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What is the Hi-Rez Affiliate Program?

Hi-Rez Studios is partnering with XSolla to create a program where players can support Content Creators and Content Creators can benefit from purchases made using their links. The Hi-Rez Affiliate Program enables Content Creators to earn money when players buy Crystal and DLC packs through our website stores (Paladins / SMITE). 

Affiliates will receive 10% of the value of any pack purchased using the Affiliate’s special link. Players can choose to support any Affiliate, by simply entering the website store through the Affiliate’s link.

Why is Hi-Rez Studios Creating this Program?

This has been a frequent request from our community and Content Creators. The community wants to support their favorite Content Creators. This program will allow that, creating a win-win situation for everyone.

How do Affiliates earn money with this program?

Anytime a player buys from an Affiliate’s link, this Affiliate will receive 10% of the pack’s value into their XSolla wallet. Upon reaching $100 (USD), the Affiliate will be able to retrieve the money.

Also, as previously mentioned, the base Revenue Share is 10%. Although, this number may be increased during special events.

Can I support an Affiliate from any platform?

Only PC purchases made through the Hi-Rez website store will count towards the Revenue Share. In other words:

  • Purchases through STEAM will not count to the Content Creator.
  • Purchases through PlayStation Store will not count to the Content Creator.
  • Purchases through Microsoft Store will not count to the Content Creator.
  • Purchases through Nintendo eShop will not count to the Content Creator.

In other words, console players should not buy from the website or they might be risking not receiving their currencies.

We understand that this is limiting to part of our player base. We’re constantly researching and exploring ways to expand this program to more platforms. 

For STEAM users: If you never created a Hi-Rez account and want to support an influencer, you should create a Hi-Rez account and link the two accounts. This way, when you buy through the store, your purchase is correctly directed to your account. To link your accounts, check your Hi-Rez Account.

Who can join the Program?

Content Creators (from YouTube, Mixer, and Twitch) who meet the following requirements:

Has 500+ followers on at least one of the previously mentioned social platforms.

Capable of receiving payment from PayPal or Wire Transfer (an American Tax form will have to be completed and uploaded).

We do not have any limitations in terms of region or language. We’re interested in Content Creators who bring quality content to our communities!

Who cannot join the Program?

Hi-Rez Studios will not accept applications from Content Creators with content that is toxic, discriminatory, illegal, pornographic, or fraudulent behavior, or who promote gambling, spam, or harassment content.

Furthermore, Hi-Rez Studios’s Terms of Services will still apply to all Affiliates. Breaking our rules may result in the removal of the Affiliate from the program.

What do I need to join the Program?

If you are a Content Creator and meet the necessary requirements, you can join the program at Once you join Hi-Rez Affiliate programs you’ll be able to see all of our current programs and their details. Within a program, you’ll receive a tracking link. All you need to do then is to share this link with your viewers. It’s as simple as that.

What could go wrong?

This is a brand new program for Hi-Rez and while we’re working a lot to make this program as simple and useful as possible, we might run into some issues while we scale this program up. Since all the payments are going to be handled by XSolla, we shouldn’t have any issues if all the documents necessary for payment are correctly updated (please refer to the following question). 

These programs have specific start and end dates, so we could run into a situation where a Content Creator is distributing a link that is no longer valid, which could result in sales not tracking correctly. We’ll do our best to communicate to the Affiliates all the relevant dates. These dates will be visible inside the Affiliate Program page.

This program is currently on trial and may be discontinued or modified in the future. In case the program does get terminated we’ll provide a good amount of time for influencers to withdraw their earnings (the $100 minimum for withdrawing will still be a requirement).

When and how do I get paid?

Payments will be paid by XSolla. In order for an Affiliate to receive their earnings, the Affiliate will have to fill out an American tax form (most likely, the W8-BEN tax form). The platform already has an integrated system that will help the Affiliate to fill it out.

Once it’s all updated, the payment will happen like any international or national transaction.