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This weekend we will be giving out 2X Champion XP from Friday to Sunday! We saw many of you asking for this on social media so we wanted to bring it back so you can grind even more for those Golden skins we just released.

In addition to this we’re going to also be giving you the chance to get the new Koga “Bruh” spray! Summer isn’t over yet and you can still have some fun-in-the-realm-sun with a brand new spray, even if you’re staying safe indoors.

All you need to know is below. Have fun!

2X Champion XP

  • Available playing any games from Friday at 4 AM ET and ends Monday 4 AM ET.

Koga “Bruh” Spray

  • Must play 2 non-bot games of the same mode in a row (win or lose) to completion.
  • Available ONLY Saturday starting at 4 AM ET and ending Monday at 4 AM ET.