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This Week the Realm is filled with exciting activities and love!

We’ll be starting off the week with Trivia Tuesday, and working our way to the weekend for some festive fun! Whether you have a sweetheart or are flyin’ solo, we have epic content for you.

Here’s what you can expect:

Paladins Valentine Quiz

  • Ever thought about what Champion you’d be matched with for a Valentine’s Day date? Our Valentine Quiz is back and ready to help you find your match in the Realm, with a whole new lineup of Champions we know you’ll love! No? Yes? Well regardless you can find out this week when we launch our revamped test for you all.

Valentine Twitter Contest

  • Our team here at Evil Mojo Games will be posting a few Valentine’s Day card templates online for you to use in celebration. Whether you want to send one to a sweetheart in the Realm or create a good meme -we’re looking forward to seeing your creations! If you’re proud of your creation, be sure to send it to us on social media in a reply for a chance to win a skin for the Champion featured on your card!

Weekend Event

  • More details will be coming towards the end of this week, but for now? Let’s just say you should prepare yourself for an event with rewards for all of our players logging in on this heart filled weekend.

Weekly Champion Rotation:

  • Inara
  • Drogoz
  • Maeve
  • Mal’Damba