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To celebrate Paladins expanding to the Epic Games Store, we are setting up a weekend for our community to get some extra Champion XP, Account XP, Double Gold, and a new Avatar!

If you are interested in getting Paladins on the Epic Games Store and haven’t done so yet, you can get setup here. And don’t forget to grab your free Epic Games Store bundle while you’re at it too!

With our recent changes to how Champion levels can no longer be purchased, the grind is real for Golden skins in-game! So whether you are a new player joining us for the first time or a veteran in the Realm, there is something for you coming this weekend!

Here’s a breakdown of it all:

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday:

All Champions Unlocked!
2X Champion XP, Account XP, & Gold.

Saturday ONLY:

Gentleman Raum Avatar

  • Unlocked by playing the same mode two times in a row! (Must be non-bot games!)

We can’t wait for you to join us in the Realm this weekend!