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Our Public Test Server for Sands of Myth closed on 2/20/20. Thank you for helping us test the upcoming changes and content! 


With our Update Show complete and Sands of Myth revealed, we’re ready to kick off a two week PTS testing period where players can help us test everything coming to the Realm!

Sands of Myth is another large update for Paladins which introduces a new Battle Pass alongside our long-awaited visual rework to Frog Isle, a new type of cosmetic called Death Cards, and an improved post-match lobby experience complete with a Commendations system! 

For a complete outline of everything coming in the Sands of Myth Update, please read through our Update Notes available on

Once you’ve read through everything and are ready to hop into PTS, check below for our testing goals this cycle and how you can help us make the latest update the best it can be before launch! 

Table of Contents

 How to Participate in PTS

To participate in this public test, you must have the Paladins Public Test client installed on your computer through Steam. If you have not already done so, you can find it on the Paladins Steam Store page

  • Step 1: Visit the Steam Store page for Paladins using the Steam client or your internet browser of choice. 
  • Step 2: Scroll down this page until you find the Paladins game installer. Above our regular installer, you should see a “Notice” alert asking if you would like to participate in the Paladins Public Test. Click this to begin the PTS download process. 
  • Step 3: The Steam client should automatically carry you to your Steam Library, where you will be prompted to install the Paladins Public Test Server. 
  • Step 4: Select your preferred download location, and complete the installation. 

Once the Paladins PTS has been installed, login as you normally would. A PTS account will already be created for you using your live account information for the game to help you unlock (and test) all the latest features in the Realm. 

Please be aware our PTS is designed for testing purposes only, so be sure to anticipate performance issues, server restarts, and unexpected downtime as we continue to hotfix content, tune various pieces of the update, and more based on your feedback. 

Stay tuned to @PaladinsGame on Twitter and keep up with these changes as they occur.

Testing Schedule for Sands of Myth PTS

Beginning with this PTS cycle for Sands of Myth, we’re going to have dedicated testing windows ahead of time so you know when servers will be live! Please be aware that these times are always subject to change depending how PTS is progressing, and we’ll keep you posted across social media regarding any changes to the testing schedule. 

Wednesday, 2/12: 

  • PTS opens at 5:00pm ET 

Friday, 2/14: 

  • PTS closes at 9:00am ET for updates (as needed)
  • PTS opens at 5:00pm ET 

Monday, 2/17: 

  • PTS closes at 9:00am ET for updates (as needed)

Wednesday, 2/19: 

  • PTS opens at 5:00pm ET

Thursday, 2/20: 

  • PTS closes at 9:00am ET and is complete for this update

Testing Goals for Sands of Myth PTS

While testing during our PTS cycle, please leave feedback for our development team in our official Paladins Discord and on our dedicated forums post to help track down and eliminate any bugs you notice. By using these avenues to provide you feedback and bug reports, we’re able to track down and get them hotfixed quicker!

We also maintain a Trello board with currently known PTS issues, so don’t forget to keep up with anything already known there. We may already have your bugs and issues on file! 

For our Sands of Myth testing period, we’re looking for extensive feedback on a few key areas while you’re playing. These include: 


Balance Changes 

As always when it comes to our updates, we have worked through a series of Balance changes for our various Champions in the Realm. If you haven’t had the chance to yet, please read through our Update Notes for Sands of Myth on to catch up on everything so you can try them out in PTS!  

Combat Feedback

As we covered in our Season 3 Dev Blog, the team is working to improve our Combat Feedback this year. This update features our first changes towards that goal, which are focused around dealing damage to players in-game. We have revamped how our damage numbers behave as a whole, while making some adjacent audio changes to help make hitting players in-game feel more impactful. Don’t forget to check out these changes and let us know how things feel in general combat during PTS! 


If you haven’t heard the news just yet, we’re adding a Commendation system this update which allows you to praise your teammates for their Leadership, Teamwork, or Skill after a match has concluded. As you collect Commendations from other players, you’ll unlock rewards as well, which are detailed in our Sands of Myth Update Notes. During PTS, be sure to utilize this system and make sure Commendations are properly shown both in-game and in your Player Profile. If you see any issues? Be sure to let us know

Death Cards 

In this update, we have added a new type of cosmetic item: Death Cards! Your Death Card will appear to enemies as you eliminate them throughout a match, featuring a unique piece of art and quip. While playing PTS, let us know if you see any issues pop up with Death Cards not displaying properly. And be sure to tell us what you think of them as a whole! 

Frog Isle

The long-awaited visual update to Frog Isle has finally arrived this update, and we can’t wait to see what you think of it while playing! There’s 110% more Frogs and a massive leap in the environment’s quality to enjoy, but be sure to tell us if you notice anything that looks out of place while you’re testing it. 

Grohk, The Lightning Orc 

During our PTS cycle for Sands of Myth, we want to hear your feedback regarding Grohk as a healer given all of his changes introduced with this update. These include his updated Talents Spirit’s Domain and Totemic Ward, his Healing Totem, Ghost Walk, and Tempest ability changes, and the various Card tweaks made for this update. How does healing feel on Grohk given these changes to you as a player? 

MVP Screen & Accolades 

As we’re sure you’ve seen in the Sands of Myth Update Notes, a series of improvements has arrived for the Best in Class Landing page! This now features a new backdrop for you and your entire team, with unique accolades to celebrate everyone’s achievements during a match. While playing PTS, give us a heads up if anything isn’t working quite right.

As always, thank you for helping us test the latest update Champions, we look forward to hearing what you think about everything coming in Sands of Myth during PTS!