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Welcome to the Ranked Season 3 Stream Team Challenge!

With a new year and new Ranked Season upon us, there’s no better way to kick it off than with some competition amongst friends.

Starting today, the official Paladins Stream Team members are beginning a battle towards the top of our Ranked Season 3 leaderboards with one goal in mind: achieve the highest rank possible by the end of our two-week competition!

Everything starts on the official PaladinsGame Twitch, Mixer, and Steam channels today — with participating members competing until January 29th, 2020.

But what prize are they battling for, you might ask?

The winner of this two week competition will get the chance to pick one of our upcoming skins for the next Paladins Update to reveal! They’ll also earn additional codes to give away to their community one the Patch is released.

Here’s the list of our streamers participating you can cheer on:

  • 1HP
  • Gloozi
  • Incision
  • Supabounce
  • Swindy
  • iDodgeBulletz
  • Kreepers
  • NTBees
  • rragingrhino

Be sure to follow them on our official PaladinsGame channels, as well as their personal channels during the journey!

Good luck to everyone, and may the best player win!

Additional Information:

Can Streamers queue in a party?

Yes! They’re able to queue for Ranked with others.

Do streamers need to stream their gameplay for every game?

No, as we will be looking at everyone’s highest rank when the event ends. We encourage you to stream your gameplay so people can support you though!

Will you take into account their highest rank or the current rank at the end of the competition?

The winner will be the person that is first in the leaderboard among the other players at the end of the competition. If you reach a higher rank but you lost TPs, you won’t be the one winning.