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The team here at Evil Mojo wanted to add some fun in-game for you while we’re all being encouraged to stay inside during the global pandemic the world is facing right now with COVID-19As we’re all doing our part to help flatten the curve by staying indoors, Paladins is bringing various XP bonuses to you all month long, combined with daily sales and giveaways on social media to keep you all entertained in the Realm!

Here’s a look at our upcoming bonuses we’re throwing your way for playing:

April 10th – 12th (Friday-Sunday)

Double Battle Pass XP Weekend

  • Take advantage of this weekend to level up your Sands of Myth Battle Pass before we launch our next one.

All Flank Champions Unlocked

  • If you don’t already own all of our Champions this is a great way to try out the Flank role in Paladins. Take a look at our tutorial on playing the Flank Role for beginners if you are new!

April 12th (Easter Sunday ONLY!)

TerminEaster Avatar

  • Unlock by playing any 2 non-bot modes in a row (TDM, Siege, or Onslaught)

April 13th – 19th (Monday-Sunday)

Daily Skin Giveaways

  • Make sure to check our pinned tweet this week on twitter @PaladinsGame for daily chances to win a code for one of your choice between (Cuddly Makoa, Cuddly Moji, or a Sands of Myth Battle Pass Code) by sharing your setup while playing at home!

All Frontline Champions Unlocked

  • For the whole week players who don’t own our Frontline Champions will have the opportunity to play as Terminus, Ash, and more! For some extra tips on this role see our newest tutorial video!

2X Champion XP

  • Great for those looking to level up to get gold skins or for new players looking to get their Champions leveled up from the get go!

April 17th – 19th (Friday-Sunday)

All Support Champions Unlocked
The Support role is a great way to not only heal your team but still contribute to Damage in Paladins. This weekend players will have access to every Support Champion if they do not already own them! If you’re new to the game check out our video on how to play this role here.

April 20th – 26th (Monday-Sunday)

2X Battle Pass XP & 2X Gold

  • With Corvus coming out soon,who wouldn’t want some extra Gold to get his Exemplar skin on launch day? Also new players this is a great way to unlock new Champions if you don’t already own the Champions Pack! Players looking to finish their Sands of Myth Battle Pass have this last chance at 2X Battle Pass XP as well!

April 24th – 26th (Friday-Sunday)

All Damage Champions Unlocked

  • This role explains itself! If you like to go in and do some work, playing damage is a great time. This weekend for those who don’t own them, you can play as any of our damage Champions for free! We also have a video for new players on this here.

Last Chance at Dev Avatars from Sands of Myth

  • Missed out on getting the Adanas The Balance Master, Tyra-nova, or Gentleman Raum avatars we gave away in the last few months? We have a weekend where you can get each one if you didn’t already by playing any 2 non-bot modes in a row (TDM, Siege, or Onslaught)!

We can’t wait to see you in the Realm all this month!

And remember: