recognize him from Paladins esports, and we’re happy to have him back on the team for this year.
  • Content Creator Spotlight
    • This Tuesday, keep your eyes on social for our latest content creator spotlight! We hear they have some great Tiberius tips for you…
  • Stream Team Competition
    • If you haven’t heard of our Paladins Stream Team, you’ve probably seen them on our official Twitch, Mixer, and Steam channels playing the game! To celebrate Season 3, we’ll be kicking off a friendly competition with them this Wednesday – stay tuned for the details!
  • Nintendo Sales
    • This Thursday, January 16, our sales on Nintendo Switch will be coming to a close! If you haven’t picked up your Champions Pack, Season Pass, or Digital Deluxe Edition for 50% off just yet, don’t miss your chance! 

This Week’s Free Champion Rotation

  • Torvald (Frontline)
  • Kinessa (Damage)
  • Talus (Flank)
  • Io (Support)