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Welcome back to another week in the Realm! This week we have a few fun things planned for you to get you by. We’re super close and excited also about the Paladins World Championships coming up in December. Make sure you read the announcement for it all here.

This is what you can expect this week:

Evil Mojo Podcast Episode 3: Vora

  • You heard it here, we’re bringing the podcast back! This time we have two new guests to discuss and talk all about Vora. Who do you think it is? Tune in Thursday at 11 AM EST to find out!

Bonus Weekend?

  • That’s right! This weekend the bonus is going to be most beneficial to newer players. We encourage you to use this to bring a friend. Not only will you be getting certain XP types but all Champions will be unlocked. This is a great way to have your friends you want to play with you join in on the fun!

Paladins Esports

  • Reminder to join us this week for the following on Twitch:
    • Thursday (1:00 PM ET) — Paladins Pro Circuit
    • Fridays (2:00 PM ET) PPC Community Broadcast (EU/BR/NA)
    • Saturdays (3:00 PM ET) PPC Community Broadcast (EU/BR)

    We’ll see you in the Realm!



    ***Rotates every Wednesday at 4AM ET***

    • Torvald
    • Strix
    • Androxus
    • Grover