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The nationwide ban on major events in Germany until August 31st transformed the largest games convention in the world into a digital event this year. During the previous years, our European team celebrated Paladins and gamescom with you by organizing after show parties and meetups in Cologne, Germany. Unfortunately, that’s not possible this year. We respect this decision and transform our activities into a digital event in consideration of everyone’s safety as well.

To celebrate gamescom this year, we are organizing a digital event in Paladins which will bring you a 2x Battle Pass XP event next to the exclusive title ‘Seasoned Globetrotter’ for free!

You can unlock the title by playing any 2 non-bot matches of the same mode starting on Thursday, August 27th, up until Sunday, August 30th!

We hope that you enjoy the long weekend event and we look forward to seeing you at gamescom as soon possible! Stay safe!