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New Champion: Corvus, The Magistrate’s Blade

The most difficult decisions test even the strongest of wills, but his will has never wavered, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. He is Corvus, The Magistrate’s Blade. He is the son of Karne, the powerful leader of the Magistrate, but it is by his own merit that he has earned the absolute loyalty of his men and instilled fear in his enemies.

A charismatic leader and brilliant tactician, Corvus will stop at nothing to see his goals realized: a peace to surpass that of the Golden Age, under the Magistrate’s rule. With the near-limitless energy of the Abyss, bent to his iron will, and those soldiers still loyal to his vision of peace, he is doing what no other is capable of. By his own strength, the Resistance will fall, and peace will be forged for the Realm’s citizens, with or without their cooperation.



  • Support


  • 2200
[Weapon] Officer’s Pistol
An automatic Machine Pistol worthy of an officer of the Magistrate. Deals 70 damage every 0.07s, has a maximum Ammo count of 50, and is fully effective up to 110 units.
[Alt-Fire] Abyssal Reconstruction
Target an ally to infuse them with the power of the Abyss, Healing for 350 over 0.5s and then a burst of 800 Health. Has a range of 150 units.
[Ability 1] Mark of Fate

Target an Ally who is to be Marked by fate. This ability can be used through walls. Can only Mark 1 ally at a time. Has a range of 250 units.

  • Marked allies receive 55% of the Healing done to other allies.
  • Directly healing a Marked ally will provide the following benefits:
    • Increase the Healing done to the Marked target by 10%
    • Reduce the Cooldown of Abyssal Reconstruction by 1s
  • The Mark will bounce to the nearest ally should the Marked ally die and will disappear on Corvus’ death
[Ability 2] Projection

Project a manifestation of your will forward, Piercing enemies and stopping on collision with the environment or after traveling 150 units. Deals 400 damage and Slows enemies hit by 35% for 1.5s. Can reactivate to teleport during flight and for 3s after stopping.

  • If you choose not to Teleport, the Cooldown of Projection is reduced by 1s.
[Ultimate] Entropic Breach

Focus your will with an iron grip to channel the dark secrets of the Abyss. Rise up into the air and gain the ability to call down an Abyssal strike that damages and Slows enemies in an area. Can be reactivated to cancel.

  • The damage you take is reduced by 60% and you are Immune to Crowd Control while you are channeling this ability.
  • While hovering, target the ground to call forth an explosion of energy, dealing 15% of enemy targets’ maximum Health as damage and creating a charged area that persists for 6s. This area deals 6.25% of enemy targets’ maximum Health as damage every 0.5s and Slows enemies caught in it by 33%.


[Default] Dark Gifts

  • Your Marked ally gains the following benefits:
    • Reduce the effectiveness of Crowd Control by 15%
    • Reduce the Cooldown of abilities by 10%
    • Increase Reload Speed by 15%
    • Gain 50 Health every 1s

[Level 2] Stunning Visage

  • Enemies hit by Projection are Stunned for 1s and any enemy caught between your Projection and you when you Teleport takes 600 damage

[Level 8] Spreading Influence

  • Decrease the percentage of Healing given to Marked targets by 15%, but you can have two Marks out at a time



  • Battle-Ready
    • Increase your maximum Health by 50|50.
  • Magistrate’s Might
    • Gain a 130|130-Health Shield for 3s after dropping to or below 35% Health.
  • Condemnation
    • Increase the Healing you do by 2|2% while at or below 60% Health.
  • By My Will
    • Increase your maximum Ammo by 3|3.

Abyssal Reconstruction

  • The Price of Salvation
    • Heal for 60|60 over 2s after Healing an ally with Abyssal Reconstruction.
  • Ominous Relic
    • Restore 2|2 Ammo after Healing an ally with Abyssal Reconstruction.
  • Priority Targets
    • Healing an ally with Abyssal Reconstruction reduces the Cooldown of Projection by 0.5|0.5. This effect can only occur once every 5s.
  • Abyssal Effluxion
    • Reduce the damage taken by an ally Healed by Abyssal Reconstruction by 5% for 0.3|0.3s after being Healed.

Mark of Fate

  • Shadow Tribunal
    • Increase the amount of Healing given to your Marked ally when Healing another ally by 2|2%.
  • Grand Design
    • Grants your Marked ally 5|5% Lifesteal and share 100% of the Healing done due to the Marked target’s granted Lifesteal.
  • New Resolve
    • Grant a 50|50-Health Shield to an ally for 2s when you Mark them.
  • Crushing Expectations
    • Increase the Movement Speed of any ally Marked by Mark of Fate by 3|3%.


  • Unyielding Discipline
    • Reduce the Cooldown of Projection by0.2|0.2s for each enemy hit by it.
  • Unexpected Complications
    • Regenerate 8 Ammo every 0.5s for 0.5|0.5s after using Projection.
  • Extraplanar Power
    • Increase your Movement Speed by 6|6% for 3s after using Projection.
  • Abyssal Shift
    • Reduce your damage taken by 3|3% while your Projection is active.


Pyre-Lord Magnus

  • Unlocked with 800 Crystals
  • Direct purchase Corvus Skin


  • Unlocked with 200 Crystals or 60,000 Gold

Abyssal Acolyte

  • Unlocked through Season Pass 2019 – 2020

Golden Corvus

  • Unlocked by reaching Mastery Level 50 as Corvus

Battle Pass – Darkness & Dragons

The Sands of Myth Pass will become unpurchasable with the release of Patch 3 – Darkness and Dragons. The Darkness and Dragons Battle Pass will be available for purchase with the release of patch 3.

Receive instant rewards for purchasing, and unlock over 100 more goodies just by playing and leveling up your Battle Pass. All players start earning Darkness and Dragons Battle Pass experience as soon as the patch is live. Battle Pass purchasers unlock premium rewards every level, along with the free track rewards.

The Darkness and Dragons Battle Pass costs 600 Crystals, and rewards you just for playing. You can now unlock up to 450 Crystals through the Battle Pass Free Track, and an additional 150 through the Premium Track, making the Battle Pass FREE once completed. Level up with newly-reworked challenges, daily quests, and unlock up to 8 Epic Champion skins!

Dive in to this awesome Battle Pass with the Battle Passport, a quick purchase that not only unlocks the new Battle Pass itself but the next 30 Battle Pass Levels so you can start playing with the Draconic Fighter Viktor, Scalebane Strix, and Draconic Enforcer Khan right away!
The Battle Passport costs 1500 Crystals, saving you over 1000 Crystals!

Battle Pass Format Changes


The duration of the battle pass is extended.

Battle Pass Track

  • Increased the total Battle Pass levels 80 ➡️ 120.
  • Added a new chest and additional rewards to both tracks
    • Abyss’ Destruction chest


  • Increased the total number of challenges 50 ➡️ 60.
  • Title rewards are now granted at 30 and 60 total challenge completions
    • 30/60 Challenges Completed
      • Hatchling / Softskin
    • 60/60 Challenges Completed
      • Limited title(s) – Draconic Champion / Scourge of Dragons

Instant Unlocks (Exclusive to Battle Pass Purchasers)

  • Draconic Fighter Viktor
  • Steel Maw Animated Loading Frame
  • Scaled Menace Static Avatar
  • 50% Experience and Gold Boost

Level 10 – Scalebane Strix

Level 30 – Draconic Enforcer Khan

Level 50 – Solfire Furia

Level 70 – Hunter’s Bane Viktor

Level 90 – Dragonsbane Strix

Level 100 – Ironscale Khan

Level 120 – Dragonslayer Furia

Other Battle Pass Exclusive Unlocks



Death Stamp

Map Update: Magistrate’s Archives


With this visual update we wanted to really play up the “Magistrate” in Magistrate’s Archives. The pastel blues and light hearted feel of the original never really felt like it belonged to the magistrate. With the introduction of Corvus as a prominent figure of the Magistrate we wanted to give the Archives a serious facelift and position it as Corvus’ personal study.

We’ve included brand new statues of both Karne and Valera, as allegiances shifted, over time, Valera’s statue has fallen into disrepair while Karne’s has been well cared for to this day. Throughout the level, though most prominently at the center of the map, we’ve included evidence of Corvus’ obsession with the Abyss and the power it represents. We hope players will enjoy this upgrade in visual quality as well as the lore we’ve done our best to inject into the level.


User Interface Updates
We have updated various minor UI elements across game menus. These UI elements were out of date and did not match our current UI.


Golden Skins

Golden Grohk
Unlocked by reaching Mastery Level 50 as Grohk


Winged Drake Mount – New
Ride into battle on the ferocious Winged Drake mount in the new Dragon Rider Pack! This pack also includes 5 million Battle Pass XP, as well as 200 Crystals to spend on additional cosmetic content!

Direct Purchase Accessories

The following accessories have become available for direct purchase. To purchase these cosmetics simply select Profile on the Home Page, then select the accessory type you would like to purchase.

Music Packs

  • 400 Crystals
    • Remix Music Pack


  • 200 Crystals (Animated Avatars)
    • Snack Time
  • 100 Crystals (Static Avatars)
    • Future’s Protector
    • Squidly
  • 7,500 Gold
    • Cutesy Zhin
    • Cutesy Snek
    • Cutesy Maeve


  • 300 Crystals (3D Sprays)
    • Pacify
  • 200 Crystals (Animated Sprays)
    • Dragonfire
    • Get REKT
    • Retro Rampage
    • Gentleman Junior
  • 50 Crystals (Static Sprays)
    • Bass Bump
    • Battle Spray
    • Coy Heart
    • S3R1s

Death Stamps

  • 200 Crystals
    • Blasphemous Idol
    • Chomp Chomp

Loading Frames

  • 200 Crystals
    • Street Frame

Announcer Packs

  • 300 Crystals
    • High Command Announcer

Ranked Split 2 – Destructive Tendencies

Split Rewards

  • Play 5 Ranked matches
    • Gold Chest
  • Play 25 Ranked matches
    • Survivor, Limited Avatar

Format Changes

  • All player ranks have been soft-reset for Split 2.

Ranked Map Rotation
Each split, maps will either be in the active or reserved map pool. Reserved maps will not appear while playing ranked during that split. Each new split will see some maps rotated between the active and reserved pools. For Split 2, Jaguar Falls and Fish Market will be rotating into the active map pool, while Frozen Guard and Warder’s Gate will be rotating out.

Active Maps

  • Ascension Peak
  • Bazaar
  • Brightmarsh
  • Frog Isle
  • Ice Mines
  • Serpent Beach
  • Splitstone Quarry
  • Stone Keep
  • +Jaguar Falls
  • +Fish Market

Reserved Maps

  • Shattered Desert
  • Timber Mill
  • -Frozen Guard
  • -Warder’s Gate




  • Kinetic Burst – *AOC 2020
    • Able to toggle Kinetic burst similar to Sha Lin’s Crippling Arrow


  • Abilities
    • Chrono-Cannon
      • Reduced time to reach max charge 1.5s ➡️ 1.4s
    • Setback
      • Reduced Cooldown 12s ➡️ 10s


  • Abilities
    • Charge – *AOC 2020
      • Increased Damage 200 ➡️ 400



  • Abilities
    • Frost Bomb
      • Reduced Cooldown 20s ➡️ 18s
    • Inferno Cannon
      • Reduced Cooldown 20s ➡️ 18s

Sha Lin

  • Talents
    • Sand Trap
      • Increased damage 100 ➡️ 300
  • Abilities
    • Desert Silence
      • Increased Silence duration 1.5s ➡️ 2s


  • Cooled Mags – *AOC 2020
    • Increased time between Ammo regeneration ticks 1.5s ➡️ 2s
  • Infused Crystals – *AOC 2020
    • Reduced maximum Ammo increase 2|2 ➡️ 1|1


  • Opportunity in Chaos
    • Reduced damage bonus 20% ➡️ 10%



  • Pyre Blade – *AOC 2020
    • Reduced the time until Wrath starts to decay 3s ➡️ 2s
    • Increased the rate of Wrath decay 2.5 every 1s ➡️ 10 every 1s
  • Light of Dawn – *AOC 2020
    • Reduced the Shield given to allies 50|50 ➡️ 35|35


  • Spirit’s Domain
    • Increased the Healing per second 500 ➡️ 600


  • Moonlight – *AOC 2020
    • Increased Healing 125 every 0.15s ➡️ 150 every 0.15s
    • Decreased base maximum Moonlight 200 ➡️ 150
  • Moonwalk
    • Increased Moonlight capacity scaling 6|6% ➡️ 8|8%


  • Lightyears – *AOC 2020
    • Decreased Range scaling 10|10% ➡️ 4|4%


  • Mending Spirits
    • Changed from 250 every 1s for 5s ➡️ 315 every 1s for 4s
    • Total Healing 1250 ➡️ 1260
  • Gourd
    • Increased damage per tick 40 ➡️ 45
    • Increased Healing per tick 60 ➡️ 65
  • Spirit’s Chosen
    • Increased initial Heal 200 ➡️ 220


  • Potion Launcher – *AOC 2020
    • Removed mid-air inaccuracy

Bug Fixes



  • Updated description of Fire Spit denoting how long the damage amplification that occurs on hit lasts.


  • Fixed an issue where the Shamanic Might card was providing 100 Base Health per rank instead of 50.
  • Fixed an issue where the Phantom card would not function.
  • Fixed an issue where Tempest would only heal 2 allies and damage 2 enemies at a time, instead of the intended 3 allies and enemies.


  • Fixed issues where the Merrymaker skin would clip into itself during its Match Lobby Intro and Idle animations.


  • Fixed various issues with Raeve’s Ultimate sound effects.


  • Fixed an issue where Shell Shield’s cooldown was still 16s instead of 15s when the Half Shell talent was equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where the Leviathan talent was providing 600 Health instead of 500.
  • Fixed an issue where the short description of Shell Shield did not have the correct Base Shield Health listed.


  • Fixed an issue where the Pepper icon would not display in game in certain locations it previously displayed.


  • Fixed an issue where Bladed Chakrams could get stuck in a damaging state in grates near Spawn Rooms, causing Players to take damage if they interact with the Chakrams.


  • Fixed an issue where cards and talents that activate when a Player falls below a certain health threshold can go on Cooldown again when the Player respawns.
  • Fixed an issue where the Street Pop Music Pack was not playing all of its music correctly in the Main Menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Mounts would not play any audio on the first mount of the game.
  • Fixed an issue where Players received full Ultimate Charge before they should have in the Tutorial, causing a potential perceived blocker in the Tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue where Champion notifications could increase improperly after matches, displaying as if the Player received more items for Champions than they actually did.
  • Removed an obsolete message displayed in Team Deathmatch Training.

Under Investigation

  • Various objective contestation and Overtime issues.
  • Notifications of item acquisitions stuck in an infinite loop, requiring Players to restart client.
  • Display issues occurring when loading into a match improperly, including affected Players not seeing their own 1P.

PTS Balance Adjustments & Bug Fixes

Balance Changes:


  • Projection Cooldown 7s -> 8s
  • Abyssal Reconstruction increased range -> 120 units


  • Time until Wrath decay starts 2s -> 2.5s

Champion Specific Bug Fixes:


  • Updated Abyssal Reconstruction description to properly reflect its range of 120 units.
  • Updated Projection’s description to properly reflect its range of 120 units.
  • Fixed an issue where Mark of Fate would not correctly transfer to the closest living ally if the Marked target died.
  • Slightly reduced the lockout time after initially activating Projection so that Players could Teleport to it slightly more quickly.
  • Fixed an issue where Corvus’ Default Emote was not unlocked by Default.
  • Fixed an issue where Corvus’ Denounce Emote and Abyssal Acolyte skin were not obtainable if the Player owned the Season Pass.
  • Fixed an ownership issue with Corvus where Players could own him without purchasing.
  • Fixed an issue where Corvus could teleport a much longer distance than intended if Projection came into contact with an enemy Atlas’ Stasis Field.
  • Fixed an issue where Corvus disconnecting in a match would cause the instance to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where the client would crash if a Player applied Corvus’ Mark of Fate to an ally in the Shooting Range.
  • Fixed an issue where the Corvus AI would not properly use all of his abilities.
  • Added Corvus to the Ranked banlist.
  • Added the New tag to Corvus.


  • Fixed an issue where the Golden Grohk skin was not listed as the Level 50 Mastery Reward for Grohk.


  • [Live] Fixed an issue where firing two Pyre Ball weapon shots in quick succession while gaining full Mana in between the two weapon shots could cause Mana to be consumed but not grant the second Pyre Ball the correct damage.
  • Fixed an issue where Imani’s Snowdrift Weapons and Dragon were invisible in matches.


  • Fixed an issue where the Draconic Enforcer and Ironscale skins did not have unique audio for the Orders emote.


  • Fixed an issue where the Yippee Ki Yay MVP Pose was T-posing in the Chest Preview.


  • [Live] Fixed an issue where the Inner Strength talent would not properly activate if Talus teleported to his Rune of Travel while affected by any of several different Crowd Control effects.


  • [Live] Fixed an issue where the Burn, Monster! Talent was increasing the damage of Fire Bomb by too much.

General Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed various issues with Battle Pass Challenges not progressing properly.
  • Fixed issues with some Battle Pass titles not being equippable for Players after they were obtained.
  • Fixed an issue where Players could not open Abyss’ Destruction chests after obtaining them.
  • Fixed an issue where the preview panel at the start of the Battle Pass was using the incorrect 2D art.
  • Fixed an issue where the name of the Darkness and Dragons Battle Pass did not correctly wrap on the Battle Pass Purchase window.
  • Fixed an issue where Zhin would be unselectable in the Shooting Range.
  • Fixed an issue where Players could rarely load into an incorrect map state on Magistrate’s Archives when queuing for Team Deathmatch Training.
  • Fixed an issue where the Switch client would not launch the game properly if the Switch was set to a language other than English.
  • Fixed an issue where the numerical Crystal Price displayed on skins in the Champions menu that are available for Crystal purchase would not display properly in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the Deal of the Day would not appear to Players on the Featured tab in the Store.
  • [Live] Fixed several issues with several Achievements (including, but not limited to, the “Teamed Up” Achievement), causing them to not display the correct progress tier towards which Players were actively working
  • Fixed various issues with the Dragon Rider Pack.
  • Fixed an issue where the word “Credits” (for “Developer Credits”) was using the same string as the “Credits” that Players obtain during matches, causing a translation issue for the former.
  • Fixed various issues with fonts displaying incorrectly on several screens.

General — Other:

  • We weren’t able to get the Kinetic Burst toggle in for this update, but it will be in for next update.