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As we welcome in the Season 4: Calamity update to Paladins, we will also be welcoming in a new Season Pass, Starter Edition, Gold Edition, and Deluxe Edition! Read on to learn what you can expect from this content and what this means for those of you who have purchased older Paladins DLC.

An important announcement before we continue: Starting February 3rd, the Champions Pack will no longer be available for purchase, but will continue to unlock new Champions for Champions Pack owners. Following the change, new players looking to unlock Champions will now have three different options with the Paladins Starter, Gold, and Deluxe Editions. These options will let players new to the game get into Paladins much more easily by unlocking a collection of the most popular Champions for as low as $9.99 USD.

Season Pass 2021 –

This new pass will include exclusive content for every new Champion, all-year long. Instant exclusive unlocks include the new Soul-Stealer Furia skin and Golden Gryphon Mount. Players who purchase this will receive 1500 Crystals and a 10% bonus on ALL Crystals you purchase throughout the year of 2021. Players purchasing the Season Pass 2021 will also unlock all Season 4 Champions as well as all talents for the Season 4 Champions instantly. As an added bonus you will have an additional Uncommon Skin, Emote, and MVP pose for each Season 4 Champion. Furthermore, to everything above, you’ll continue to receive a new Season Pass Limited Rare Skin for each Season 4 Champion as they release throughout the year!

Paladins Starter Edition –

The least expensive of our new DLC is the Starter Edition. This is great for new players looking to try out more of our Champions without spending a large amount. This Edition includes 8 Champions, 2 of each role (Damage, Support, Flank, and Frontline). The Champions included in this are:

  • Damage
    • Lian / Tyra
  • Support
    • Grover / Pip
  • Flank
    • Koga / Skye
  • Frontline
    • Barik / Fernando.

Paladins Gold Edition –

The Gold Edition for Paladins is another way for players to not only get their hands on 30 Champions (including the Starter Edition’s 8 Champions) in the game at a great savings, but also receive 600 Crystals instantly! The Champions included in this bundle are:

  • Damage
    • Bomb King / Drogoz / Kinessa / Lian / Sha Lin / Strix / Tyra / Vivian / Willo
  • Support
    • Furia / Grohk / Grover / Mal’Damba / Pip / Ying
  • Flank
    • Androxus / Buck / Evie / Koga / Maeve / Skye / Talus / Zhin
  • Frontline
    • Ash / Barik / Fernando / Inara / Makoa / Terminus / Torvald

Paladins Deluxe Edition –

The best deal and ideal way to play Paladins is with the new Deluxe Edition. This package includes the latest Season Pass (2021), all content in the Starter and Gold editions, and 10 additional Champions — all at a savings over buying the other bundles separately. The Deluxe Edition includes 2100 Crystals from the Gold Edition and Season Pass, plus a 10% bonus on any Crystal purchases during Season 4.

The Deluxe Edition also offers the largest amount of Champions for players. You will unlock the following 40 Champions upon your purchase, plus all Season 4 Champions as they release:

  • Damage
    • Bomb King / Dredge / Drogoz / Imani / Kinessa / Lian / Sha Lin / Strix / Tyra / Vivian / Willo
  • Support
    • Corvus / Furia / Grohk / Grover / Io / Mal’Damba / Pip / Ying
  • Flank
    • Androxus / Buck / Evie / Koga / Maeve / Moji / Skye / Talus / Vora / Zhin
  • Frontline
    • Ash / Atlas / Barik / Fernando / Inara / Khan / Makoa / Raum / Terminus / Torvald


We also have a list of FAQ’s below to answer some of the questions that may be on your mind after reading about our new content coming this year.

Q: If I own the Champions Pack, will I still receive all future Champions in Paladins?

A: Yes! The Champions Pack, if purchased before February 3rd, will grandfather you into this DLC. You will not only own every Champion to date, but continue to unlock new Champions as they release. Players looking to get the Champions Pack still have time left to purchase the Champions Pack before it is no longer available.

Q: If I buy the Starter Edition, will I be able to upgrade to Gold for a cheaper price?

A: You will not be able to upgrade Editions at a discounted rate. Players looking to upgrade will have to pay full price for a different edition.

Q: Will the new Starter, Gold, and Deluxe Editions offer me a refund if I already own Champions in the game?

A: Players will only be refunded the gold value of Champions they currently own and will not receive Editions at a prorated price.

Q: Is it possible to accidentally purchase other Editions if for example I purchased the new Deluxe Edition?

A: Yes, it is possible depending on what platform you play on. Please be aware of this so you do not make this mistake.

Q: Do I get a Crystal bonus when I purchase other DLC bundles in game?

A: The 10% Crystal bonus in the Season Pass 2021 and Deluxe Edition only applies to standalone Crystal purchases. Bundles like the Dragon Rider Pack and Deal of the Day do not include this bonus.

Q: I purchased the Season Pass 2019-2020 previously. Will I still be receiving a refund of Crystals for not getting a 4th Champion in 2020?

A: Season Pass 2019-2020 owners will receive a refund of 200 Crystals that is set tentatively to go live sometime after the release of Season 4. Follow our social media for any further announcements.